I once planned my entire life out.

Facebook reminded me of that today with this picture that I posted four years ago, when I picked up Sergeant.

I even had a pair of LT chevrons inside my cover. I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity for an officer to get waxed.  Then I could slap those bad boys on and scream for everyone to FIX BAYONETS, CHARGE!


Oh Marine Corps, how I sort of, kind of, sometimes, miss you and all the dreams of violent glory that never came to fruition.

Abortion > Gun Control.

What does the left care most about?

Apparently – slaughtering unborn babies by the hundreds of thousands every year.

Because right now there is a rash of local assault weapon bans cropping up all over the country. And one of them is destined to end up before the Supreme Court to finally settle the ridiculous question of whether or not assault rifles are protected by the Second Amendment. (Hey SCOTUS – You SHOULD have answered that in the Heller VS DC case!)

Question – Were the Founding Fathers hunting when they wrote the Constitution? Or did they just finish defeating the most powerful nation in the world with civilian owned military grade weaponry?  Hrmm?

But I don’t want to shoot off on this tangent, because I haven’t heard a peep about it from the left. (See what I did there?)

(Bear with me as I make my way to the murder of the unborn. Cause there is a bit of a lead in…)

Ever since Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, the left has taken their frothing, raging hatred for Trump and Conservatism and morals and given it a new direction. Which seems to happen every couple of weeks. They don’t even have time to wrap up one outrage before finding something new to freak out about and claim to be the ‘end of the civilized world as we know it’.

(And just like that, no one cares about illegal immigrants being separated from their children at the border anymore)

Seriously. The stock market was supposed to crash after Trump was elected, then he was going to hand the Presidency over to his co-conspirator Putin, then the earth was going to super-heat and kill everyone once he backed out of the Paris Accords, then he was going to ruin our economy with his Tax Cuts, then he was going to get us into a nuclear war with the North Koreans, then he was going to destroy the world economy with his trade war, and now apparently – he is going to kill millions of women by appointing a Supreme Court Justice who will possibly, maybe, but probably not, vote to over-turn Roe vs Wade.


So there are all these bozo’s out there saying stuff like the images above…

Mathematically speaking, he would SAVE millions of women… and men, you horrid sexists… by ending abortion’s being handed out like Pez candy.

As for ‘morphing the SCOTUS into a political arm of the right-wing party’ – you’re an idiot. You don’t seem to have a problem with mainstream media being an obvious propaganda arm for the left-wing party. Of course, anything that benefits you is good, while anything that challenges you is the greatest evil, like, totally ever… and reminiscent of Hitler. (Terry McAuliffe was also the Democrat VA Governor who claimed gun violence claims 93 million people A DAY. So his math is not very good.)

News Flash – Political Ideology shouldn’t mean squat to a judge. It’s not about your political leanings, it’s about the law. In this case, the Constitution. Which is a legally binding document, and not open to interpretation. It says what it says and doesn’t what it doesn’t. It’s that simple. And we have a wealth of writings from the Founding Fathers that explains what they meant when they wrote it.

But Political Ideology is all the left seems to care about. That’s why the four liberal judges always vote together and the five other judges sway apart. Because they look at the LAW and don’t play politics. And now, the left is freaking out because they’ve made the SCOTUS their last bastion of power.

What do I mean by last bastion of power? Well, they are at their lowest power since WWII. They lost major amounts of money and positions under Obama’s reign. The media tried to convince us that he’s super popular, but his policies were based on executive orders due to not having the public support to pass through congress. That’s why they were easily overturned by Trump. Then the party itself was overwhelmingly rejected, and lost over 1,200 state and federal positions during his 8 year reign. As for finances – At the end of 2017, the DNC had $400,000 to it’s name. Compared to the RNC with $40 million with record breaking fundraising for the year. Now that the Union purse-strings were just cut by a SCOTUS ruling last month – they are in some serious financial straights.

So now, their main political ploy is to get some pip-squeak federal judges out in NoWhere, Nebraska stopping the Executive Branch of our government from enacting something that is obviously within their constitutional right and duty to do. Like a travel ban. Then it gets bogged down for months, or years, until it travels all the way to the SCOTUS, and the four liberal judges always rule against it regardless of legality. In the meantime, they hope Trump will be impeached, or Kennedy will swing their way. Or they just take satisfaction out of temporarily halting the implementation of his agenda.

What a bunch of dicks.

Speaking of which – Abortion.

I’m 100% against it. Yep, 100%.

“Well, what about in the event of rape or incest?”


Here’s my reasoning. God creates all life and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Even in the most horrific of circumstances, their is always hope, life, love, forgiveness and blessings if you pay attention.

Jesus was perfect and innocent of all sins. He was tortured, beaten, mutilated, savaged, ridiculed, pierced, nailed to a chunk of wood to die an agonizing and lingering death, separated from God, and overwhelmed with the sins of all mankind. The result of all that terribleness is Eternal Salvation to all who believe.

This is why I don’t understand any Christian who supports Abortion. If you say abortion should be legal, you are saying God made a mistake, and you are correcting it. What kind of foolishness is that?

But they almost always use the Rape/Incest scenario. Which is a very small percentage of all abortions. And that tiny bit of ‘justification’ gives evangelical support to legally allowing hundreds of thousands of babies to be dissected, alive, in the womb ever year. So you had a child conceived through rape or incest – that child is a blessing, not an evil little monster inside you to be torn apart and sold for parts. If you can’t mentally handle it, I get it. But there is adoption, and that child is innocent of their parents sins.

Then there is the ‘save the mothers life’ scenario that always comes up. Which is also a very small percentage of abortions. And for Christians, this should be another “No Duh” moment. Because, ya know, Jesus died for YOU. What’s your excuse?

I love my wife. She’s awesome. I could never find anyone better, and I certainly don’t want anyone worse. (That last part sounds weird, but you know what I mean.. I hope.) But when she was pregnant with our daughter, if I had been told my wife would die if she didn’t have an abortion, I would have told them, “No – Try harder or find me another Doctor.”

Because, honestly and bluntly, if you aren’t willing to sacrifice your life and happiness for your kids, regardless of if they are unborn or 18 and obnoxious – you suck.

And if we care so little about the most innocent and precious of life, regardless of the circumstances of the knocking of boots, the hindrance on your free-spirited lifestyle, or the risk of your life, why should we care about each other? Does unborn life have value and dignity, or is it only conditional? If you think it is conditional, that means ALL life is of conditional worth dependent totally on the whims of whomever they are the biggest burden on.

If you can’t raise a kid… And there’s a lot of people out there who certainly shouldn’t, there are 36 people who are looking to adopt for every child available. If Society/Politicians/Celebrities want something to fix, look at fixing the fiasco of children aging out before being adopted when there are around 2,000,000 couples waiting on a list right now.

And this irks me to no end – The left will use the argument that conservatives, “Only care about the unborn, until they are born.” I don’t know what that garbage is about. It makes me scratch my head. Do parents suddenly NOT have a responsibility to provide and care for their children? I know I DO for MINE. Personal responsibility is a core of conservative beliefs. Your problems ain’t everyone’s problem. Solve them. And there are a TON of groups that will help you get by. Including the government with my tax dollars. And all those churches everywhere – are ALWAYS helpful.

But the notion that I will NOT let you kill your child, and then somehow be expected to provide for both of you for the indefinite future, is stupid. Sorry, I don’t hand out my bank account number to would-be-murderers and their intended victims.

It’s a weak argument to not commit murder. “Well you won’t support my victim! So I HAVE TO KILL THEM!”

Seriously? Sheesh…

As for your ‘right’ to abort your unborn child. It is not Constitutional. Click here to view the Constitution, now point out where your ‘right’ is. Good luck, cause it ain’t there. It is a judicially created right. Roe Vs Wade is a horrible example of a court not saying what the law is, but what it wishes the law to be.

Abortion is one of the greatest human rights atrocity in the history of the world with over 60 MILLION dead children over several decades. (Communism has third place with over 100 million dead, and Islam has first place with over 250 million dead)

Then there is the racial side of abortion.

The black community has been hit exceptionally hard. Almost as many babies are aborted as are born. Since 1973, the black community’s population has declined by 25%. 80% of abortion clinics are located in black communities. 13% of American women are black, but they have 35% of the abortions.  Black babies are 3X more likely to be aborted.

It’s the single leading cause of death for blacks, 2x more than AIDS/ Violence/ Heart Disease/ Accidents / CANCER combined.

Talk about an intentional genocide…

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. She is a well-established eugenicist. Super race sort of lady. Big Democrat hero also.

“We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

– Sanger, in a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble in regards to the ‘Negro Project’.

And yet, blacks overwhelming vote Democrat.  I don’t get it.

Ultimately, the debate on abortion is pretty simple.

It’s not a ‘conservative war on women’, whoever came up with that line should be slapped. More accurately, it’s a ‘liberal war on the unborn’. (Besides, fathers are required to make babies also. So why don’t you call it a war on PARENTS? Do men not have a say in their child being aborted? Oh yeah, it’s all about getting an emotional response… men are always the bad guys anyways…)

But you are either pro-life or pro-death. There is no middle ground.

Do you support the mass murder of innocents under feeble excuses of minor percentages, or do you accept that it is morally wrong in any case?

Because once you say, “Well – it’s okay if X, then Y, and Z happens… or if the stars align” – you are not only justifying taking a life that is innocent of it’s circumstances, you are supporting a mass murdering often the sake of convenience.

It doesn’t matter if you ‘personally wouldn’t have one’. That’s a meaningless gesture. “Well, I personally wouldn’t toss so-and-so into a gas chamber”… That’s making an excuse for not doing it yourself, while supporting others who are.

Pick a side.

Hint – it doesn’t involve the one that has a tax payer funded organization that cuts babies apart in the womb then sells their body parts for profit, and laugh about it on hidden cameras afterwards.

Trump Presidency = Nazi Germany?

Here, enjoy my Facebook argument.

Here is the video that started it. It’s Rachel Maddow boohooing. (She’s done that a lot since Trump was elected…)

Poster 1:

We really are helpless to this monster.



This has been going on for over a decade. But yeah, I’m sure he sits on his golden throne and cackles gleefully at the children being ripped from their law breaking parents arms.

Hey. Fun fact. For every 1 child separated at the border, there are over 1,300 American children separated from their parents and in foster care.

But sure, let’s get upset now, about this, because the TV tells us too.


Poster 2:

Anyone who sees his and does not want to cry has a serious problem with empathy. Per the comment above: the Nazis claimed that their plan was logical also…. nothing should be more important than empathy for your fellow humans. Ever.



I think tying Nazi Germany, with it’s mass murdering of millions, to Trump enforcing our immigration laws.. where no one dies, but is temporarily detained, is a weeeeeee bit of a stretch.


Poster 2:

it didn’t just start out one day with mass murder. Read about how it begins…just like this. One little step at a time.



And you think that our vastly differing system of government, with it’s checks and balances between three different branches will what… suddenly disappear? All the power will suddenly be transferred to the Executive branch?

Do you know who our current Sec Def is? Do you honestly think, for a second, that General Mattis would allow this country to become anything remotely like Nazi Germany?

Do you think our military would? Do you think all of us gun owners out there, all 30 million plus, armed with 400 million guns, would allow that to happen? Do you think -I- would?

This is the sort of comparison that is so far beyond imagination, it’s ridiculous. If you understood anything about how the government operates, you would be recognizing all the issues we are having with how the Obama Administration weaponized the IRS and DOJ to target conservatives.

Forget that, let’s go simple.

The DNC rigged the system in Hillary’s favor to beat Bernie Sanders. They literally, usurped their parties power(the people) of voting in primaries to pick who would represent them.

Surprisingly, there is little concern about that whole.. Democrat Party rigging an election thing.

But your terrified of Trump becoming a bloodthirsty, monstrous dictator before he leaves office?

That’s just silly. You’re looking in the wrong direction.

And if you have some irrational fear that the GOP will eventually turn this country into a Fascist, Tyrannical Dictatorship with all the power consolidated under them, and then – with their immense disregard for human suffering, would begin to… what? Execute liberals, gays, Hispanics, transgenders, atheists, whatever?

Need I remind you that the GOP doesn’t like allowing unborn children to be killed in the womb.

But we are so monstrous you would make the comparison eluding to the Republicans sending millions of people to gas chambers.

To quote Trump. “Wrong.”

Side bar – Do you know which American President actually created Concentration Camps and rounded people up to put in them? That would be Internment of Japanese Americans… under Democrat President, FDR during WWII.

These are the sorts of comparisons from the left that make you guys look ridiculous.

You would do such a great disservice to the mass suffering, deaths, and misery caused by the Nazis, as well as the millions of men and women who sacrificed to defeat them – and compare THAT to a President you don’t like…

That is ignorant and contemptible.



We will see what their response is. But I don’t expect much, some sort of irrational and uneducated blathering..

Arguing on Facebook is really lame and kind of uncouth, I generally avoid arguing on other peoples posts. Because I don’t want to be a butt.

And I typically end up feeling like I am trying to educate the uneducatable. But somehow I get sucked into it from time to time… sigh…

I can’t make people open a book…





Speaking of books. Oh man…. OOOOHHHHHH man. This one is going great, the editing/beta reading is going very well.

Feedback is fantastic.

I’m debating with myself on how much to post on here… Most likely I will put the first 1/3rd up.

Which is a shame, because the ending is superb.

Kennedy retiring is YUGE!

Holy smokes.

As Creepy Joe Biden so eloquently put it once, “This is a big effing deal.”

Basically you’ve got nine judges.

Four of them ALWAYS vote in a liberal block. I’ve been tempted to try and find out when the last time one of those four split from their cliche, but the time isn’t worth it. I suspect it’s rare, if at all.

Four others are typically conservative. And by conservative, I mean they believe in and base their rulings off the Constitution. Some of them will often leave the fold and make a 7-3 ruling or what have you.

But Kennedy.

Kennedy is the swing vote.

He was appointed by Reagan, but turned out to be a cruddy conservative who waffles back and forth. Especially in ‘controversial’ rulings. Which typically, are only considered ‘controversial’ because one party in particular is whining loudly about it while trying to mainstream something weird. His one redeeming value, is that the man does believe in the Constitution, he just sucks at interpreting it sometimes. Especially when it comes to ‘Social Justice’.

So we end up with a lot of 5-4 rulings. Typically this means that a SINGLE VOTE is all that stands in the way of the Constitution being disregarded and replaced with party ideologies.

If Heller Vs. DC had gone the other way, the Second Amendment would no longer apply.

Which of course, would have lead to a Civil War. Because 30% of Americans own around 400,000,000 guns. And it only took 3% of the population to defeat the British. Then you factor in the large percentage of the military that are conservative and will refuse to fight American citizens…and you know – math. It’ll be a lopsided fight of overwhelming firepower against people who don’t know what bathroom to use.

One vote prevented that. And anyone who has spent time and put effort into understanding the Founding Fathers intent knows that this case never should have even existed.

So right now, the left is in melt-down mode. Which is understandable, they put a lot of hope on Kennedy swaying the decision.

And the GOP has a majority in the Senate, and they nuked the filibuster option which would have required 60 votes instead of a simple majority when they affirmed Gorsuch.

And Trump is in office. Who is this horrible dictator type person who punts kittens off bridges, cuts the head off bouquets, and takes candy away from crippled children… or something…

But today the sun is shining on me and everyone else who believes in the Constitution as a LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT. And not this ‘living document’ crap.

What is a living document, you ask? It’s whatever they want it to be, at that moment.

Kind of like comparing Chromosomes to Gender. Should be pretty ‘duh’, but some folks still don’t get it.

But, this is great news.

Forget North Korea. THIS will be the fight of his Presidency. I expect to see a bunch of old people fist fighting in the congressional halls over it.

And then there’s Ginsberg.

Who I suspect plans on dying in her seat, holding out hope that a Democrat will magically become President and replace her with another ‘judge'(I use the term loosely). From what I understand, it’s been years since she stayed awake during court. But since she votes along party lines, it doesn’t matter anyways. She may as well just stay home.

We’ll see. 2020 is far off, but if Trump stays the same course he is on – He WILL be re-elected. There is no doubt in my mind.

So it will be a race to see if Father Time takes her before 2024 comes and Donald Trump Jr is elected President.

Because, forget Ivanka.

Donald Trump Jr is the man.

I follow him on Instagram, if you don’t – shame on you.

He’s always doing manly stuff, like shooting guns, four wheeling, playing with his kids, camping, eating meat, and mocking liberals. Just a few of my favorite things.

But, back to SCOTUS.

This Union ruling that came out is massively important. The Democrat Party just had their purse strings cut. Because now, folks who disagree with how the Unions donate their money, politically, can opt out of paying dues.

And Unions dump an insane amount of money into liberal politics.

People want to say the NRA ‘buys’ GOP members? In the last 20 years, the NRA has spent, in total, about 213 million. Or 22.6 million per two year election cycle.

Labor Unions spend 1.713 BILLION in a single election year of 2016. In 2008 and 2010, they hit 2.2 BILLION. 2012 – 1.69 BILLION.


So who ‘owns’ who?

Yep – Facts matter.

And now you know why the left LOVES unions so much. It’s their off-the-books self-replenishing piggy bank. Now you also understand why Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ of 800 BILLION mostly went to Union companies. To keep the cash flowing back into their coffers.

So good, exciting stuff. 🙂

(We might even get a chance to overturn Roe vs Wade… Which has the left completely flipping out right now. Apparently murdering unborn children in the womb is really important to them.)

My Father’s Day gift is better than yours…

Check this out!


My lovely wife was worried that I’d get cold in Wyoming this fall and gave me buffalo jammies for Father’s Day! Woop-woop! Sadly, I will be staying 25 miles from the nearest civilization… If you can call a single pump gas station ‘civilization’…. Which means, I probably won’t be able to wear them into Walmart with all the other people who don’t care about how they look. (Darn-it-all!)

But this is now my morning attire.

Boots. Check. Hat. Check. Buffalo Jammies. DOUBLE CHECK!

Just kidding.

This pic is 98% staged for the sole purpose of bragging about what an awesome gift my wife gave me.


Do you think anybody wants a round house kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it!


Caged Illegal Children and Chick-fillet-ahhh sammiches.


This garbage about the EVIL Trump Administration separating illegal immigrant families, it’s all over the place. People are going nuts suddenly on social media with their emotional knee-jerk reactions. As if this hasn’t been going on for years prior to Trump…

But this is par for course. About once a month there is a new manufactured OUTRAGE! at something. I say manufactured, because this OUTRAGE! didn’t exist before now.

It conveniently occurred at the same time as the Inspector General’s findings of the investigation into Hillary’s Emails proved that Obama lied to the American people repeatedly saying “I found out about her email server from the news!” When in fact, he was emailing her the entire time from his own private email under an alias!

Here’s my proof the left didn’t care about illegal immigrant children being separated…


Note the dates… Where was the OUTRAGE! under Obama? Pfffttt.

Oh, then there are these articles.

Washington Post – Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says.

Democrat Lawmaker – Obama admin kept child migrant crisis ‘very quiet’


It took me about 120 seconds on Google to get to the bottom of this matter.

The Ninth Circuit, which is super-duper liberal, ruled that the ‘non-detention rule of minor’ applies to Illegal Immigrant Children. This means that if a family gets caught, illegally coming into our country, by Liberal Court Rule, they must be separated because they are not allowed to be detained together.

Of course, this gets twisted around in the never-ending Trump Hate-Mongering, and the blame is put on him. Not on the liberal courts which forces us to separate illegal immigrant families.

And I don’t agree with it. It would take a lot of violence to separate me from my kids. But then I’m not trying to break and enter into another country with intent of hiding there permanently and hoping the rule of law will one day, no longer apply to me and mine.

Quick comparison. You take your family and get caught breaking into Disneyland. Guess what, since you broke the law, you are temporarily separated from your kids until the mess is sorted out.

Because this stuff happens to ALL AMERICANS who break laws. When the cops arrested you for selling meth, your kids are separated from you. When you break into 711 for Nachos and Budlight, your kids are separated from you. Because thats how the system works!

Same sad scene, your kids being pulled away from you, in tears and hysterical, because they don’t understand what’s going on.

Well guess what, parents, you screwed up. Don’t break the law.

If people REALLY wanted to help, they’d support building a wall to slow the flood to a manageable trickle, and support policies that deter illegal immigration. Like getting rid of sanctuary cities, catch and release, and welfare programs.

But – the most obvious solution to this is… drumroll… stop coming to our country illegally. If you follow our laws and apply for citizenship, you won’t have this happen to your family.

But, here’s what’s doubly pathetic and obnoxious. So many of these people who are screaming the loudest for Trump to stop separating Children from their Parents(Who is legally bound by the Constitution to uphold the Rule of Law, and thus – cannot constitutionally do anything), are out there, using the bible to argue against Christians our beliefs regarding the sovereignty of our country.

Ahh, the irony. People who sneer at God and mock us are suddenly BIBLE EXPERTS.

You guys should study these bible verses before you open your mouths next time.

“Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.”

-Romans 1:22

“Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.”

-Isaiah 5:21

Sheesh. You guys can’t have it both ways.

If the Bible can be used to dictate American policy, than you cant have gay marriage, abortion, or gender fluidity.

(Bring those up, and they go back to openly mocking the bible…)

Ultimately, the leftist evil overlords want amnesty. They want a permanent, low-income, government dependent, class of people who keep them in power in return for ‘bread and circuses’. And their lemmings follow suit, because they won’t take the time to educate themselves or think rationally about a subject before getting emotionally worked up and assuming the worst about… well… pretty much everything.

As for Christians supporting Trumps immigration policies – This is a good read.






Seriously? You guys are in an uproar about this… AGAIN?

2012. That’s when the CEO Dan Cathy condemned gay marriage. SIX YEARS AGO.

And as far as I can tell, this re-emergence of ridiculousness, is because some goon in New York City wrote a column whining about how an evil, homosexual-repressive Chick-Fil-A opened near him and everyone loves it.

But they shouldn’t!


Which of course is only a one way street. Because anything that runs counter to progressive values is totally the worst thing ever and must be stomped into submission. And it must be done publicly and viciously as a deterrent to anyone else who would DARE oppose them and their mandated GROUP-THINK.

Persinally, I think they are just super ticked off that after The Intolerant tried to destroy Chick-Fil-A, and Americans just bought even more of these delicious little sammiches, flicked the pickles off, added mayo, and thumbed their nose while chowing down.

But there is a valuable lessons there.

CEO Dan Cathy stuck to his biblically correct guns. He didn’t shirk from his beliefs, he doubled down instead and refused to apologize. Conservative/Christian Americans love a man or group who will stick to their beliefs and let the waves of intolerance crash against them and not be swayed. And Courage, Truth, Faith is the best defense and offense in a fallen world.

Now I want a Chicken-Fillet-Ahh sandwich.

Oh, I wanted to add these. Because I found them funny and ironic. No other reason.

I ate four species of animals in a slaughterhouse of flavor last night.

These Brazilian Steakhouses know how to make a man happy.

It was date night. So I took the lovely wife and we destroyed that place. We ate so much meat we were worried they were going to ask us to leave. (My wife is a wonderful carnivore like me.)


The wife had a $9 glass of wine, that came from a $14 bottle. Stuff like that always proves just how fancy a place is, when even the cheap stuff ain’t cheap!

But if you really, and I mean really, like meat. You’ve got to go. They walk over to your table with giant slabs of 20 different sorts of meats on giant skewers and cut off chunks of tasty animal flesh that has been marinated and cooked into perfection.

They also have a ginormous salad bar, but why waste stomach space on such inferior food?

But look at this. This is the stuff dreams are made of.


And we chose the perfect day to go. Because it was the final day of VEGAN FEST 2018!  It was right across the street from us. I was half expecting protestors to throw fake buckets of blood at me and call me a murderer once I walked out. But I guess PETA wasn’t there, because everyone seemed really nice.

This is from their website:

Join us for a celebration of compassionate living in one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the country: Asheville, NC! It’s the fourth annual Asheville VeganFest: June 8, 9, and 10, 2018. On Friday and Saturday, listen to speakers from around the country as they tackle the latest vegan issues in our new venue, The Orange Peel. On Sunday, enjoy an outdoor festival with over 75 vendors showcasing vegan food, beer, lifestyle products and more!

(Sorry guys, there wasn’t any compassion inside the steak house. It was like a massacre of meat.)

Asheville VeganFest is hosted by the largest no-kill animal rescue organization in North Carolina, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. As we continue to expand our circle of compassion, we’re spreading the love with our community and introducing folks to the joy of delicious, healthy, plant-based foods. Join us for what is quickly growing to be the largest vegan festival in the Southeast

Well, a lot of animals died for me to eat yesterday. Like, a lot.

I ate four different species, not counting the smoked salmon that I got before I realized ‘smoked’ doesn’t really mean ‘cooked’. Ick.

But those poor vegans really don’t know what they are missing out on.

I bet every time the wind changed direction and blew the wondrous scents of beef sirloin, flank steak, ribs, fillet mignon, beef tenderloin, pork sausage, lamb chops and leg o’ lamb, and roasted cinnamon pineapple towards them – a handful converted to meat eaters on the spot and zombie walked to the nearest fast food restaurant for some greasy burgers.

Interestingly enough, apparently vegans don’t like paying for parking. The streets were packed, there were zero parking spots, anywhere. Until we went into the parking deck that was 500 feet from the festival. After the first deck, it was pretty much empty the rest of the way up.

Over all, a good tasty adventure I highly recommend.

And just to throw some politics into this mix.

Last night was the Tony Awards, which celebrates theater or something. I dunno. I don’t much care. Watching a bunch of self righteous creepoids patting themselves on the back in $5,000 gowns and tuxedos and lecture us ‘commoners’ on how we are a bunch of unenlightened troglodytes for having opposing political views is at the very bottom of ‘Things I Don’t Give a Whoop About’.

But, apparently, Robert DeNiro accepted some award then received a standing ovation for yelling ‘F Trump’ as his acceptance speech.



Let’s look at some really basic logic.

Trumps booming economy with a record low unemployment rate vs DeNiro’s continuously unhinged insults?

Yep. Have fun storming the castle.