If you turn a camera on before doing a good deed…

You’re not serving others, you’re serving your ego because real good deeds don’t require an audience. 

And your videos are almost as annoying as ‘Then THIS happens!’ click bait.


Just a random, irritating thought.

FB memories is the gift that keeps giving.

Having been on FB since 2004 there are a lot of rather awkward things that pop up in my Memories. I typically delete about a third of them because they are inappropriate or embarrassing, then share the other third because they are also embarrassing but hilarious. (The remaining third is just boring.)


This popped up from a year ago today and has aged extremely well.

If I recall correctly, this was right after the Parkland shooting and CNN ambushed Dana Loesch with a bunch of liberal kids who screamed about her murdering children and having blood soaked hands. (I bet their teachers were so proud.)


If the millions of NRA members were half as bad as the left paints them, this country would have been burnt to ash decades ago. And those of you, in your ignorance or malice, who are pushing to restrict gun rights – Would be huddled under your blankets, clinging to your teddy bears, and fervently praying the NRA doesn’t notice you wetting the proverbial bed.

But this ain’t happening. Because you are wrong. In every way. Statistics prove your wrong. Rationality and Common Sense prove you wrong. American History proves you wrong. World History really proves your ultimate goal of complete disarmament wrong.

You herds of bleating sheep demanding ‘SOMEONE DO SOMETHING’ and then accuse those of us who actually know what the hell we are talking about of being terrorists, child killers, and murderers with our hands coated in the dripping blood of innocents are ignored, denigrated, cursed, and threatened.

For what? The audacity of us to not be ignorant? To prefer personal independence and responsibility over the facade of government protection? To fight against your illogical and unconstitutional pushes to give over YOUR rights and future generations because you either won’t educate yourself or you hate those of us who defend them?

You people… I’m tired of you. I’m sick of my opinion having less weight than people who only know about guns from watching movies. Then it being ignored on the basis that I must be a terrible person for being in the NRA.

Heck, I’ll join you.

Let’s take down the NRA. Because GOA(Gun Owners of America) and JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Organization) will gladly step up to take their place, and they won’t negotiate one iota of my rights away to appease the vocal minority who won’t shut up.

No? You don’t want that?

Well go back to defending the chopping up of babies in the womb and selling their body parts – you disgusting beacons of progressive moral righteousness.


Since that post, the NRA supported the Bump Stock Ban and the left has given a standing ovation to the passing of a law that allows mothers to kill their babies moments before they are born.

Nothing’s changed.

Speak Truth – Hurt Feelings.

My new motto.

By the way, good morning to everyone except those voting for Socialists, Communists, Collectivists, Democrats, Abortionists and Gun Grabbers. As for you – I hope a cold trickle of rain drips down your spine and makes you shiver like someone walked over the hundreds of millions of graves of the people who have died and suffered throughout history because of the shitty and immoral politics you support.

Anywho – Election day.

Funny how predictable the polls are every election year.

January – Huge Blue Wave!

April – Blue Wave!

July- Blue Wave likely!

August – Blue Wave?

November – Too close to tell!

(November 7th – UPSET!)

There’s never any mention of a suspected RED WAVE. Even though I suspect, and pray, that’s whats going to happen today. Because after the last two years of an extremely successful Trump Presidency, and seeing the viciousness, pettiness, immorality, VIOLENCE, the great lengths of EVIL they will go to destroy someone… coming from the left… anyone without a lobotomy should be voting Republican.

I’m not even sure what the left is running on now. I reckon Pure Trump Hatred and Raw Emotion. Because he’s just so – uncouth…. and he says mean things!

BTW – Did you see the Great Racists himself, POTUS Trump, just declared that his first National Monument will be for Black Soldiers during the Civil War?

I guess the left reckons it will be a giant monument of Trump standing on a Plantation cracking a whip. You know, like the Democrats did when they ran the south, and fought against the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, and supported the Jim Crow Laws, and fought against Civil Rights… and all that stuff that they like to pretend they aren’t still doing.


Anyways. Go Vote.

Then brace yourself for the wave of progressive violence from the ‘Love Trumps Hate’ crowd that is bound to come after the left is defeated.


EDIT – I’m gonna repost this from the FALFILES forum. This was during a debate where a lot of people were saying they weren’t going to vote…

This is my response:


Look – I’ve heard and see this garbage all the time. They all suck, don’t vote, it’s not worth it, Republicans are just as bad, blah blah.

It’s annoying.

First off – I disagree with the notion that the party’s are two sides of the same coin. One side is intrinsically worse.

Second off – You basically only have two choices. Sorry, you don’t get ‘Perfect Choice’ on the ballot, ever. Accept the ebbs and flows of who runs and relentlessly push for the best. Or run yourself. Geez.

But this ridiculousness, of “Refuse to vote! I won’t be Governed! Suck it bitches! RESIST!”

No one gives a crap that you didn’t vote. The government certainly doesn’t care. But the Democrats thank you for your support Comrade, because you basically just gave them a +1.

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