Men in dresses aren’t ‘brave’ and they certainly ain’t Masculine.

If you haven’t seen Harry Styles in a dress, well – you aren’t missing anything. It’s a man in a dress. Or more accurately, it’s a singer-songwriter in a dress. If that matters. (It doesn’t.)

And of course, the celebrities, politicians, and general leftists are going nuts over this. So stunning and brave, rah rah. And posting stupid things like this:

No. How about you be the man your effing chromosomal pairing makes you be?

And this is where some people say things like, “What’s your problem? Why does this bother you? Why can’t you be more accommodating towards others? Are you transphobic?”

I’ll tell you why this bothers me. And why it should bother you.

It’s belittling and insulting to real men.

Men with dirt under their nails. Men with blood on their boots and bayonets. Men who sweat, provide, and defend. Men who lead families, or small arms units, or construction crews. Men who built and created new civilizations with nothing but an axe, a horse, and a map. Men who are descended from ancestors who slaughtered mammoths and saber tooth tigers and invaded countries and defeated weaker civilizations.


It’s pathetic.

And if we don’t stand up and say, “No. Bullshit. THAT’S not a real man – My GRANDPA who used a flame thrower on a Japanese beach at 18 was a REAL MAN” then the weakening of our culture and the emasculation of our young boys will continue.

I was going to write more, then I discovered this excellent PragerU video which I think perfectly sums up my arguement.

Got my first International Review. That’s pretty cool!

And it’s a good one, by the Australian author of Guns of Perdition herself, Jessica Bakker.

Oh. My. God. This book, West of Prehistoric, by Erik (Tracer) Testerman was BRILLIANT. The highlight of my 2020 reading journey. It came out of nowhere – I hadn’t heard anything about it – and perhaps that’s why I had no real expectations going in, but within two pages, I was already blown away, and knew this was going to be a helluva book.

What’s it about? Well, think Red Dead Redemption 2 meets Planet of the Apes, then has a threesome with Jurassic Park. The resulting love-child, is West of Prehistoric.

Ex-outlaw turned rancher, Jed Smith, is minding his own business working on his ranch, when he’s suddenly (and brutally) attacked by a dinosaur. From that moment on, the weird, the west, the carnage, and the awesome, don’t stop.

An excellently fleshed out cast of characters join Jed as he seeks to first understand the dinosaur/ape menace that threaten the west, and then to stop them slaughtering every human they come across. Action is crammed into these pages, but there’s still room for fantastic character development, wry humour, and yes, some romance. You know an author has a great handle on character development when he makes the reader love and care about the main character’s horse!

Though West of Prehistoric is Testerman’s debut novel, he feels like an old-hat at writing – there’s nary a jangled sentence or misplaced word to be found. And while the premise of West of Prehistoric might seem simplistic on first glance, it’s actually absorbing, engaging, and addictive. I had trouble putting this one down.

It’s pretty clear this is a setup for a sequel or possible trilogy, and I can only hope Testerman draws this saga out for a few more books – I for one, will be lining up to get the next instalment when it comes out.

Yes, it’s weird western. Yes, there’s gore. However, even to those of you who aren’t into this genre or gore, I’d suggest grabbing a copy and giving it a go, because at the end of the day, this is just a wonderfully told, greatly entertaining story.

Purchase HERE


Did you see that? She called it BRILLIANT… in all caps. (I added the bold.)


Unity? Kiss my muscular buttocks!

Yeah, no thanks.

Look, I wish we could go back to a simpler time in America where Republicans and Democrats both had similar goals of bettering the people of this nation and they just bickered over how we got there.

But we can’t.

Because the two sides have become so morally opposed that they are now, essentially, good versus evil. And that hurts to say, because I know Democrats who I love. (I just think they are either politically ignorant or woefully stupid.)

But here we are, once again witnessing continued violence from one side towards another, without explicit condemnation from their leaders. I’ve heard the same stupid lies about Trumps failure to condemn white supremacy for four years, contrary to tons of video proof of him doing so, but nothing about Democrats condemnation of their supporters assaulting MAGA wearers, knocking out elderly folks in streets(then stomping on their heads), setting fire to black businesses and districts, looting Targets and Cheesecake Factories, attacking police and chanting for them to ‘fry like bacon’ and yesterday, throwing fireworks into businesses where Trump supporters are eating after a peaceful march.

And this is nothing new. During the 2016 elections, we had Democrats going to Trump rallies to instigate violence to make Trump supporters look like a bunch of deranged lunatics. It wasn’t condemned then by those who benefited off it, so why should it be condemned now?

But now, what the left wants, is ‘Unity’.

Now that they’ve gotten their way that is. Now that they’ve cheated their way to the Presidency. (Possibly… don’t count Trump out yet!)

The same people who called Republicans racists, sexists, misogynists, xenophobics, terrorists, and other garbage are now pleading for us to join them under the guise of ‘unity’.

Kiss my muscular buttocks.

I won’t join the same side that injects hormones into children, murders unborn babies by the millions, denies the right of self defense, censors the freedom of the speech, perverts the freedom of the press to one sided bias and lies, assaults peaceful demonstrators, chants for the death of law enforcement officials, and threatens/assaults/doxxes/ruins anyone who speaks out against them.

When the left calls for ‘Unity’, what they are really saying is ‘Fall in with our Party Line or be crushed.’

That’s Marxism 101.

And I won’t be apart of it.