Be a man.

Hunt something. Kill it, cook its flesh, and eat it with your bare hands. Your ancestors would be proud.

Go to a hardware store and pick up an axe or a hammer, you feel that? It’s your inner man calling for you to create something out of nothing.

Be firm and confident in your masculinity, it ain’t toxic. It’s natural. It is who you are. Your chromosomal makeup dictates it.

Work hard. Provide for your family. Take pride in that. Your sweat, your energy, your time, your patience, your struggle – don’t do it for nothing. Know your worth.

In a world of fatherless households, be a father. Teach your kids right and wrong, and how to be better than you.

Own and carry a gun. And never relinquish it to anyone who holds power over you. With it, you are a free man, without it, you are a subject and at the mercy of others.

Stand up for what is right. Even when it’s unpopular and you stand alone. Even when it comes with great cost and consequence. Stand firm on your convictions.

Treat your woman with respect. They are your equal and at times, your better. Neither of you are anything without the other. And you get out of a relationship what you put into it.

Never be silenced. You have a voice. You have power. Use it.

Have honor. It defines you. Let your word be your bond, and never break it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for or give help. We are not alone in this fallen world.

Praise God in everything you do, and trust God in everything that seemingly stands in your way. Nothing in this life matters as much as your Salvation and relationship with the true King of kings.

Embrace who you are. Be a man amongst men.

Men in dresses aren’t ‘brave’ and they certainly ain’t Masculine.

If you haven’t seen Harry Styles in a dress, well – you aren’t missing anything. It’s a man in a dress. Or more accurately, it’s a singer-songwriter in a dress. If that matters. (It doesn’t.)

And of course, the celebrities, politicians, and general leftists are going nuts over this. So stunning and brave, rah rah. And posting stupid things like this:

No. How about you be the man your effing chromosomal pairing makes you be?

And this is where some people say things like, “What’s your problem? Why does this bother you? Why can’t you be more accommodating towards others? Are you transphobic?”

I’ll tell you why this bothers me. And why it should bother you.

It’s belittling and insulting to real men.

Men with dirt under their nails. Men with blood on their boots and bayonets. Men who sweat, provide, and defend. Men who lead families, or small arms units, or construction crews. Men who built and created new civilizations with nothing but an axe, a horse, and a map. Men who are descended from ancestors who slaughtered mammoths and saber tooth tigers and invaded countries and defeated weaker civilizations.


It’s pathetic.

And if we don’t stand up and say, “No. Bullshit. THAT’S not a real man – My GRANDPA who used a flame thrower on a Japanese beach at 18 was a REAL MAN” then the weakening of our culture and the emasculation of our young boys will continue.

I was going to write more, then I discovered this excellent PragerU video which I think perfectly sums up my arguement.