If I’d written GOT Season 8..

It wouldn’t have been so terrible…

Because this is pretty much how it went:


What would I have done differently?


First, attack Kings Landing, defeat Cersei as Dany’s goes Mad Queen.

Everyone is forced to stay with her because they need the Dragons while the Night King marches south.

Rush north to reinforce the Stark who are preparing for the final stand of mankind.

Final episode is two hours of Battle of Winterfell (where they use actual medieval tactics and still face destruction). Grey Worm dies lighting the trenches filled with wild fire. Jorah dies protecting Dany’s after Drogon is overwhelmed with the dead.

Dany’s kills the Night King, as she was the real target, not Bran. (Song of Fire and Ice. Not Song of Ice and Bran.) But Bran actually wargs into something and does something. That’d be a nice change.

Drogon flies back to the battlefield, his wings are tattered, he looks weak and near to death. Sadly, he scoops up Dany’s remains and flies away. But first he blows fire at Jon Snow, revealing him to be unburned, and melting the throne behind him.

Then Jon Snow reluctantly becomes King (Because he’s reluctant about EVERYTHING.)
Bronn kills Bran because Bran is worthless. Bronn says something catchy along the lines of ‘didn’t see this coming, didja?’ Then he heads happily to the brothels with Tyrion and large flasks of wine.

Brienne is pregnant with Jamie’s baby… who will be RAISED BY TORMUND with GIANTS MILK! Bwhahahahaha. This makes me so very happy.

Ghost runs off, finds Nymeria and makes more Dire Wolf puppies.

Drogon lands in Valyria, where he reverently lays Dany’s body at the top of the remains of the ancestral Targaryean homeland , then goes below and several dragon eggs are revealed beginning to hatch.

Jon Snow sits on the throne. Looks sullen and miserable.
This needs some work, but in three minutes I came up with a vastly better season than what I just watched last night.