End of March Update…. posted in April… :)

First off, I NEVER would have guessed how difficult it is to work/type/use a computer with a cat… but whooo boy. Is it ever… I can’t keep Lord Bruno off my key board. (We should have named him Hemingway)

It’s my fault, because we can’t do anything ‘normal’, we have our two story house with a basement filled with three animals who don’t get along. On the top floor, with the bedrooms, is our Mastiff, Bear. On the middle floor, with our couches, is our Bull Mastiff, Roxy. And on the bottom floor, with my writing office, is Bruno. None of them get along, which means Bruno is usually lonely unless we come to the basement or when I come to write and he’s all over me with his purring, and cuteness, and little ‘love’? bites.

Second off, RAIDING PREHISTORIC is doing awesome.

I think we are at almost 70 reviews so far, and pulling a solid 4.7 last I looked, which is the highest of all of my books. (They are all 4.6 for some reason… I guess I’m pretty good at being consistent….)

The whole, ‘Best Seller/#1 New Release’ is over, but such is life. The glories of mankind are fleeting.

So, I’ll certainly take momentum. And man, it’s going awesome. I typically hit 100 reviews within 11-12 months, but this book has almost 70 reviews in a month and a half. WHOA. It’s nuts. You guys are awesome!

And the work continues on both book Five/Untitled and the WWII book continue.

Except for the last few weeks. I caught the norovirus which wiped me out. Then we had a couple weeks of a family emergency which is wrapped up now.

So the writing continues tonight, with Cato’s book.

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend, and let us face the coming work week with determination to work hard and get paid.


Save your pennies!

Book Four – Raiding Prehistoric will be out late next week.

Just waiting on the paperback and kindle formatting proofs to look over. 🙂

In other news, Book Two – Enter Prehistoric, just hit 200 reviews on Amazon and still rocking a 4.6/5 star rating. That’s just… crazy. I never thought I’d hit 50 reviews, much less get into the triple digits. And I think West of Prehistoric is about to hit 300 reviews! Which is so nuts…

And it reminds me, I dedicated Book Four to you guys.

The readers.

And at the end, I penned a very heartfelt letter to you…. followed by the harshest rejection letter I ever received back when I was trying to get my first book into print. Just for fun. 🙂

Now, back to watching videos of sword, axe, spear, and shield training/battles. In the name of RESEARCH I must continue to tape my eyeballs open to absorb as much cool Viking knowledge as I can for Book Five. 🙂

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