Enter Prehistoric is getting an audio book! (And other updates)

Just got the word from the publisher.

It will be the same great author(me), same great narrator(TJ Clark), and same great verbal awesomeness.

I’d expect it to be out around Feb/March time frame. Which should coincide with when the third book comes out.

And speaking of the third, or henceforth as it shall be known, Taming Prehistoric, it’s looking like I might… just might… finish it by my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year and submit it to the publisher.

I was expecting a two week break from work around Christmas, but due to the needs of manufacturing and production, I will be working every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas.

That’s going to put a huge dent in my writing time.

But I’m pushing hard. In fact, I should be watching the latest episode of Yellowstone right now, but instead I’m in the basement in my writing corner.

(Everyone should learn to suffer now so that you may celebrate later.)

And my writing corner will be getting an upgrade soon. After frantically searching all corners of the internet during the waning hours of Cyber Monday, I finally found a place that would be able to take my book cover art and turn it into wall art.

At first, I looked around the upstairs for a place to put it. Namely the dining room…

Seemed a little sacrilegious to take our favorite Jesus picture down…

Mmmm… maybe…

But in the end, it’s going in my writing corner in the basement. Now I need to get the second one printed as well.

Another update – I gave the coupe de grace to my personal Author page on FB a few weeks ago and created a business Author page instead. Feel free to follow me at –


The reason being that my personal page was being bombarded with scuzzy hustlers and spam. A business page let’s me interact with readers without all the ridiculousness I was getting.

And finally, I got my first shout out on Instagram the other day from a fellow blogger. Woop!

I highly recommend you follow his Instagram page, here –


(And join the fight in the glorious meme war of the 22nd century.)

I believe that’s everything.

Thank you all for supporting me, every day I’m in awe that people actually read what I write, and that what what I write is actually pretty danged good. I plan on having another update post at the end of the year, so I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy New Years just yet… but soon.


Erik Testerman

West of Prehistoric – Audible book is OUT!

This is awesome. It actually came out on Nov 9th, but Nov 10th is my Birthday and more importantly the Marine Corps Birthday… and Nov 11th was Veteran’s Day, so I kept quiet about it until the 12th.

And on the 12th, I bought my copy and a new truck to listen to it in. (I kid you not.)

That’s right, I spent entirely too much in an entirely ridiculous and financially stupid way to listen to a 14 hour audio book that I wrote.

To be fair to myself, the newest vehicle I’ve ever owned was the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 that I traded in for this one. And I bought that big truck when it was already 13 years old. Any my Wrangler is a 2001 that I’ve had since 2005… so a bad financial decision involving a new vehicle was well past due.

But forget all that.

The truck is cool and all. (Fully functioning radio and heat?!)

But the audio book is way more cool.

I’ve listened to the first couple of hours and I’m super impressed.

TJ Clark, the narrator, did a fantastic job.

So, go buy it. I believe it’s on sale right now for under 8 bucks instead of the usual $21.

I highly recommend it.

As for the third book. It’s still on track to be submitted to the publisher by the end of the year.

Then I may take a bit of a break to work on an unrelated novel, because I need to round out my writing cabinet with a bit more than a single series.

Hope everyone has a fantastic fall.

Enjoy the pretty leaves and the ability to conceal carry pretty much anything you wish under your jacket. (Up to and including a FAL.)

I went hunting with the wife…

Got a nice Corsican Ram this time, from the same place I went a few years back, Caryonah Game Ranch where I hunted a gorgeous Painted Desert Ram.

I won’t go all into a review again, the Caryonah Link above will do that. But the place was once again, exceptional. And this time I got to enjoy it with my lovely wife by my side.

Some explaining is needed for my wife. She’s not a hunter. I’m not really much of one either, although I’ve gotten a bit more into it the last few years. But she really wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and since we both desperately needed a vacation, she let me return to Caryonah with her in tow and experience the hunting lodge for herself.

And she loved it. The entire drive back she was googling and planning for our next trip back.

(Yeah, I married a winner!)

I’ve been a legit author for exactly 1 year now.

I forgot to post this yesterday, but it’s been 1 year since my first book, West of Prehistoric, was published.

Sept 18th, 2020 to Sept 18th, 2021…

That’s pretty awesome.

I owe many people a great deal of thanks.

First, to my lovely wife who told me I should write a book and then stuck by me 90% of the time when I was writing it. The other 10% of the time was telling me that I was spending too much time fretting about it.

Second, to the internet forums. NC4x4.com, CarolinaFirearmsForum.com, and FalFiles.com. Without you three reading my book prior to publishing, then supporting me by buying multiple copies, requesting my newbie signature, and spreading the word, plus in general not telling me to get lost – I owe you a great deal of thanks. You formed the earliest basis of my reader group and I am eternally grateful.

Third, to all my readers who took a chance on a newbie author with a crazy idea about a novel for a lost world adventure set in 1885. From those who read it on kindle unlimited, to those who bought the electronic version, to those who bought the paperback – thank you! I’d never have gotten as far along as I am now in my fledgling writing career if it hadn’t been for your support.

And finally, the future is bright.

I’m not going anywhere and I plan on entertaining you all for many more years.

Thank you.


Erik ‘Tracer’ Testerman

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