11 days late, but I finished Taming Prehistoric.

I actually finished last night, around 11pm. I was pretty tired at that point, so I emailed it to a couple of people and went to bed happy as could be. Then I laid there most of the night, my brain nitpicking every little detail and sentence that could have been written better. -sigh-

It was a long night of success.

And I’m pretty happy with only being 11 days off from my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year. Granted, the last 11 days felt pretty brutal trying to get it done… but it’s done.

But now I’m going to let it simmer for a week or two while I work on something else, then look at it with a fresh set of eyes for a final read through – before handing over to Severed Press.

And yes, I can claim ‘internationally acclaimed’ because I’ve decent reviews from multiple countries now. -wink-

Alright. Book three in the bag for the most part. Time to start the next book… Gotta strike while the iron is hot and the creative juices are flowing.

On a side note, my little brother got me a signed copy of Monster Hunter Bloodlines from Larry Correia for Christmas. Awesome!

It tickles me how he spent more time on the smiling monster face then he did on his actual signature.

Until next time!


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