A Christian Conservative on Homosexuality.

Homosexuality got brought up on an offroading forum I visit because of Jeep’s FB page having a gay couple posing with their Jeep. Here’s the pic that was posted to start the thread off:

After the hilariousness of mocking such a wimpy looking Jeep, the discussion of the couple in the picture took off.

It was kind of the usual disagreements and agreements on why people are homosexual, and some ‘don’t care – as long as it doesn’t effect me’ and I decided to give my view, as a conservative christian.

See below.


So, being a moderately good Christian boy, who REALLY likes the womanly parts of my wife…

First, to get out of the way, I believe homosexuality is a sin. Even “part time” homosexuality like bisexuals. But… sin is sin. In God’s eyes, all sins are equal. In our eyes, what with our worldly views of things, we tend to rate sins on a sliding scale. For instance, sleeping around as a horny college kid with willingly horny chicks is okay and on the lower end of ‘naughty sins’, but sleeping with a twelve year old means you need to be castrated and executed by firing squad on television.

Second, I believe that homosexuals shouldn’t call their unions a marriage. A marriage is a Godly union between man and woman. Homosexuals getting legal protection and benefits by unifying their partnership is more of a ‘union’ then a ‘marriage’ and should be called such. This was a slippery slope, and we plunged off the precipice when the SCOTUS ruled in favor of gay marriage. Since then, we’re seeing more and more ‘sexual sins’ becoming main streamed. Especially now with pedophilia coming from increasingly louder groups with the left.

Third, I have an amazingly cool little four year old daughter. If she went away to college, and came back with a girlfriend, I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to be an asshole who distances myself from her or treats her like some sort of religious leper because she sins like we all do. That’s my little girl. Always will be. And if some big manly lesbian breaks her heart, I’ll break their nose. I’m going to love her, and guide her, and help her(and her girlfriend), by being the best Godly daddy I can be. The exact same if she came back from college with a drug addiction, porn addiction, or a DUI where she killed a bus full of nuns on their way back from an orphanage of disabled and abused children. I am going to be the absolute best influence in her life I can regardless of her sins.

It’s MY JOB to raise my kids to be decent human beings. To teach them to be good, upstanding Christians, with good morals, and the ability to handle the stress and rigors of living in a fallen world where the spirit may be strong, but flesh is weak.

Now, do I believe that some people are ‘born’ gay?


I also believe that some people are born disabled. Or born with genetic markers that make them more likely to become addicted. And I also believe that some people are born disabled in varying ways. Basically, none of us are the same. None of us carry the same burdens. Each of our crosses to bear is different. My 13 year old son is autistic. God made him that way. That’s a personal struggle that he will suffer through the rest of his life. (Which also makes success all the more sweeter. He was diagnosed as severe at 3 and at 13 he is now very high functioning.)

I believe that people can be born with a predisposition towards homosexuality.

I also believe people, through personal issues, can -choose- to become homosexual. Whether it was childhood trauma or abuse, or a bad string of partners, or what have you. Or maybe just experimenting because they are simply curious. Or because, it’s ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ to be homosexual, bisexual, transgender, whatever.


That’s about all I have to say about that.

But homosexual, transgenders, bisexuals, ‘alphabet soup’ types need love and guidance. They don’t need to be shunned by churches, they don’t need to be ridiculed or laughed at or insulted by us supposedly ‘upstanding’ people who understand our chromosomes pairings and how our genitalia are properly used. We are all sinners, and we all suck too and fail every day. But God’s grace covers us all, including people we don’t agree with.

-tosses two cents on the table-


So, that’s what I wrote. It’s how I feel, and it’s something I feel pretty strongly about and will defend. And I just figured I’d share it here on my blog because it seemed to resonate with a lot of folks on the offroading forum.

Anyways. Christmas is a couple days away.

I hope you all have a fantastic time. My parent’s are coming to visit us tomorrow, and we’re all looking forward to that. We got them some pretty ballin’ gifts so I’m excited to see them be opened.

I’ll probably have a ‘year in review’ post before the end of the year. So, I won’t wish you all a Happy New Year just yet.

But let there be peace with God, peace with each other, and peace in your own heart.

Enjoy Jesus’s birthday.

My thoughts on Kamala Harris becoming VP…

Gee golly. I’d be embarrassed if the reason I was picked to be someone’s VP was quite literally the color of my skin and the pairing of my chromosomes.

This is like the ultimate in Affirmative Action.

 A normal, non-power hungry person, should feel cheapened by this. Insulted, really. As I would if I were given a position due to the whiteness of my skin and my XY chromosomes. 

Of course, the left is upholding it as a Big Effin’ Deal. Because ‘First Black Female VP EVAH!’… except she claimed Indian-American status when she entered Congress. But I reckon if you can change genders, you might as well be able to change races.

The Left also suddenly, and conveniently, forget that Kamala believed Biden’s sexual creepiness accusers during the Primary. (“#BelieveAllWomen until it gets in the way of Politics” is a leftist unofficial slogan.) She also accused Biden of being a racist. Which, seems pretty accurate, considering all his race blundering bloopers he keeps giving about how he thinks blacks are all the same and only quantitative of their race if they vote for him.

But, honestly, -I- forgot all about Former Prosecutor Kamala Harris because I thought she was dead after being publicly slain by Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard during the primary debates:

(Nobody can roast a pig better than a Hawaiian)

Of course polling zero percent also makes you forgettable. Good thing she had her skin tone and gender to fall back on.

But holy-moly.

If you think about it. The Left should be flipping out right now. They literally nominated a ‘Old White Rich Man and a Corrupt Cop’ to be their potential leaders for four years. This is what the psycho lefties have been burning cities down over for the past few months. Way to implement real change guys. lol.

But ya know, if you think feeble minded 78 year old Joe Biden, after 47 years in politics, is suddenly going to make things better – You ain’t too bright.

You know, it’s already been one heckuva crummy year… and now nationwide rioting? Seriously?

The entire world united after Floyd’s death to condemn the dirt bag cop who never paid attention in Suspect Handling 101, along with his 3 fellow officers who did nothing but stand there as a man suffocated to death.

The entire world.

White, black, grey, everyone.

And here is something else we should all agree on now. We should be able to separate peaceful protestors from violent rioting opportunists who are stealing TVs and Cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory in Floyd’s name or setting fire to apartments then blocking Fire Fighters from saving children inside. (All three of these things actually happened.)

We should be able to stand with one group in solidarity while universally condemning the other.

But no.

There are an incredible bunch of dumbasses out there who support the rioters. It’s the “Voice of the Unheard!” The same dipshits who think that we apparently need a race war to get TRUE EQUALITY IN AMERICA. Oh, they don’t come out and say this. They never would. Instead they pay for the bail of protestors… who are by the way called rioters… the same violent people who are throwing bricks and bottles at cops and shattering store windows and stealing crap, are having their bails paid for by liberal celebrities.

That should be called ‘Funding Terrorism’.

Why aren’t you nincompoops paying for black owned businesses that were torched in the name of ‘justice’?

That’d make too much sense, wouldn’t it?

Riots never make anything better. Ever. They simply destroy the environments the very people they are supposed to be helping live and work in. They reinforce stereotypes and piss every reasonable minded person off.

Protesting does make things better. It raises awareness, it brings attention to a cause, it shows strength in numbers. It’s a good thing. That’s why it’s the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the freaking Constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

But charging police lines and getting shot in the face by a rubber bullet for chucking a piece of asphalt is called karma for being a violent law breaking moron. You’re lucky you aren’t being shot with an actual bullet and toe tagged after the battle. THAT would be true police brutality and the sort of thing that happens under a REAL dictatorship. Not the sort of dictatorship where the President ‘tweets mean things’, or the sort where over 600,000 plus law enforcement officers have millions of peaceful and law abiding interactions with civilians every day.


Stupid. Absolutely stupid.

God bless and protect the Thin Blue Line from you violent lunatics.


Coronavirus – Unpopular Observations

  • The virus only affects males and females – thus the other 67 nonexistent genders are safe.
  • People whining about ‘Toxic Masculinity’ have shut up once those same men are delivering essential goods.
  • Men aren’t important unless society is facing a threat. Then, suddenly, they are heroes.
  • 100 years ago alcohol sales were prohibited, now they are considered ‘essential’.
  • Bernie Sanders has no purpose in running for President anymore now that the unemployment rate has skyrocketed, stores are empty, and people are being jailed for simply being in public at the wrong time.
  • The same people who said Trump was Hitler/Dictator/Tyranny incarnate are now saying that he should have a nationwide lockdown.
  • Stimulus money is simply the return of income tax, which is theft.
  • We now know how useless Hollywood celebrities are once the theaters are closed.
  • More people are killed by abortion per day than the coronoavirus.
  • Politicians fighting over how much of my own money I should receive, is proof that politicians can’t be trusted with money.
  • There have been NO mass shootings with gun and ammo sales at historic highs.
  • The only reason China has 0 new coronoavirus cases is because Communists don’t believe in human rights.
  • Homeschooling, saving money, and having an adequate amount of food on hand are all good ideas.
  • $1,200 in red states will get you a lot further than blue cities.
  • It won’t be goverment that saves us, but American ingenuity and the benefits of capitalism.
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