Best of Gunpowder and Ink.

This is where I will upload writings, sample chapters, etc.


The BEST Political/Social Commentary of Gunpowder and Ink:

These posts were well received and thus, worthy of linking.

15 Minutes in the Life of a Snowflake(A Short Story of Lunacy)

Nikki Haley has Ovaries of STEEL!

The NFL – Is nothing sacred from the tired tirade of racism, cop hating, and unpatriotic protest?

No, Women aren’t equal to Men.

The Disconnect of Politicians

On Abortion – No. Never, ever, ever.

I love Elephants – But we need to slay them, eat their flesh, and wear their skins!

So you want to be a Communist in America, eh Comrade?



Novel/Writing Stuffs.

On Friday, I killed a coworker (A Short Story)

Amateur Hour: Or why I know my writing won’t suck.


Surviving USMC Survival School


(Obligatory Before/After Picture)

This was done for a contest on Survival Blog. Which is a great Blog if you are interested in prepping, surviving, or in general being more aware of the thin facade that holds our fragile society together. If you are worried about you and your families future, this is the place to check out.  It will help you survive being laid off long term, flu pandemics, stock market crashes, another Great Depression, EMP or Nuclear attacks by North Korea, this place will help you prepare mentally, physically, and economically.  The owner, James Wesley Rawles, doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.  So it’s pretty serious stuff.  As for my writing, it was edited and is now copy-righted/owned by SurvivalBlog as part of the admission to the contest.  I’m not a big fan of the editing that was done, every time I see a mistake where they mushed two sentences together it bugs me.  But still a good amusing read about why you should never get lost in the woods.

Part 1:

How to lose 31lbs in 13 days. The ‘How Not To Die Diet!’ (Trademarked)

Part 2:

Why I’m glad I didn’t make a Bunny Loin Cloth!

Part 3:

I once tried to run down and club to death a Mule Deer for dinner!

Part 4:

I once cuddled a man ever so closely and almost went hypothermic. Plus, Prairie Dogs for supper!

Part 5:

Biggest lesson learned? Always have a gun and a knife.


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