Unity? Kiss my muscular buttocks!

Yeah, no thanks.

Look, I wish we could go back to a simpler time in America where Republicans and Democrats both had similar goals of bettering the people of this nation and they just bickered over how we got there.

But we can’t.

Because the two sides have become so morally opposed that they are now, essentially, good versus evil. And that hurts to say, because I know Democrats who I love. (I just think they are either politically ignorant or woefully stupid.)

But here we are, once again witnessing continued violence from one side towards another, without explicit condemnation from their leaders. I’ve heard the same stupid lies about Trumps failure to condemn white supremacy for four years, contrary to tons of video proof of him doing so, but nothing about Democrats condemnation of their supporters assaulting MAGA wearers, knocking out elderly folks in streets(then stomping on their heads), setting fire to black businesses and districts, looting Targets and Cheesecake Factories, attacking police and chanting for them to ‘fry like bacon’ and yesterday, throwing fireworks into businesses where Trump supporters are eating after a peaceful march.

And this is nothing new. During the 2016 elections, we had Democrats going to Trump rallies to instigate violence to make Trump supporters look like a bunch of deranged lunatics. It wasn’t condemned then by those who benefited off it, so why should it be condemned now?

But now, what the left wants, is ‘Unity’.

Now that they’ve gotten their way that is. Now that they’ve cheated their way to the Presidency. (Possibly… don’t count Trump out yet!)

The same people who called Republicans racists, sexists, misogynists, xenophobics, terrorists, and other garbage are now pleading for us to join them under the guise of ‘unity’.

Kiss my muscular buttocks.

I won’t join the same side that injects hormones into children, murders unborn babies by the millions, denies the right of self defense, censors the freedom of the speech, perverts the freedom of the press to one sided bias and lies, assaults peaceful demonstrators, chants for the death of law enforcement officials, and threatens/assaults/doxxes/ruins anyone who speaks out against them.

When the left calls for ‘Unity’, what they are really saying is ‘Fall in with our Party Line or be crushed.’

That’s Marxism 101.

And I won’t be apart of it.