On Friday, I killed a coworker.

Edit – Geez. Like shooting, writing gets better with practice. And after 10 months and over a 100,000 words later, I see all sorts of stuff I’d improve on a re-write. But it’s worth keeping AS IS, for a basis to compare my new stuff against. *** It was 100% intentional. The day prior, heContinue reading “On Friday, I killed a coworker.”

An Update – Shooting/Writing/Hollywood Scumbags

SHOOTING – The more I shoot my DS Arms FAL – the more I like it. It’s a magnificent rifle, from a previous time during the Cold War when 93 democratic countries carried it to prevent communist expansion under the threat of nuclear extinction. (What a time to be ALIVE!) The good old days, beforeContinue reading “An Update – Shooting/Writing/Hollywood Scumbags”

An Opinion on Gun Control – Larry Correia

Here is the single greatest article you will ever need to read about Gun Control. I’ve been thinking about writing on this for a week, and it’s exhaustive to think about even where to begin. So why bother rewriting Homer’s Iliad? This is an older post, by Larry Correia – Author Extraordinaire of  the ‘MonsterContinue reading “An Opinion on Gun Control – Larry Correia”

The NFL – Is nothing sacred from the tired tirade of racism, cop hating, and unpatriotic protest?

Jesse Owens won 4 Gold Medals at the Olympics in Germany in 1936. He stood before REAL Nazis and Hitler himself when the National Anthem was played. Notice in the picture he’s not KNEELING after crushing the Aryan Superiority MYTH. Supposedly Hitler shook his hand, than said black Americans are so genetically bad-ass they shouldn’tContinue reading “The NFL – Is nothing sacred from the tired tirade of racism, cop hating, and unpatriotic protest?”

Good, Bad… Trump’s the one with the Presidency.

If you didn’t get that reference, it’s from Army of Darkness. Watch the clip below and enjoy the awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell. It’s corny and hilarious, it was influential in my upbringing. I blame my somewhat idiotic sense of humor on it. Watch the whole movie. It will blow your mind! Good. Bad. I’mContinue reading “Good, Bad… Trump’s the one with the Presidency.”