Hurricane Florence

Went to Wal-Mart today.

Didn’t need anything but more crayons, a coloring book, a toy, and wine. (Something for everyone.)

Surprised to see there wasn’t any rioting. I was really looking forward to running someone over with our, basically empty, shopping cart just for fun.

I even called out, “whose baby is this?” To try and start a panic when my wife passed me the cart. No one cared. They were too busy buying carts full of hot dog buns and cereal.

Btw, this is the sloth of hurricanes. We’ve been ready since Thursday.

Pretty sure I’ve eaten my hurricane snacks at least twice now and bought more. It’s a revolving cycle of junk food binging. Now they are in my sons bedroom… (He thinks they are his…lol)

All that joking aside. We should start getting hammered tomorrow.  I think the count is 800,000 plus folks without power so far. And it’s only going to be worse. I also heard there is expected to be enough rainfall dropped, that we could cover all of NC with ten inches of standing water. Which is insane.

Keep praying for everyone effected.

I’m going to go sneak into my kids bedroom and steal some snickers.