We should be air lifting guns and ammunition into Hong Kong.

First rule in Democracy – Never, ever, EVER, give anything or anyone to the Communists. British PM Margaret Thatcher really screwed up when she gave Hong Kong back to China. You are giving people to evil. That is subjecting them to tyranny.

Second rule in Democracy – When someone wants freedom, when someone is willing to stand for freedom, to beg and plead for it, to risk their lives for it, then they deserve it. It’s downright chilling to watch Hong Kong protesters flying our flag, singing OUR anthem, and begging for our help to stave off the mainland Chinese Communists. This ain’t a bunch of middle easterners who hate us, our way of life, and our involvement in their politics. This is a bunch of people who’ve retained a small amount of their freedoms from Britain rule and are bound and determined to keep them and they are begging for our help.

Third rule in Democracy – The spread of globalism should always be neutered when possible. We should be building our military up in preparations of the defense for Hong Kong.  In the meantime, we should be air lifting pallets of rifles, PMags, and ammunition into that city to give the protesters (who are now being labeled ‘terrorists) a chance to not go silently into the night. Thousands of ironically named communist ‘Peoples Liberation Army‘  troops, vehicles, and equipment are already being staged!

If they invade it will be a massacre of biblical proportions.

We should be praying, arming them, and preparing to come to their defense.

So Epstein ‘offs himself’ eh?

I don’t think we can even jokingly call this a conspiracy anymore. It seems more and more to be a murder of sorts.


Is it murder if you kill a pedophile?

Or is it simply a clean up on aisle four?

Anyways, I digress.

Here’s what we know.

  1. He seemed intent on living when he spoke to his lawyer last. (Surely this guy hoped to make a deal considering the people he knew?)
  2. Both guards were asleep for three hours, instead of checking on him every thirty minutes as required. (BOTH? Sleep over, Cell Block A)
  3. Prison records were falsified by same guards.
  4. His cellmate was moved, which allowed Epstein to be housed alone, which violated the jails procedures.
  5. Shrieks were heard from other inmates coming from his direction.
  6. He ‘strangled’ himself by kneeling with a noose made of bed sheets. (Not in a ‘kick out the chair from under me, no backing out now!’ method, but a ‘I’m going to keep self-choking myself until I pass out and die’ method.)
  7. He had multiple broken bones in his neck that are sometimes found with strangulation homicide victims.
  8. The cameras weren’t working. (Gee – really?)

Ain’t all that just convenient?

Now, maybe no one actively murdered him. Maybe they simply removed him from suicide watch and waited for nature to run its course. Or, maybe someone slipped in and actively offed the guy to make it look like suicide.

Either way – No big loss to society.

Except that with him dies lists of names of people who should also be hung. And it’s a shame we won’t get to see those folks kicking and twitching anytime soon.

I just received my first FB Achievement medal!

By being tagged for ‘hate speech’…


Generally speaking, I don’t post about politics on FB much anymore. Or on this blog.

Honestly, it’s because I’m tired of the division and tired of Trump’s winning. I’m also tired of arguing with people who are frothing crazy and irrational and driven by hatred for Trump. Look, you can have your own beliefs, that’s fine. But as a human being, you owe it to yourselves to educate yourself, to challenge your beliefs, and correct them as you discover grow, learn, and discover facts and reasoning’s.

And I’m not saying, “Oooo, Republicans are always right and Democrats always wrong!”

Not true. Republicans suck also. As I mentioned in my last post, read the comments sometime in a Fox News article – it’s cringe worthy to read what ‘my’ people have on their minds. And there are plenty of wimpy Republicans who support gun control, abortion, high taxes, etc. Such as John McCain. He was terrible and I wrote about that when he died.

But the reason I posted that comment to FB is because every single Democrat at the Presidential debate with a podium denounced Trump as a racist every chance they got.

Which means all 63,000,000 voters who supported Trump are racist as well by default.


Either we are racist and support his racism, or we are tens of millions of ignorant fools who unknowingly elected such an evil man, and you folks are the shining beacons of all that is good and just in the world here to enlighten us and offer trinkets and other free things…

Which is it? We’re stupid? Or racist white supremacists as well?

Either way, you want our votes.

So, I think my statement is pretty accurate.

Trumps rhetoric doesn’t incite me to violence.

But the leftists call for banning firearms and confiscating them by force surely does.


That aside, the fact of the matter is, mass shooters are evil scumbags. Both sides of the political spectrum have whack jobs waiting to fall from the crazy tree. No one side has a monopoly on bat-poop insane dirt bags.

If you doubt me, and you’re a conservative/libertarian like me, read the comments on a Fox News articles sometime. It’s every bit as frothing insane as the comments on a CNN article bashing people on the right.

The difference with mass killers now, compared to the past, is that these scumbags are more aware of how to play a biased media and divided country by ‘playing the part’ by simply following certain people on social media, posting conflicting statements, and knowing that their actions will be scrutinized and nitpicked by douche nozzles looking to score political points or push an agenda.

And if you’re one of these political hacks who breathlessly awaits the announcement of a shooters race or victim’s race/political identity so you can pounce on the ‘DESTROY THE NRA!’ bandwagon… or conversely, the ‘LIBTARDS R THE WORST!’  you all suck. You’re part of the problem. You play right into the hands of the killer who seeks to not only kill but sow discord and discontent.

Stop being stupid.

And for those of you who think confiscating firearms are the solution, and there’s a lot of people out there who want to do it by force.. people who literally want to have police kill me because I own firearms… you’re a bunch of clowns and you’re going to get good people killed. I feel like I’ve argued against gun control my entire adult life, and I’ve grown bored and tired of it. Simply  put – numerically, if you confiscate 99% of the 400,000,000 firearms in the U.S, you’re still going to have 4 MILLION guns in the hands of some very pissed off people.

So maybe we should find real solutions.

Like much more mental health services, fixing society’s self-centered/glamour/social media fame complex, bringing fathers back into their kids homes, and bringing God back into the center of American life.

First Publishing Contract Offered!

I was offered my first contract last week. YAYYY! Then I turned it down because I didn’t feel like it’d be a good fit… NOOOO!

So, that kind of sucks.

But my ego is happily boosted.

It was a hard choice, after all I’ve been querying publishers and agents for a couple months now and finally got a hit. But I’m also confident that it was the correct choice.

As for an update on the sequel…. Things are going well. Extremely well. Except I accidentally erased about a weeks worth of writing last weekend. That was a terrible moment of realization… Luckily, I periodically email myself a back up copy and had done that recently. Once I dusted that file off, I realized I only lost a couple days worth of writing. (So always make sure to backup your writing folks.)

I’d guess I’m about half way finished. There’s a lot more to flesh out, then the 60-70 or whatever complete edits to make my sentences not suck. I’m telling ya, I can write the daylights out of action scenes, but dialogue and description? Ugh. That’s like doing chores, necessary but not fun.

I know all those edits sounds like a lot. And I know that Heinlein’s Rules for Writers says that you must refrain from editing, except to editorial order… but he hasn’t read my rough drafts. And really, I consider it more of a refiners pass to make it better. Why should I stop at mediocre writing? I’d rather do the hard time and make it my best possible work.

As an aside, I did kill my little brother off in one of the more pivotal chapters of the books… because red shirting people you know is fun. (That’s a Star Trek reference, all the main crew wear different colors, but all the extras who get killed off are wearing red shirts.)