Outline Done.

Wrapped up the outline this morning.   3,874 words.

I’m very pleased with it.

Took a handful of hours to write out, but the basic story line has been rolling around in my skull for most of the week.  It’s funny how it grows and changes as you progress in putting it into text though.

But ideas are cheap though.

Now the REAL work begins.


The Disconnect of Politicians

Politicians don’t remember what it’s like to be NORMAL.

Here’s what the majority of Politican’s forget.

They forget what it’s like to be a Joe or Jane Blow.

Your average, typical, normal American… With real world problems.  Like supporting their family, making ends meet, finding and keeping a job, trying to figure out how to make it to the next pay check.  Looking at their bank account teetering precariously close to going negative and wondering how they will have the gas and food they need.

It’s not entirely their fault.  It’s easy to forget where you came from.  I look back at our life, when we started dating we were both unemployed.  Our first Valentine’s Day was a cheap bottle of wine and a frozen lasagna.  It’s a tradition we’ve kept a lot of years since. Now we are both making good money and living below our means with little debt. But it’s still easy to forget where we came from.

But look at Hillary Clinton, she hasn’t driven a car in 20 years.  Yet people thought, this lady gets us, we should elect her to drive our country into the future.  She doesn’t ‘get you’.  She may have come out of the Clinton presidency ‘dead broke’ with all those ill-gotten millions stuffed in her mattress and off the books, but even during that ‘lay off’ it’s not like she was wondering how she would afford her 2.8 million dollar seven-bedroom house she bought in NY in Dec of 2000.  Have you seen that episode of Michelle Obama with Ellen DeGeneres? Where she has to show Michelle how to use a debit card to buy things?


Well…  you are the idiot who told us how to feed our kids for years.  By the way, we spent a small fortune sending our kid to school with a ‘balanced lunch’.  We threw the majority of it in the trash when he came home because milk and such doesn’t last.  This was during some mighty lean times too.  We bought twice the amount of food he actually ate so we could meet your stupid rules.  Thanks First Lady.

By the way, we along with the schools eventually stopped caring about trying to meet your guidelines.  Then parents and schools started ignoring your rules the best they could.  We tossed that yoke into the gutter.

Now Trump? Mega-Billionaire?

It wouldn’t surprise me if he was chauffeured around in the next years model limo with gold plated interior.  But I DO know he can drive a Golf Cart.  I’ll take that as someone more in touch with reality.

Our ‘Average’ Congressman gets $174,000 a year.  Speakers of the House, Minority and Majority leaders make more.  Most of these guys become Politicians after being successful in the real world.  They’ve been making pretty good cheddar in state legislation or they have been professionals like doctors.  Or lawyers. Shudder.

How hard do you think it is for them to recall what it was like to be unemployed, behind on bills, unable to find work, and your kid needs braces.  All these ‘normal’ issues, they don’t deal with.  All they have to focus on is their agenda, which is usually get re-elected.

While the average American works 240 days, you’re duly elected Congressman works about 133.

Thank God.

Could you imagine the damage they could do if they worked 240 days?  They can’t even make the 133 they do work count.

So they come into power with wealth, make a pretty good pile, make even more with investments and a lot of ill gotten gains, then they come out mega-millionaires. You think they have to worry about the next pay check?  Of course they can’t balance the budget, they rarely have to worry about balancing their own.

Unless they just bought a new multi-million dollar mansion.  Poor them, things might get tight for the extra 107 days of vacation they get.

So whats a solution?

Term limits would be a big step in the right direction. Right now we’ve got congressional dinosaurs that become such powerhouses they are impossible to vote out of office.  You think the party will help a new up and coming popular Tea Partier or some such fight against a bureaucrat that’s been in for several decades?

No, they’ll stick with the guy who is a bloated tick dug in on the back of American politics.  Because he can help THEM, not the people.

So the old guy, who has spent decades grooming his voter base, consolidating power, massive name recognition for the ‘dumb voters’, establishing huge chests of money for re-election will face off against the poor, unknown, politically unconnected peoples choice.

Good luck.

So voters from several decades ago have picked your current politician and there is very little you can do about it.  Term limits would guarantee an influx of new blood, new ideas, new ways of doing things.  Instead of this stagnate cesspool that has formed into a coagulated self-serving organism that dictates your life.

Let’s also restrict government pay.

Let’s go to a ‘Average Joe Plan’.

You’re the mayor of a town, you get the average wage of your townsfolk.  You’re the Senator from a state?  You get that average wage from the state.  You’re the President?  You get the average wage of America.

Is this to cheap?  No – There are all sorts of perks from your job that help off set it.

If you make X numbers of dollars a year from outside sources, land, trust funds, wife’s job, investments, stock market, whatever – you don’t get squat.  You are a SERVANT of the people.  You’re only goal is to please us.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t make money, I’m planning on stacking gold to the ceiling in my future. That’s why

Speaking of retirement, YOU DON’T GET ONE.

If you didn’t invest part of your $174,000 a year into a 401k plan, gold/silver bullion, investments or anything else. Tough titty.

Welcome to the poor house.

Maybe you should have learned economics before you entered politics.  We probably suffered under your legislative votes because you can’t handle your own household, but unfortunately you were given the reins to try to run ours.

You’re insurance?

You get Obamacare.. HAHAHAHA.

If there is any providers left in your state.  Or whatever disaster the Republicans are trying to fumble their way through right now.

The President can have TriCare, since he’s basically a retired military man.

Good luck at the VA!


Oooo… First Post.

There’s a first for everything.

What a momentous occasion!

So why a blog?  I actually have an ulterior motive that will reveal itself in time.  (insert evil laughter here)

In the meantime, I’m just going to blog.  Because Facebook, while useful, sucks in some ways.  First, they blocked local gun selling groups.  These were awesome, like a constant gun show in your area.  You could buy/sell/trade to your hearts content.  Then they were shut down.  Now they are ‘Gun Discussion’ groups.  As in, “I have a super awesome gun, check it out!  It has a super awesome scope!  It has a super awesome stock!  It also has a super cheap sling.  PM me to discuss!”.  Don’t put up a price, don’t mention buying or selling, walk the dotted line, and you’ll still be shut down.

What a helluva world we live in where you have to do gun transactions in the ‘back alleys of Facebook’ while ISIS can have a Facebook page.  Seriously.  You suck Zuckerberg!

Why do all the liberal nerds come up with the super high tech stuff than restrict conservatives from using it to exercise their fundamental rights?

Oh yeah, second thing is that no one likes to really READ on Facebook.  Anything over a couple lines goes into the dreaded ‘See more’ tag that most people won’t bother clicking.

Besides, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.  The guy posting funny/interesting/provoking stuff all the time.  Most Facebook people just post pictures of food.  I don’t want to reveal to you the dark truth, but most of us don’t really care.  Unless you are a close friend or family.  I may throw a Like your way if it involves red meat.  The rest of you?  You’re clogging up my feed.

I really like to poke at Liberals.  I’ll be the guy walking into the liberal den with a pointy stick to poke that limp wristed, pink haired, gender-confused, micro-aggressed bear right in it’s nose-ringed snout.

Actually Bear is to aggressive of an analogy to use.

How about Teddy Bear.  One that’s been gutted of all it’s stuffing.  It’s empty, soulless, and worthless. Just like a lot of liberals.

I hope you have some good reads in the future.  Feel free to share the blog.  Tell your friends about me.

That’s a wrap.  Exit stage left.

(I’ve got to figure out what all these fancy blog design/customizing buttons and stuff do.)

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