Save your pennies!

Book Four – Raiding Prehistoric will be out late next week.

Just waiting on the paperback and kindle formatting proofs to look over. 🙂

In other news, Book Two – Enter Prehistoric, just hit 200 reviews on Amazon and still rocking a 4.6/5 star rating. That’s just… crazy. I never thought I’d hit 50 reviews, much less get into the triple digits. And I think West of Prehistoric is about to hit 300 reviews! Which is so nuts…

And it reminds me, I dedicated Book Four to you guys.

The readers.

And at the end, I penned a very heartfelt letter to you…. followed by the harshest rejection letter I ever received back when I was trying to get my first book into print. Just for fun. 🙂

Now, back to watching videos of sword, axe, spear, and shield training/battles. In the name of RESEARCH I must continue to tape my eyeballs open to absorb as much cool Viking knowledge as I can for Book Five. 🙂

I have a writing office now.

It’s pretty sweet.

Gonna get it all decorated and stuff soon and put up a little 360 degree video showing how manly and cool it is. (Once I find some more manly and cool stuff to put in it. I’ve a bunch because I AM manly and cool, but I need more wall things.)

But we also got a cat… which means all my production gains from having a designated writing space was just destroyed.

See picture below for exhibit A.

I bet he’s deleted several paragraphs already and I’ve moved him a dozen times. Eventually he gets the point and lays down under the desk. But I need to get him a cat bed or cat tree or something.

Other than that, he’s a pretty good cat for a stray that someone abandoned at the end of our road. They are missing out. (Not on the $200 nuetering and shots fees, but on his personality.) He’s pretty great so far.


Raiding Prehistoric is back with the publisher for formatting. Should be out in a couple weeks. So my guess of a late Feb/early Mar time frame was pretty on point.

Untitled Book Five, Cato’s book, is underway. It’s been fun so far because it takes place heavily amongst the northmen/axemen/viking peoples. So I’ve got to do some fun research into the many ‘tribes’ of vikings over the ages and pick and choose what is cool and useable. There’s going to be another ‘nemesis’ added to the plot other than the apes, so that’s going to be neato.

Oh, and one thing about the writing in my basement office is that it’s COLD down here. Luckily my awesome wife bought me a comfy bathrobe and slippers. So now I can dress like an old man or a street hobo when I come down here to write and don’t feel like firing up the space heater.



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