2019 NC Writers Conference

I’ve never been to a writers conference before, but I’ve heard good things and writers I respect have taught courses at them so… enh… Maybe something to them.

And the Fall Conference is in Asheville which is only 40 minutes away, so I think it’d be rather foolish if I didn’t at least try that one. Looking at past course offerings, I can see some classes I’d like to take. The Spring conference offered several Fiction Master Classes, Writing Speculative Fiction(whatever ‘speculative’ means I’m not sure…), and the Basics of Book Business. But the Fall Conference seems like a much bigger deal, spanning two and a half days instead of one, and offering much more goodies… like breakfast. And book sales/exhibitor tables, speeches, awards, many more classes, book signing, etc. Looking at last Fall’s schedule, there are all sorts of courses on world building, dialogue, character creation, etc.  Oh, and one course called ‘Shut Up and Write!’ which sounds like something I’d want to teach.

Sounds fun.

I will confess, I don’t recognize ANY of the authors from previous conferences. But I’m terrible with names. Unless it’s someone I read regularly, I’ll forget it. So I’ll have to google these men and women before attending to see what they’ve written first…

Because I -really- don’t want to pay monies to sit in a class for someone who writes homo-erotica transgendered ANTIFA fiction that involves fascist werewolves that tinkle under moonlight…

(meant to write ‘twinkle’ but tinkle works…)

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