I went hunting with the wife…

Got a nice Corsican Ram this time, from the same place I went a few years back, Caryonah Game Ranch where I hunted a gorgeous Painted Desert Ram.

I won’t go all into a review again, the Caryonah Link above will do that. But the place was once again, exceptional. And this time I got to enjoy it with my lovely wife by my side.

Some explaining is needed for my wife. She’s not a hunter. I’m not really much of one either, although I’ve gotten a bit more into it the last few years. But she really wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and since we both desperately needed a vacation, she let me return to Caryonah with her in tow and experience the hunting lodge for herself.

And she loved it. The entire drive back she was googling and planning for our next trip back.

(Yeah, I married a winner!)

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