First Publishing Contract Offered!

I was offered my first contract last week. YAYYY! Then I turned it down because I didn’t feel like it’d be a good fit… NOOOO! So, that kind of sucks. But my ego is happily boosted. It was a hard choice, after all I’ve been querying publishers and agents for a couple months now andContinue reading “First Publishing Contract Offered!”

Amateur Hour: Or why I know my writing won’t suck.

(Other than the fact that Beta Reader feedback has been fantastic!) I  use Scribophile, which is a great resource for writers. It’s a place where you can upload your work in process, and read/critique others writing. It also has a pretty active web forum. And while I don’t post a lot on the forum, I’veContinue reading “Amateur Hour: Or why I know my writing won’t suck.”


This is where I ask for your help. If you’ve enjoyed reading the first five excerpts, and would like to be contacted when West of Prehistoric becomes published, please use the Contact Me page(click here) and send me your name and email to be added to my email list. Here’s why – The goal ofContinue reading “Help-help!”

RAWR! Pew! Pew! Part FIVE!

The previous story portions: RAWR! Pew! Pew! Pew! RAWR! Pew! Pew! Pew-Part Tew! RAWR! Pew! Pew! Pew-Part Three! RAWR! Pew! Pew! Pew-Part FOUR! The saga of blazing guns, ferocious dinosaurs, and hairy barbaric savagery continues with Part FIVE. (Honestly, at this rate, I’m going to post the entire book online before I get published. ButContinue reading “RAWR! Pew! Pew! Part FIVE!”

“You can’t make money writing!” Oh pffftttt….

This is a garbage myth and I’m sick of hearing it. I visited Scribophile (A writers website) today for the first time in months and skimmed the forums. Everyone kept repeating it as thought it were truth, and it ain’t. Look. If you want to write stuff no one will ever read, be my guest.Continue reading ““You can’t make money writing!” Oh pffftttt….”