Nikki Haley has Ovaries of STEEL.


In case you aren’t up to speed. Congress passed a law in 1995 to move the American Embassy to the capital of Israel. Which is Jerusalem. Since then, every President since has promised on the campaign trail to move it. I suppose to cater to the Jewish/Israel Supporting Vote, then has signed a waiver every six months preventing it from being moved. Because they are afraid of ticking off the Muslim Countries and especially the Palestinians. This is Clinton, Bush, and Obama, so no single party is to blame for the gutlessness of it. Well, the Democrats had control for 2/3rds of the time, so maybe they have more blame. And Obama hated Israel(the only Democracy in the entire Middle East), and preferred to pander to the angry Muslim who hate America, so there’s that too.

Now first off, Palestine as a country doesn’t exist. It’s a group of people who say that Israel is theirs, and they live inside of Israel, and they cause angry terroristic havok constantly. They like to kill school kids, blow up cars, take hostages, hijack planes, stabbings, and suicide bombings. Oh, and let’s not forget stoning people to death. They mainly live in the West Bank and Gaza, thus – the constant conflict we keep hearing about regarding those two areas. And the Palestinians are supported by Hamas – another Terrorist Organization. They ain’t good people.

For the past 60 years, everyone wants to keep trying to broker a peace deal between the two sides. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out well and is probably impossible. Every time, Israel gives concessions(at American’s request) to the Palestinians, only to have them go on terror waves afterwards.

But no one likes the idea of forced eviction at bayonet point, even if it would solve the majority of Israel’s internal problems and just tick off it’s neighbors who hate them anyway.

Second off, moving the Embassy to Jerusalem legitimizes it’s capital of Israel. (Because the Palestinians say it’s theirs) Refusing to move the Embassy to the capital is an insult to our only solid ally in the Middle East. We have embassies in 136 countries, 135 of those, the embassy is in the Capital. Guess who the outlier is? (Not no more!)

So Trump fulfilled another Campaign Promise. He’s declared we are moving the Embassy. Now, the liberals/Anti-Trumpers/whoever are throwing a freaking hissy fit. But technically here, Trump is implementing Congressional Rule. Which is part of his job. Some of the same Democrats who are whining about this, voted for it back in 1995. And this was an overwhelming vote, Senate: 93 to 5, House: 347 to 37. AND six months ago, the Senate voted unanimously to reaffirm the 1995 Act of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. Now we got brainless dolts like Bernie Sanders, who just voted to reaffirm the act, coming out and saying:

“There’s a reason why all past U.S. administrations have not made this move, and why leaders around the world have warned Trump against it: It would undermine the prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and severely, perhaps irreparably, damage our ability to broker it.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders

Of course he’s a Politician, and a Democrat, so par the course – he flip flops depending on whats politically useful at the time. He’s also a colossal moron who thinks Venezuela is a great example of Socialism that we should mimic. (They are eating pets right now and selling children)

Then there’s Feinstein, Good Lord, can someone vote her out of office already? She voted to reaffirm the 1995 act also.

“Recognizing Jerusalem as Israels Capital – or relocating our embassy to Jerusalem – will spark violence and embolden extremists on both sides of this debate…. Recall that the Second Intifada, which killed thousands, was sparked by Ariel Sharon’s visit to Temple Mount. This act was perceived by many Palestinians as an act of Israeli provocation and incursion on land they claimed as Palestinian….   For 50 years, Democrat and Republican Presidents alike have chosen not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital in order to remain impartial. .  – Sen. Feinstein

Perfect example of gutless people cowering before the threat of violence by extremists. Seriously. Four thousand were killed, almost 70% of them were civilians, because Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited a freaking holy site inside of Israel, that Muslim’s won’t allow Jews to visit. The Temple Mount is where King Solomon, first son of King David, built the first Temple.

But Muslims claim it as their holy site. Because like most things Islamic, their wrong and ridiculous.

The proof is in the fact that Judaism predates Islam. So suck on that losers. It ain’t yours.



But Bravo Trump. He put his foot down, refused to capitulate to the threat of violence for doing the right thing. That’s leadership, that’s courage, that’s America.

And his selected UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, is awesome. Like most people, when he selected her, I kind of scratched my head and figured it was a political move. Promote her from her Governorship of SC and replace her with a political ally who is more supportive.

But hot damn. She rocks. I can’t think of a braver human being, who will stand before the sucky United Nations – and all the Tyrants, Dictators, Human Rights Abusers, Socialists, Communists, and spineless cowards, and tell them to their face that America will not be ruled by a World Government un-elected by American voters who constantly berates and insults us while taking our money.

We give them 8 BILLION dollars of TAX PAYER money. There are 193 members of the UN, we pay more than 176 countries combined for the regular budget and 185 countries combined for the peacekeeping budget.

If you recall, Trump hammered them on the Campaign trail for other countries not paying their share. Only 5 of the 28 NATO countries are meeting their mandatory payments of 2% of their GDP. Without us the UN would collapse, and rightfully so.

Because it sucks. Big time.

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)

For example – NINE members of the Human Rights Council are accused of violating Human Rights. Burundi, Egypt, Rwanda, Cuba, Venezuela, China, India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Gee, does that say enough right there? HAHA! Oh I forgot, that same Human Rights Council declared ISRAEL to be the number 1 Human Rights Abuser in the entire world! LOL.

Good heavens, I guess it’s because they shoot back when Palestinians start stabbing them. And power hungry politicians hate the freedom and spirit of resistance that is embodied by self-defense.

Obviously, it’s much better to have cast systems like India with an entire segment of the population as actual ‘untouchables’, and where they average 4 people per day dying in police custody . Or like Saudia Arabia, where sex slavery/human trafficking is common place, they behead citizens for crimes like adultery or witchcraft, and allow torture confessions to show guilt. Or the UAE, who follows Sharia law, and flogs or stones people to death for adultery or homosexuality. Why continue the listing –  you can see where I’m going.  It’s a sham.

And the ‘Peace Keeping Missions’ they perform? Here:

· An independent academic study assessing best and worst practices among aid agencies ranked U.N. organizations among the worst.

· Numerous reports, audits, and investigations have revealed mismanagement, fraud and corruption in procurement for U.N. peacekeeping.

· Studies and reports have identified U.N. peacekeepers as the source of the cholera outbreak that ravaged Haiti starting in 2010, leaving more than 8,000 dead and more than 600,000 seriously sickened.

· A 2014 study of eight of the nine U.N. peacekeeping operations with a mandate to protect civilians found that peacekeepers “did not report responding to 406 (80 per cent) of [the 570] incidents where civilians were attacked.”

· U.N. personnel have been accused of sexual exploitation and abuse in Bosnia, Burundi, Cambodia, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Kosovo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. Recent news stories from the Central African Republic and Haiti indicate the problem is still far too common and the U.N. is more interested in concealing the issue than in confronting it

To sum it up,tThe UN sucks. There’s the background.

After Nikki Haley’s speech, the UN held their vote and it ended up something ridiculous like 128 ‘condemning’ our move, 9 supporting it, and 35 abstaining. Those who abstained include our allies like Australia, Mexico, and Canada. (Canada’s no surprise, PM Trudeau is every bit as gutless and clueless as Obama. Currently he wants to ‘rehabilite’ Islamic Jihadists. I think they are planning on play therapy.)

Thankfully, she told them to pound sand and promptly invited everyone who sided with us to an after-vote party where they celebrated American awesomeness.

And this isn’t the first time she’s stood up for America and reflected Trump’s bravado with her bravery.

When the UN adopted a resolution for us to end our economic embargo on Cuba, she responded:

“Let’s be honest about what we really see going on here. This assembly does not have the power to end the U.S. embargo. It is based in U.S. law, which only the United States Congress can change…. Each year, this Assembly’s time is wasted considering this resolution. And the United States is subjected to all manner of ridiculous claims – anything to deflect attention from the regime that is actually responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people.” – Nikki Haley

On Venezuela:

“The situation unfolding in Venezuela is more than a human tragedy. The crisis in Venezuela today poses a direct threat to international peace and security. Venezuela is an increasingly violent narco-state that threatens the region, the hemisphere, and the world…. We received pressure from regional partners not to have this meeting. This goal is not to degrade anyone. This is not to humiliate a region. This is only to lift up the region.” – Nikki Haley

On North Korea(and calling out China!):

“Through sanctions we have cut off 90 percent of North Korean trade and 30 percent of its oil. But the crude oil remains. The major supplier of that oil is China…. We are once again at a time of reckoning. North Korea’s behavior has become more intolerable…. The dictator of North Korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war, not farther from it. We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it. If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday. And if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.” – Nikki Haley

The future is bright for America at the UN table, where we are no longer cowed by an apologetic President with no spine!

Rock on, good lady!

EDIT – Christmas Day brought us the special gift of cutting $285,000,000 from our money to the UN Budget. GOOD! Since writing this, I’ve found the following numbers:
From 1996-2016, the UN Human Rights Watch has issued 135 resolutions, of which 68 were against Israel. The UN General Assembly, from 2012-2015 only issued 97 Resolutions against a single country – 83 of which were against Israel.
Yet, the UN has done NOTHING against Syria. Yep, Syria. Remember all the shocking pictures of Allepo? Nothing, nada. But they did tell Israel to hand the Golan Heights over to Syria. Because, Israel is the evilest nation in the world according to all the true Human Right Violators.
Bravo on the defunding!
AND over ten countries are now looking at moving their Embassies. Take Note Obama, this is what a real Leader does. They LEAD and they are followed. Apologists are only followed by the meek and timid.
Also, the new Western Wall Train Terminal in Israel is being named after Trump.
(paraphrasing the liberal/Never-Trumpers) “He hates jews! RACIST! BIGOT! ARgghhh! He’s HITLER”
You are proven wrong time and time again. It’s truly a shame you never learn from your mistakes. But the fools think themselves wise.

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