A Christian Conservative on Homosexuality.

Homosexuality got brought up on an offroading forum I visit because of Jeep’s FB page having a gay couple posing with their Jeep. Here’s the pic that was posted to start the thread off:

After the hilariousness of mocking such a wimpy looking Jeep, the discussion of the couple in the picture took off.

It was kind of the usual disagreements and agreements on why people are homosexual, and some ‘don’t care – as long as it doesn’t effect me’ and I decided to give my view, as a conservative christian.

See below.


So, being a moderately good Christian boy, who REALLY likes the womanly parts of my wife…

First, to get out of the way, I believe homosexuality is a sin. Even “part time” homosexuality like bisexuals. But… sin is sin. In God’s eyes, all sins are equal. In our eyes, what with our worldly views of things, we tend to rate sins on a sliding scale. For instance, sleeping around as a horny college kid with willingly horny chicks is okay and on the lower end of ‘naughty sins’, but sleeping with a twelve year old means you need to be castrated and executed by firing squad on television.

Second, I believe that homosexuals shouldn’t call their unions a marriage. A marriage is a Godly union between man and woman. Homosexuals getting legal protection and benefits by unifying their partnership is more of a ‘union’ then a ‘marriage’ and should be called such. This was a slippery slope, and we plunged off the precipice when the SCOTUS ruled in favor of gay marriage. Since then, we’re seeing more and more ‘sexual sins’ becoming main streamed. Especially now with pedophilia coming from increasingly louder groups with the left.

Third, I have an amazingly cool little four year old daughter. If she went away to college, and came back with a girlfriend, I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to be an asshole who distances myself from her or treats her like some sort of religious leper because she sins like we all do. That’s my little girl. Always will be. And if some big manly lesbian breaks her heart, I’ll break their nose. I’m going to love her, and guide her, and help her(and her girlfriend), by being the best Godly daddy I can be. The exact same if she came back from college with a drug addiction, porn addiction, or a DUI where she killed a bus full of nuns on their way back from an orphanage of disabled and abused children. I am going to be the absolute best influence in her life I can regardless of her sins.

It’s MY JOB to raise my kids to be decent human beings. To teach them to be good, upstanding Christians, with good morals, and the ability to handle the stress and rigors of living in a fallen world where the spirit may be strong, but flesh is weak.

Now, do I believe that some people are ‘born’ gay?


I also believe that some people are born disabled. Or born with genetic markers that make them more likely to become addicted. And I also believe that some people are born disabled in varying ways. Basically, none of us are the same. None of us carry the same burdens. Each of our crosses to bear is different. My 13 year old son is autistic. God made him that way. That’s a personal struggle that he will suffer through the rest of his life. (Which also makes success all the more sweeter. He was diagnosed as severe at 3 and at 13 he is now very high functioning.)

I believe that people can be born with a predisposition towards homosexuality.

I also believe people, through personal issues, can -choose- to become homosexual. Whether it was childhood trauma or abuse, or a bad string of partners, or what have you. Or maybe just experimenting because they are simply curious. Or because, it’s ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ to be homosexual, bisexual, transgender, whatever.


That’s about all I have to say about that.

But homosexual, transgenders, bisexuals, ‘alphabet soup’ types need love and guidance. They don’t need to be shunned by churches, they don’t need to be ridiculed or laughed at or insulted by us supposedly ‘upstanding’ people who understand our chromosomes pairings and how our genitalia are properly used. We are all sinners, and we all suck too and fail every day. But God’s grace covers us all, including people we don’t agree with.

-tosses two cents on the table-


So, that’s what I wrote. It’s how I feel, and it’s something I feel pretty strongly about and will defend. And I just figured I’d share it here on my blog because it seemed to resonate with a lot of folks on the offroading forum.

Anyways. Christmas is a couple days away.

I hope you all have a fantastic time. My parent’s are coming to visit us tomorrow, and we’re all looking forward to that. We got them some pretty ballin’ gifts so I’m excited to see them be opened.

I’ll probably have a ‘year in review’ post before the end of the year. So, I won’t wish you all a Happy New Year just yet.

But let there be peace with God, peace with each other, and peace in your own heart.

Enjoy Jesus’s birthday.

Compassion International – Sponsor Kids for Cheap!

Compassion International lets you sponsor kids in third world countries to give them food, medical care, clean water, and the teachings of Jesus. For $38 a month! How cheap is that! Most folks could afford at least one!

But we sponsored two kids yesterday. Kwame, a 6 year old boy, and Martha, a 5 year old girl in Ghana.

We wanted to do this last year when 106.9 The Light (A radio station) did their Compassion Day where they promote the organization, and meant to… but we ended up kind of being lazy and never getting around to it. (Shamey, shamey.)

But this year, my wife and I both separately listened to the radio station doing their Compassion Day again all day long as we drove all over town running our various errands, and we both decided on our own that we wanted to do it. When we got home last night, my wife said, “I want to sponsor a child from Africa!” and I said, “Me too!” So we called Compassion International and made the plunge.

And Compassion is super cool, there’s all these other organizations they offer that you can make donations to help. From HIV/AIDS Initiative, to Disaster Relief, to providing bibles to mothers. You don’t even have to sponsor a child to help. You can do a one time donation or a monthly donation or whatever you want.

Pretty groovy, right?

Here’s some of the information from the kids we sponsored:


Location: Nteso, Eastern Region, Ghana

Your sponsored child lives in the village of Nteso, home to about 1,500 people. The primary ethnic group is Kwahu, and the common languages are Akan and English. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, cement walls and metal roofs. The regional diet consists of beans, cassava, cereal, bread, eggs, chicken and bananas.

Most adults in Nteso make a living by small-scale farming, working as day laborers on plantations, or selling goods in the market. The average family income is equivalent to less than $10 per month. This village has a lack of jobs, and many residents move to urban areas to find work. The community needs a playground for children.

Your sponsorship allows the staff of Nteso Anglican Child and Youth Development Center to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching, food, growth monitoring, health screening, testing for HIV, vaccinations, hygiene training, school fees, books, uniforms, computer classes, career guidance, vocational training, soccer tournaments, music activities, leadership development and community service opportunities. The staff will also provide vocational training and lessons on child development, parenting and HIV/AIDS awareness for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.

General Information
Population: 1500
Name Of Major City:
Distance from Major City: 143
Home floor typically made of: Dirt
Home walls typically made of: Brick/Block/Cement
Home roof typically made of: Tin/Corrugated Iron
Warmest Month: Feb
Avg. Temperature Of Warmest Month: 36
Coolest Month: Jun
Avg. Temperature Of Coolest Month: 22
Climate: Humid
Terrain: Mountainous
Planting Month(s): Mar, Apr, Jun
Rainy Month(s): May, Jun, Jul
Harvest Month(s): Sep, Oct
Hunger Month(s): Feb
Primary Occupation: Day Labor, Petty/Market Trading, Plantation Work, Subsistence Farming


How freaking sad is it that they have a ‘Hunger Month’??

And these kids are so cool. They go to school, they play soccer and games, they probably pick their noses, and they learn about Jesus… Pretty Sweet.

These are our two kids:

I wanna play with them.

And that’s possible too. You can actually travel to these countries (Okay, some of them I wouldn’t recommend it… but Ghana ain’t bad.) and meet your sponsored kids!

Oh, and they WRITE to you! They tell you about themselves, their families, what they like and don’t like, and how much your sponsorship means to them. And you can write back!


So check it out. It’s a great organization that’s been around some thirty plus years. It’s proven to help lift children and families out of poverty and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Check it out, give if you can, and God Bless.

First, we tolerate evil…

Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil.

And finally, we persecute those who still call it evil.

This is how abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, socialism, communism, gun control, and the current movement to mainstream pedophilia gain momentum and strength until it is the critics who are persecuted for being “intolerant”.

This is why it’s critical to stand for your beliefs while you can.

Win the battles while they are easy and before you are out numbered by the indoctrinated left through their ‘re-education camps’ that are called colleges and by the open borders that dilute the value of American citizenship.

It was just five years ago that gay marriage was wrongfully legalized by the Supreme Court… it didn’t stop there.

Now we have parents re-gendering their children through surgery, we have ‘drag queen story time’ in schools, we have pedophilia pushing to be mainstreamed(such as school ‘sex ed’ being taught to six year olds about self-pleasuring), and it is no longer a Felony to knowingly give someone HIV.

An inch was given and a mile was taken.

Stand fast.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

If only our Mastiff would stop killing Communists.

This was in our dog’s insurance policy under ‘things not covered’.


So, no rebellion, revolution, invading, or civil war for our beast.

(Yes… I can just now see our slobbery, radioactive, counter-guerrilla English Mastiff defeating the enemy with slothfulness!)

Look how sad he is that he can’t smother our countries enemies with furry love.


To bad, because my dogs favorite Bible Verse of WAR is Ephesians 6:12. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” 


Happy 10 years, babe.

10 years ago today, I met my wife.

It was a blind date set up by a mutual friend. And I didn’t want to go, but I did because I was told she’d was really hot.

And she was.

But, surprisingly, she was equally awesome and we hit it off for the next couple of hours.

That night, as the bar was closing and we were going our separate ways, I stealthily snapped a creepy picture of her so I could show my friends the hot chick I’d just met. (She’s on the right, the goofball on the left hugging someone off screen is the friend who introduced us. Hi Felicia!)


Anywho – The very next day I texted her and asked if I really need to wait three days to call her as society suggests, or if I could just go ahead and call her now. Ironically, I think we texted each other for hours that night instead of actually talking… Ah the late 2000’s were such an odd time.

Anyways. We went to get ice cream after that and I met her son… who was the coolest three year old on the planet at the time. He played with a Little Einsteen’s Rocketship toy and laughed hysterically at every car that drove past us in the rain.

And apparently, she liked me too because she was all googly-eyed for me. (It was all personality… because literally all I had at the moment to my name was my charisma, self-confidence, ego, and silly grin.)

So, we goofed off for a bit.


Four wheeled a bit… in the rain. (Yup, we’re Jeep peoples.)


Dressed up together a bit.


Then we got engaged at a Marine Corps balls. But not publicly like some folks do, instead I asked her in the hotel room before hand in private. To which she immediately responded with a very enthusiastic, “Are ya sure?”


Well, I was until that moment.





But of course a moment later she said yes.


Then, a few months later, we were married. (It was not a shotgun wedding, we just needed to get married quickly for insurance purposes… and gee… that sounds kind of bad too. It’s a long, amusing story though. But in a way, thanks Obama for forcing us to get married in Feb instead of the FALL LIKE WE WANTED!)


And now we’re a bit older.

We’ve four kids now, including our two dogs who are every bit as high maintenance as our human children. We have a nice house, successful careers, wrinkles, grays, and all that comes with the aging of time and experience. But I’m pretty sure we became best friends that night we met, because we haven’t stop being each other’s better halves ever since.

She’s sweet, patient, peaceful, pretty… I’m ugly, angry, pro-violence… Just kidding, partly. But we get along great. And of course, that’s because we base our love for each other on the greatest love story ever told.

Which is Christ’s love and sacrifice for us.

“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.” Song of Solomon 8:6-7

“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:2-3

So, happy ten years to us, gorgeous.

Let’s pop a bottle and drink some bubbly responsibly. 🙂

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