New Narrator!


So the stars aligned, and I’m proud to say Chris Flippin’ Lyell (Not his real middle name) is going to have his first voice work gig at narrating Raiding Prehistoric.

He’s a great guy, I’ve known him for longer than I can count on fingers and toes and done more stupid things with him than I can recollect over the past couple of decades. And of course, he has a great voice.

I’m very excited.

Here’s the sample he submitted to the publisher.

No ETA yet, but stay tuned in….

End of May Update.

The writing continues.

But I’ve slowed down a bit to renew a focus on my health. Prior to my Post Concussive Syndrome of 2019, I was running half marathons and Spartan races and lifting lots of weights.

Fast forward four years… and I’ve turned into a slug. I’ve gained 70 lbs, I’m out of breath from climbing the stairs in my house, and I’m certainly well on my way to having a professional author body. 🙂

So, enough of that. I’m back in the saddle of regaining my health. There’s a half marathon in two months that I’m eyeballing, and at the end of the year, there’s a Spartan Ultra which is 50 Kilometers and 60 some obstacles. That one has been a dream of mine since I was doing them last decade. That’s Nov 18th. So I’ve got to bust a move to get fit again.

But fear not.

I’m still writing.

And I still plan on finishing the yet untitled ‘Cato Book’ by the end of the year and in print around January. With any luck, shortly after the WWII/Sea Monster book will be done June-2024. (See? I’m still planning on lots of writing…)

Other things worth mentioning, Audible Book for Raiding Prehistoric.

I’ll just be blunt, the last narrator dropped out of doing the fourth book due to sales not being large enough. He gets paid a percentage of royalties, so it’s a time versus rewards thing. He can spend 20 hours narrating my book and get X amount in return, or he can spend 20 hours on another book and get Y. He’s weighing his options and there are no hard feelings. This is a business and we’re all adults.

That being said, I’m pretty excited about who the new possible narrator will be.

I don’t want to say anything else until the Publisher signs off on it. Cause the idea might crash and burn…

But, he’s got a great voice and I expect good things.


Audible and Reviews.

Hey friends. I know a lot of you have been listening to the audibles. If you could please be so kind as to leave reviews after, that’d be fantastic.

I know you enjoyed them, but the more reviews there are, the more likely others will choose to enjoy them as well.


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