New addition to the family – 9lbs and 11 ounces!

I got an early birthday present. A Model 1886 rifle in .45-70. With the exception of the butt stock, it’s the exact same rifle that Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith uses in his adventures in my books.

The Model 1886 is a pretty awesome design by John Moses Browning, a personal hero of mine. And the .45-70 cartridge is big enough to kill any animal on any continent in the world.

It’s a personal goal of mine to shoot a Komodo Dragon with it.

But this gun is just… super impressive. Absolutely exquisite. From the case hardened receiver, butt plate, and forend, to the American walnut stock, to the 26″ octagonal barrel and full length magazine tube, it’s awesome.

It’s made by Pedersoli in Italy, imported by Taylor’s Firearms, and is certainly bound to become an heirloom rifle for the Testerman family.

While I was obsessively racking the lever over and listening to the sweet snick-snick while playing with a bunch of giant .45-70 snap caps for practice, I decided I needed to take pictures of my new baby.

(Not bad images for my old Android phone. Having a 4 year old phone should tell you what my priorities are.)

If any of you are ever around Western NC, give me a shout out on the contact page. I’ll let ya shoot it. 🙂

But not much.


No one told me ammunition was $2.50 PER ROUND!

Anyways, back to writing. I gotta sell more books so I can afford bullets and powder to reload with.

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