Happy Mother’s Day

Personally, my wife is my favorite mother figure.

Followed closely by my mother and mother-in-law, with my mother winning with the slight thickness of an umbilical cord.

Then there’s a bunch of fantastic women in my life who are also fantastic mothers, and a bunch of others who will make awesome mothers when they stop dating trolls and find a Prince Charming like me. (Good luck, they broke the mold after me.)

Towering above all of these… are the mothers who never had the opportunity to hold their babies and anxiously await their reunion in heaven. Ya’ll the real MVP’s. The pain, the suffering, the misery, torment, and questioning of God’s plan for your life… you have a strength that few of us will ever know. But one day, you’ll meet for the very first time in the most glorious of places, and what a magnificent day that will be. And your baby will never know the hardships and miseries of living in a fallen world. They await your arrival in their perfected bodies, knowing only happiness and the endless Glory of God.

(Which, BTW – women who have had an abortion are mother’s also. And I promise you, your baby is in heaven and they are rooting for you to find salvation and join them.)

Last year I put this picture up of my lovely wife with our wild-child daughter with this caption on FB:

I’ve written a dozen comments throughout today, and I keep deleting them because they don’t seem fitting enough. I love my wife, she’s an amazing mother. I don’t know how she does it. I would be doomed to a padded room and a straight jacket without her and banging my head against the wall screaming NO MORE DIAPERS! MORE SLEEP! But she just keeps chugging along. Often disheveled and delirious at times, but her sacrifice for our family has no limits. My wife rocks. Please don’t leave me. Unless you take the kids. And the dogs…. just kidding. But seriously, please don’t leave me. I can’t do what you do.


It’s still true.

Thanks for making babies with me.