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West of Prehistoric (SIGNED)

Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith spent his entire life searching for the raider who mutilated him as a child. Finally, giving up on a trail long grown cold, he leaves his outlaw past behind and starts over in a remote town in Wyoming. One dark night his ranch is attacked by a mysterious and ferocious beast from a world lost to time. Only Jedidiah’s savagery and skills save him. Now, teaming up with a beautiful but naïve paleontologist, they stand between his adopted town and its destruction by an army of barbaric prehistoric apes and dinosaurs. But Jed’s past has come back to haunt him. The man he searched for is discovered in a position of power, and Jed must choose… Revenge for his past, or the salvation of strangers. Either way, bullets will fly, and blood will be spilled.



Enter Prehistoric (SIGNED)

After retiring from outlawing, Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith just wanted to be left alone in Wyoming with his guns and regrets. But then he discovered an entrance to a lost world, a place full of grand adventure, as well as spectacular dangers from both prehistoric dinosaurs and a race of savage apes intent on conquest. Now, a new fort has been established on the other side, and a strange civilization of humans and dinosaurs have been located. The people are descendants from another time, long trapped in prehistory, and with them a fragile alliance is created. But will it be enough as Jed faces vengeance from enemies both new and old? Will his savagery and cunning keep him and his love alive? Or will they die, on a mountain of fired brass, amidst the guttural bellows of barbaric apes and roars of monstrous dinosaurs? Jed doesn’t know, but he’s always willing to shoot first and figure out the rest afterwards.



Taming Prehistoric (SIGNED)

Axemen. Norsemen. Vikings. Whoever they are, Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith doesn’t care. But with the possibility of a pardon on the table, he knows that he’d better do everything he can to prove his worth. Which means leading a civilian expedition, this time along the coast of Prehistoria, towards a mysterious warrior tribe whom the apes fear. He ain’t going alone though. Along for the ride are some friends… and former enemies. But first, they are going to make a little visit to the site of their greatest defeat for some payback. Because Prehistoria will be tamed, one way or another.


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