C’mon you apes! Do you wanna READ forever? (Book PUBLISHED!)

This was the reaction when I told people I wanted to write a book about an outlaw who discovers a lost world entrance in the wild frontier of the Wyoming Territories…. And that there was dinosaurs in it:

This was the reaction when I told people I’d finished the book and people began to read and critique it:

This was how I felt when I finished the publication process:

And this is how I feel today, with the book finally released on Amazon.

So look at this! Here it is in all it’s glory! Woop!

It’s 1885.

Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith spent his entire life searching for the raider who mutilated him as a child. Finally, giving up on a trail long grown cold, he leaves his outlaw past behind and starts over in a remote town in Wyoming.

One dark night his ranch is attacked by a mysterious and ferocious beast from a world lost to time. Only Jedidiah’s savagery and skills save him.

Now, teaming up with a beautiful but naïve paleontologist, they stand between his adopted town and its destruction by an army of barbaric prehistoric apes and dinosaurs. But Jed’s past has come back to haunt him. The man he searched for is discovered in a position of power, and Jed must choose…

Revenge for his past, or the salvation of strangers.

Either way, bullets will fly, and blood will be spilled.


If you buy it, I’d love you forever if you leave an Amazon or Goodreads review. Even a one sentence that says, “This book doesn’t suck” means a lot and helps sell more books in the future. (How many times have you looked at a book with no or few reviews and passed on it because no one else risked reading it first? I know I have.)

And since the sequel is already completed, well – the more this one sells the more likely the publisher will pick it up. If this one doesn’t sell… no sequel folks. It’s just not worth the investment by the publisher. So I’m holding the sequel hostage. MWhahaha.

Right now the Kindle version is available for either the price of $0 if you have Kindle Unlimited, or $3.99 if you don’t. The Paperback is $13.95. (Sorry, I didn’t pick the price. I was really hoping it’d be under $10.)

Personally, I’m gonna buy about 20 of them. And guess who is getting an autographed copy for Christmas? (My entire extended family!)

And finally, this is how I feel as I try to ignore the awesomeness of this moment and work on the third book in the series:

The Death of RGB and the Opportunity Now Presented…

An opportunity that the right must not squander.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Less then 45 days until the Election. The left of course wants the right to wait until wait until after the election for ‘fairness’ because in 2016 the Republican lead Senate refused to vote on Obama’s pick to replace Scalia.

And because they think we are stupid and owe them something.

We don’t.

In 2016, the Obama Democrats didn’t have the votes to get their nomination the SCOTUS seat. In 2020, the Trump Republicans do have the votes. It’s that simple. It’s that Constitutional.

Prior to Justice Scalia’s untimely death in 2016, the population of America decided that they didn’t like the direction America was headed under Democratic leadership and elected a bunch of Republicans instead. Thus taking control of the Senate and the House in 2014. During 2016, the left argued incessantly that it was the Republican lead Congress’s -duty- to fill the SCOTUS seat with an Obama nominee.

Now, in 2020, the left is arguing it’s the Republicans -duty- to wait until after the election.

Because of ‘fairness’ and RBG ‘death wish’ and because they’re a bunch of hypocrites and only care about ‘fairness’ when it applies to the left.

Sorry. Not sorry. But the party who blantantly and falsely accused Kavanaugh of being a Gang Rapist based on his HS yearbook in front of his family and the obviously politically coached statements from Blasey Ford do not get to lecture the right on ‘civility’ and ‘fairness’.

Have we so quickly forgotten the torment of Kavanaugh?

You should watch it again because it’s powerful and shows the extreme lengths that the left will go to destroy anyone who politically stands between them and power. Even the squishy ‘semi-conservative’ Lindsey Graham lost it.

Also worth watching. I pray Graham and the rest of the right doesn’t forget either moment this time around.

But oh no. Civility, fairness, and RBG’s death wish doesn’t do anything for me.

And last I checked, RBG’s seat wasn’t -hers-. It was the American peoples seat to fill with whomever their duly elected officials deem appropriate. We are not a monarchy of family power where someone can bequeath their seat to someone of their parties choosing. Death wish be damned. She should have known that as she argued so much that the late Scalia’s seat SHOULD have been filled in 2016.

If anything, the right should view this moment as a ‘WWTLD’. What Would The Left Do?

If the left was in power, they’d ram through someone faster than the right could get a chance to even investigate. They wouldn’t care if they had the Presidency and the Senate. They wouldn’t care to ‘give the American people a chance to vote for it during a Presidential Election’.

Which, by the way, there is nothing in the Constitution that says… (paraphrasing here) “If a SCOTUS dies within X days of a Presidential Election, the spot will be held vacant until after the Election.”

Them’s not the rules.

And historically, the position has been filled much quicker than that. If I recall correctly, 70% of the time since 1900. And the late liberal John Paul Stevens was appointed in something like two weeks.

And do not forget, that at any point during Obama’s presidency when he had total control of both houses of Congress, RBG could have ‘timely’ retired and been replaced with a 40 something year old progressive who would sit for another 40 years in a SCOTUS seat. Instead, she kept the power to herself, hoping for Trump to not be elected, and it appears, re-elected.

This is her fault. This is the left’s fault for where they sit now in their position of powerlessness.

But, by all means, keep burning down cities in protest for anything you disagree with. I hear that polls GREAT with white suburban moms who make up a major demographic of the left’s. -smirk-

Now, some Republicans are afraid to vote on Trump’s nominee. Because they fear if the left takes power, they’ll ‘pack the court’ by adding more liberals to the court. Increasing the 9 to whatever they wish. Say 15. Unfortunately the Constitution does not limit the number of SCOTUS seats.

Again, WWTLD. What Would The Left Do? Pack the SCOTUS by adding seats? Okay. Let’s do that with Conservatives. How about 10 more. We’ll fill that court with so many fire-breathing conservatives like Ted Cruz that for the next few years they’ll do nothing but overturn abortion, prayer in schools, socialist medicine, the National Firearms Act, and gay marriage.

Let’s do it!

My thoughts on Kamala Harris becoming VP…

Gee golly. I’d be embarrassed if the reason I was picked to be someone’s VP was quite literally the color of my skin and the pairing of my chromosomes.

This is like the ultimate in Affirmative Action.

 A normal, non-power hungry person, should feel cheapened by this. Insulted, really. As I would if I were given a position due to the whiteness of my skin and my XY chromosomes. 

Of course, the left is upholding it as a Big Effin’ Deal. Because ‘First Black Female VP EVAH!’… except she claimed Indian-American status when she entered Congress. But I reckon if you can change genders, you might as well be able to change races.

The Left also suddenly, and conveniently, forget that Kamala believed Biden’s sexual creepiness accusers during the Primary. (“#BelieveAllWomen until it gets in the way of Politics” is a leftist unofficial slogan.) She also accused Biden of being a racist. Which, seems pretty accurate, considering all his race blundering bloopers he keeps giving about how he thinks blacks are all the same and only quantitative of their race if they vote for him.

But, honestly, -I- forgot all about Former Prosecutor Kamala Harris because I thought she was dead after being publicly slain by Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard during the primary debates:

(Nobody can roast a pig better than a Hawaiian)

Of course polling zero percent also makes you forgettable. Good thing she had her skin tone and gender to fall back on.

But holy-moly.

If you think about it. The Left should be flipping out right now. They literally nominated a ‘Old White Rich Man and a Corrupt Cop’ to be their potential leaders for four years. This is what the psycho lefties have been burning cities down over for the past few months. Way to implement real change guys. lol.

But ya know, if you think feeble minded 78 year old Joe Biden, after 47 years in politics, is suddenly going to make things better – You ain’t too bright.

Book Editing is Done

Back to the publisher it goes!

Whew. Let me tell you, that was fun. (I say that in jest.) I feel like I’ve read this book over a hundred times now for editing and writing. I could probably recite it from memory. Each pass has been worth it though, it’s made the product better and better. And that’s the goal.

But people are going to absolutely love West of Prehistoric. Just like the people who read the earlier draft versions said last year.

“This Book Doesn’t Suck.” – Reviews and Thoughts From Random People on the Internet.

One of the coolest feelings I’ve had, is that it’s probably been a half year or longer since I read WoP last, and reading through it now, I’ll get to a part and realize, “Wow, this is good!”

I’ve managed to impress my future self with my earliest writings. That’s outstanding!

But man, I’m ready to get back to work on the 2nd book, which is essentially done, and the 3rd book, which is still very much a work in process. Time for something new and exciting.

Anyways, hope everyone had a good weekend!