Welcome to 2023!

Happy New Year to you all.

2022 was kind of bleh and ended with us putting one of our dogs, Misty, to sleep on the 31st. But I’m a firm believer that everything good has a place in heaven, so I look forward to petting her again.

Misty is the black lab between our English and Bull Mastiff’s.

Which, btw, the English Mastiff on the left, Bear, is who Carbine is based on in the books. He’s loveable but so obnoxious at times!

All that sadness aside, I’m looking forward to a new year and what it holds in store for us all. I hope it’s all good things. (Realistically, it’s probably going to be a mixed bag.) But let’s aim high and hope for the best!

On the writing front, I wrote Raiding Prehistoric in 340 days last year. Which is the shortest time span yet. I’d like to build off that and try to get maybe a book and a half finished this year. There are of course a lot of factors, we have a VERY stressful life/home/family/etc. And I refuse to let the quality of my writing deteriorate to get more product out faster. So we’ll see how this plays out. But the writing continues, not sure what the title of the book will be yet, but it’s in the West of Prehistoric universe. I don’t want to say anything else yet until Raiding Prehistoric comes out and you’ve had a chance to see how it ends.

As for new Years resolutions, well…..

I’m going to focus on getting back in shape. I used to be in pretty good shape running Spartan obstacle courses and lifting constantly, then I had my brain damage of 2019 and it’s been downhill physically ever since. So, time to stop whining and get back in shape. So long Writer’s Gut!

Second, well, I already talked about goals for writing.

Third, I plan on getting closer to God as I’ve slacked on that some recently. And I plan on working harder at being a better father, husband, son, and brother. (Although, honestly, I think I do a pretty good job… mostly.)

Fourth, floss my teeth more.

Fifth, push harder for that goal of letting my wife be a stay at home mom, at least part time for now. Which means, sell more books, cut more expenses, and pick up a promotion/new job. (I LOVE my job and current team, but I also want to progress my career and not stagnate)

If you guys have any good resolutions, slap them in the comments section. And good luck to us all on this glorious new year!

I grew a mustache as part of my ‘character study’… heh.

Really it was just No Shave November turning into Mustache December.

After this picture, I googled ‘how to trim a mustache’ and worked on it a bit. It’s a little nicer now.

And my six year old won’t let me shave it, and honestly… it’s kind of ‘growing’ on me. 😉

Now I just need a new author picture of me, my mustache, and my guns…

Raiding Prehistoric -Back Cover Blurb.

This is the back cover blurb, subject to change of course. But so far, I like it. 🙂


Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith is alive.

And he ain’t happy.

The railroad tycoon, Reydan White, has wounded his love and killed his friends.

And enough is enough.

But the only way to get to him is to join a motley collection of cowboys, farmers, businessmen, and outlaws to cross into Prehistoria. Governor Fredrick is calling them the Rough Raiders. Their job is to hassle the apes and force them into an open battle with the Army and Pinkerton Detective Agency to finally decide, once and for all, who will claim this prehistoric world.

Jed is signing up, under a new name, with a new horse, new weapons, and a thirst for vengeance that can only be slated by raiding prehistoric to get to his mortal enemy.

It’s time to end this blood feud.

One way or another.


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