Introducing, King Drago.

We got a new betta to replace poor Thor that I killed by cleaning his tank a little too well….

(It sucks when your learning curve involves killing things accidentally)

I got a picture of him flared up and handsome as all get out. He’s a ‘King/Giant’ Betta, so he’s about 2.5x bigger and 5x more awesome than your regular Betta fish.

What a stud!

So, now we are looking for some local fish tanks to fight in. Gotta get this guy’s reputation built up before he goes pro. (I kid… I kid… he’ll live a VERY pampered life in a large tank and fed brine shrimp and blood worms.)

So – Book Stuff!

Well, fingers crossed, but so far all my books are rocking/maintaining a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. Which is pretty awesome. I aim to please.

The reviews for Taming Prehistoric are rolling in. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s always such a magnificent yet humbling experience to read them. (I still check Amazon daily to see if any new ones appear!)

And so far, you guys love it.

I suppose the cat is out of the bag now, I ended it on a cliff hanger.

I’ve done this twice now in a row, and I promise that the fourth will not end that way. The fourth is going to wrap a lot of things up in a satisfyingly tidy way, yet gently tease the continuation of the series. (Because I’ve got more ideas I want to explore.)

But the work continues.

Until next time,


P.S. Ah yes, signed books. Check out the options below to use paypal. (I’m in the process of adding a page to the site for this.)


West of Prehistoric Book




Enter Prehistoric




Taming Prehistoric



#2 New Release in Kindle on Amazon!

Wow, you guys rock.

This is really, really cool. And a nice pick-me-up since I just murdered my Betta fish while cleaning his tank.

Sorry Thor. May you swim over the rainbow bridge to the big puddle of water in limitless glory… may you feast on bloodworms and fight other Betta’s in Fishy-Valhalla for all eternity…

Vaya Con Dios, little buddy.

Just wanted to share this image and a thank you.

I set out to write books about a man who by today’s standards is outdated.

He doesn’t womanize. He doesn’t drink to excess, or swear without purpose. He understands morality and the indifference laws often make in that nature. He doesn’t back down when confronted by difficulties or hardships, but rises to the challenges and callings of life(albeit grudgingly at times). He also won’t be insulted, shamed, or wronged. He fights hard and loves harder.

He is a man I wish I could be more like.

I pledge this to you, I will never write a book that I’m ashamed for my kids to read. Nor will I abandon putting Christian themes and morals within them. Ever. To God belongs all the glory!

Thank you all for making this series possible, and may we all enjoy this ride together for as long as it lasts. 😉

Taming Prehistoric – Book Three – OUT NOW!

Kindle is out today.

Paperback will be out in a couple of days.

Audio will be out in a couple of months.

I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I owe everything to my readers.


Axemen. Norsemen. Vikings.

Whoever they are, Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith doesn’t care.

But with the possibility of a pardon on the table, he knows that he’d better do everything he can to prove his worth. Which means leading a civilian expedition, this time along the coast of Prehistoria, towards a mysterious warrior tribe whom the apes fear.

He ain’t going alone though.

Along for the ride are some friends… and former enemies.

But first, they are going to make a little visit to the site of their greatest defeat for some payback.

Because Prehistoria will be tamed, one way or another.

April Update

Taming Prehistoric is finished with the editor and I checked/made some changes and sent it back to Severed Press last night. Hopefully by mid-May it will be out in Kindle and Paperback. Audio will be out a couple months later.

I’m a little bummed with how long it took to get Taming Prehistoric finished, it looks like with a May release it will have been a year since Enter Prehistoric came out. And sure, one -good- book a year ain’t bad, but I need to do better.

Just the same, I’m pretty excited with how this 3rd book turned out. I dug a little more into some characters, brought some former enemies to the forefront, expanded on the world of Prehistoria, and introduced a few new weapons along the way. (Hello Maxim Machine Gun!)

But the ending is my favorite part.

The stage set for the fourth book is awesome. Pretty sure the only thing the back cover is going to have written on it is, “VENGEANCE“.

And in other news, I FINALLY received my copies of the new covers. They are super sexy. I recommend everyone buy four or five.

Matt James, a fellow Severed Press author, did the cover work and it’s spectacular. (He also gave me a nice back cover blurb!) If you get a chance check out his latest series starring, Jack Reilly. They are excellent.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

May the resurrection of Christ bring you hope and faith and comfort in your trying times.

-Erik Testerman

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