Election Day +2

What garbage. What a bunch of sketchy, devious, underhanded garbage.

I love how Trump was smoking the states across the election desk board, then the counting stops…. suddenly a hundred thousand Biden votes are found here, then there, and the state eventually gets flipped with all these mysterious ballots that are statistically improbable for Biden.


Oh, and Biden has won the most votes of any presidential candidate in history?


Mr. Basement Biden? Who barely gave access to reporters, held miserable rallies of only a dozen people, put lids on his campaign at 9-10am, AND had an October Surprise come out against him with the involvement of his son Hunter and his scandalous dealings with the Chi-coms? (Chinese Communists) The laptop scandal was so damaging that ‘How to change my vote’ trended on Google after Trump called him out during the third debate.

And this old white barely functioning guy pulled more people than ‘the first African-American guy who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy'(Biden’s words), Obama? Really? Obama with 98% of the black vote? And more than TRUMP? Who consistently held mega-rallies of 30,000 to 50,000 people?

If that doesn’t tingle your Bullshit Meter, you’re daft.

Then we’ve got the same people in politics/media/society who promoted a Russian Collusion Hoax for over three years based on Hillary Clinton’s bought and paid for Steele Dossier telling us that WE are being conspiracy theorists and lunatics and how dare we question the sanctity of our system?

Screw you people.

I’m wearing that ‘contempt’ of yours like a badge of honor.

And even before Election Day, there was leftist scheming going on. We had the Major Tech Giants censoring conservative stories, we had all these polls once again showing us a big blue wave and how we Republicans should just not even bother turning out(Ironic how this happens every. single. election.). Really, whoever is running these polls needs to commit seppuku with a rusty spoon. Or at least lose their jobs. Because they suck. Not once, but twice now. Really, not even twice, because this happens almost every election. The Blues are always gonna stomp the reds into the ground – then they don’t. Here’s this years timeline:

Three months from the election – Blue Wave! Doesn’t matter who the Democrat VP is!

Two months from the election – Kamala Harris! (The woman who polled like 1% during the Primary.) HA! Blue Wave! House and Senate are gone!

One months from the election – Trump supporters might as well give up and stay home. Suck it REDS!

One week before the election – Juicy Hunter Laptop October Surprise of everything from Chinese Communists, to underage Asian girls, to incest, to crack cocaine . Mega Tech Giants – Nothing to see here! CENSORED. Media – FALSE NARRATIVE – DOES NOT COMPUTE. -silence-

Day of the election – Ah, well, mmm. A little closer than we’d like. But still massive early democrat turnout! Oh, and Arizona has one vote counted, the state goes to BIDEN!

Day after the election – Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. “We’ll do better next time.”

Two days after the election – Arizona is still in play. This is hell. We expected better. ETC.


Utterly stupid.

So where am I at?

I’m still of the belief that God is in charge of everything. If he wants Biden to win, he’ll let Biden win. If he wants to keep Trump in charge and give us four more years of a good fight against what is essentially, the forces of evil, then he will.

That comforts me.

Also, Trump is a fighter and a winner. He’s no push-over soft spine’d Establishment Republican who refuses to stand up for their voters. I think he’ll fight. And I think he’ll win.

The left may hate us for it, when he snatches back the victory from the jaws of defeat. The foolish masses who think Trump is ‘Like Literally Hitler’ and that Socialism is a dream utopia will go monkey poop and burn their own neighborhoods down and scream, rend their clothes, and assault MAGA wearers in the streets.

But they already do.

You can’t let your enemy dictate your morals.

You can’t let your enemy… and I do mean enemy at this point, because the left is the enemy of the right. They fight with brass knuckles while the right fights with kid gloves. (Except for Trump.) But you can’t let your enemy’s reaction to your victory STOP you from chasing a righteous and moral victory.

So believe.

Believe in whats right. What’s good. What’s moral and just.

And believe in God.

And the ultimate victory that He has promised us.