My wife is famous.. for fainting at our wedding.

If you go to YouTube and type in ‘Bride Faints at Wedding’… our wedding video is at the top of the list. 306,000 views in six months. Geez, not bad for a video I uploaded for our 8th anniversary. Is this viral? Are we famous? I dunno how I feel about so many strangers watchingContinue reading “My wife is famous.. for fainting at our wedding.”

Reason # Infinity to carry a gun – Crazy people. (Also – Don’t go Full Hero during a Mass Shooting.)

‘Carry at All Times’: Video of Random Woman Stabbing Boy in Front of Parents Shocks Gun Owners First off – You need to watch this video. Second off – The title is wrong, this should shock everyone, and if you love your family, you should be concealed carrying anyways. Historically speaking, the world has alwaysContinue reading “Reason # Infinity to carry a gun – Crazy people. (Also – Don’t go Full Hero during a Mass Shooting.)”

A Few Random and Unpopular Opinions.

First – “Your allegiance should be to the Constitution, not to a person, President, or political party.” I love Trump, he tickles me. He’s one of the greatest Presidents we’ve ever had. He deserves his place on Mount Rushmore. But he sucks sometimes too. Especially when it comes to his waffling back and forth onContinue reading “A Few Random and Unpopular Opinions.”

2019 NC Writers Conference

I’ve never been to a writers conference before, but I’ve heard good things and writers I respect have taught courses at them so… enh… Maybe something to them. And the Fall Conference is in Asheville which is only 40 minutes away, so I think it’d be rather foolish if I didn’t at least try thatContinue reading “2019 NC Writers Conference”

We should be air lifting guns and ammunition into Hong Kong.

First rule in Democracy – Never, ever, EVER, give anything or anyone to the Communists. British PM Margaret Thatcher really screwed up when she gave Hong Kong back to China. You are giving people to evil. That is subjecting them to tyranny. Second rule in Democracy – When someone wants freedom, when someone is willingContinue reading “We should be air lifting guns and ammunition into Hong Kong.”