2019 – That’s a wrap!

I don’t know what to say about 2019… I suppose it’s a mixed bag. One hand, we bought a new house and are currently finishing moving into it. On the other hand, I spent the majority of the year dealing with Post Concussive Syndrome – which was a royal bitch to get over. (Long story,Continue reading “2019 – That’s a wrap!”

Terminator: Dark Fate is the suck.

Saw it, bleh… James Cameron has failed us greatly. Personally, I enjoyed Terminator: Genesys when it came out. That’s the only one I thought worth watching since the nearly perfect T2: Judgement Day. I thought it was fantastic and that Emilia Clarke made a terrific Sarah Connor. But it did poorly at the box office,Continue reading “Terminator: Dark Fate is the suck.”

I got to caress a Civil War cannon this weekend… But I didn’t get to fire it. :(

I stayed the Hilton in Marietta, GA this weekend for a family emergency. Lovely place. Nice chandeliers. There was a screw-up with the reservations, so I ended up sitting alone in the lobby for about an hour. Thankfully I shaved the night before so I didn’t look completely homeless with my duffel bag and laptopContinue reading “I got to caress a Civil War cannon this weekend… But I didn’t get to fire it. :(“

A deleted dream. Some Art.

I ended up taking this out of the first book. After several revisions, it wasn’t needed. But I like it. *** I dreamed that I walked amongst death and destruction as a storm poured out its wrath overhead. Bodies were strewn everywhere as the remains of the town burned. Pierced, crushed, mangled, and some, gnawedContinue reading “A deleted dream. Some Art.”

My Main Character is not me. Plus, writing, writing, writing.

Before I get to that… the Rough Draft, minus the Final Giant Battle (FGB), is done for the sequel. I’m now working on filling it out and fixing things. The FGB is gonna be awesome, just like the last one. And it’s always the most exhausting thing for me to write. I don’t know why,Continue reading “My Main Character is not me. Plus, writing, writing, writing.”