Kennedy retiring is YUGE!

Holy smokes.

As Creepy Joe Biden so eloquently put it once, “This is a big effing deal.”

Basically you’ve got nine judges.

Four of them ALWAYS vote in a liberal block. I’ve been tempted to try and find out when the last time one of those four split from their cliche, but the time isn’t worth it. I suspect it’s rare, if at all.

Four others are typically conservative. And by conservative, I mean they believe in and base their rulings off the Constitution. Some of them will often leave the fold and make a 7-3 ruling or what have you.

But Kennedy.

Kennedy is the swing vote.

He was appointed by Reagan, but turned out to be a cruddy conservative who waffles back and forth. Especially in ‘controversial’ rulings. Which typically, are only considered ‘controversial’ because one party in particular is whining loudly about it while trying to mainstream something weird. His one redeeming value, is that the man does believe in the Constitution, he just sucks at interpreting it sometimes. Especially when it comes to ‘Social Justice’.

So we end up with a lot of 5-4 rulings. Typically this means that a SINGLE VOTE is all that stands in the way of the Constitution being disregarded and replaced with party ideologies.

If Heller Vs. DC had gone the other way, the Second Amendment would no longer apply.

Which of course, would have lead to a Civil War. Because 30% of Americans own around 400,000,000 guns. And it only took 3% of the population to defeat the British. Then you factor in the large percentage of the military that are conservative and will refuse to fight American citizens…and you know – math. It’ll be a lopsided fight of overwhelming firepower against people who don’t know what bathroom to use.

One vote prevented that. And anyone who has spent time and put effort into understanding the Founding Fathers intent knows that this case never should have even existed.

So right now, the left is in melt-down mode. Which is understandable, they put a lot of hope on Kennedy swaying the decision.

And the GOP has a majority in the Senate, and they nuked the filibuster option which would have required 60 votes instead of a simple majority when they affirmed Gorsuch.

And Trump is in office. Who is this horrible dictator type person who punts kittens off bridges, cuts the head off bouquets, and takes candy away from crippled children… or something…

But today the sun is shining on me and everyone else who believes in the Constitution as a LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT. And not this ‘living document’ crap.

What is a living document, you ask? It’s whatever they want it to be, at that moment.

Kind of like comparing Chromosomes to Gender. Should be pretty ‘duh’, but some folks still don’t get it.

But, this is great news.

Forget North Korea. THIS will be the fight of his Presidency. I expect to see a bunch of old people fist fighting in the congressional halls over it.

And then there’s Ginsberg.

Who I suspect plans on dying in her seat, holding out hope that a Democrat will magically become President and replace her with another ‘judge'(I use the term loosely). From what I understand, it’s been years since she stayed awake during court. But since she votes along party lines, it doesn’t matter anyways. She may as well just stay home.

We’ll see. 2020 is far off, but if Trump stays the same course he is on – He WILL be re-elected. There is no doubt in my mind.

So it will be a race to see if Father Time takes her before 2024 comes and Donald Trump Jr is elected President.

Because, forget Ivanka.

Donald Trump Jr is the man.

I follow him on Instagram, if you don’t – shame on you.

He’s always doing manly stuff, like shooting guns, four wheeling, playing with his kids, camping, eating meat, and mocking liberals. Just a few of my favorite things.

But, back to SCOTUS.

This Union ruling that came out is massively important. The Democrat Party just had their purse strings cut. Because now, folks who disagree with how the Unions donate their money, politically, can opt out of paying dues.

And Unions dump an insane amount of money into liberal politics.

People want to say the NRA ‘buys’ GOP members? In the last 20 years, the NRA has spent, in total, about 213 million. Or 22.6 million per two year election cycle.

Labor Unions spend 1.713 BILLION in a single election year of 2016. In 2008 and 2010, they hit 2.2 BILLION. 2012 – 1.69 BILLION.

So who ‘owns’ who?

Yep – Facts matter.

And now you know why the left LOVES unions so much. It’s their off-the-books self-replenishing piggy bank. Now you also understand why Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ of 800 BILLION mostly went to Union companies. To keep the cash flowing back into their coffers.

So good, exciting stuff. 🙂

(We might even get a chance to overturn Roe vs Wade… Which has the left completely flipping out right now. Apparently murdering unborn children in the womb is really important to them.)

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