I’ve been a legit author for exactly 1 year now.

I forgot to post this yesterday, but it’s been 1 year since my first book, West of Prehistoric, was published.

Sept 18th, 2020 to Sept 18th, 2021…

That’s pretty awesome.

I owe many people a great deal of thanks.

First, to my lovely wife who told me I should write a book and then stuck by me 90% of the time when I was writing it. The other 10% of the time was telling me that I was spending too much time fretting about it.

Second, to the internet forums. NC4x4.com, CarolinaFirearmsForum.com, and FalFiles.com. Without you three reading my book prior to publishing, then supporting me by buying multiple copies, requesting my newbie signature, and spreading the word, plus in general not telling me to get lost – I owe you a great deal of thanks. You formed the earliest basis of my reader group and I am eternally grateful.

Third, to all my readers who took a chance on a newbie author with a crazy idea about a novel for a lost world adventure set in 1885. From those who read it on kindle unlimited, to those who bought the electronic version, to those who bought the paperback – thank you! I’d never have gotten as far along as I am now in my fledgling writing career if it hadn’t been for your support.

And finally, the future is bright.

I’m not going anywhere and I plan on entertaining you all for many more years.

Thank you.


Erik ‘Tracer’ Testerman

Author: Erik 'Tracer' Testerman

Erik Testerman is a Marine Corps grunt, a competitive shooter, and an admirer of fine arms and armaments. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his lovely wife, two rambunctious children, and a slobbery English Mastiff. To learn more about Erik Testerman and read samples of his work, visit http://GunPowderAndInk.blog

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