It only counts if you are entertained.

My goal was 20,000 words written over a 4 day weekend.  I got 15,500.  Not bad I reckon since I’ve never done this before.

I’m also using what I wrote from 4:30-7:05am this morning as part of my 4 day holiday word count, since I hadn’t gone to work yet.

Those 15.5k words ended up being 37 pages long in size 12 font.

Pretty good I think.  I’m not sure how many hours I worked on it.  Maybe 12 total? An hour here. A couple hours there…

I also already had a bunch of background research done on characters, clothes, critters, guns… the good stuff.  And the best part is thst since its fiction and since it’s my novel – I can do whatever I want.

HA critics!

This is for entertainment.  All I care about is afterwards, can you say you enjoyed reading it?  If yes, I get paid lots of money hopefully.  Long live Capitalism!

Speaking of stupid critics…  In 2010, Hurt Locker – which was absolutely ridiculous  garbage to any service member, beat out Avatar in Best Picture.

Avatar made 2 billion dollars in 35 days. Hurt Locker made 49 million it’s entire run (probably including the VHS sales to fluff the numbers).

Which movie actually entertain people?


That’s why so many people went to see it, then brought their family, then talked about it around the water cooler at work.  Cause it was epic and awesome and mind blowing, and even though they made Marines the bad guys (HA! Yea right!) it was okay because it was so entertaining you could ignore all the stupid crap like evil white people destroying a planet for a resource.  (I see what you did there Mr. Cameron.)

Hurt Locker may have taken home a little Golden Statue, but no one cared. Not even James Cameron, he was to busy stacking truck loads of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck and laughing madly the entire time.


The first chapter was the hardest, I was scared to write dialogue because I thought it would sound dumb.  I think there is just a couple lines in it.

But then, it is a butt kicking-try not to get eaten scene.  Who needs dialogue for that?  I just wrote a bunch of pew pew! noises and a couple ka-booms! in it mixed among some roars.

But as it progressed it got exponentially easier to write everything; action, description, conversations….  Now I’m in all sorts of dialogue-y stuff.  But I’m about to start the chase scene.  Yay!  Action!  Pew pew pew!

They say 40,000 is enough to technically count as a novel.  But NANOWRIMO wants 50,000 for their ‘Write a Novel  in the Month of November’ to count.

Whatever, it’s July, and I’ll do way more than that by the end of this month.

Considering how far along I am, I would expect to finish around 100,000 to 120,000 words.

Hmm… maybe I’m not so far along after all.

Reader Zero (based off the Patient Zero concept for the first person to spread a communicable disease) has enjoyed what’s finished so far of the rough draft.  In her words, “I didn’t want to stop reading it!  Write more.  Now.  I’ll watch the kids. Also, you are totally wrong describing women’s clothing.” (Paraphrased slightly)

I’ll take that as high praise since it’s still a rough draft and not polished yet.  I know she won’t lie to me, she once told me something I wrote ‘bored her’.

Her only complaints were that the beginning of this was a little slow, and I used some modern phrases and words that are too out of place in 1885.

That certainly won’t do!

So I hacked it apart and made it faster paced and exciting.  I gotta hook you with the beginning or you’ll never bother with the end.

Now I gotta study some more lingo.

I really want to put, “rootin’ tootin'” in there somewhere.



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