Stop being dicks, Dick’s.

Apparently Dick’s Sporting Good’s business is down.

This is me:


The first fundamental rule of being a business is ‘Don’t Piss Off Your Customer Base’.

Followed by the second rule. “Don’t Double Down When You Are Wrong.”

The breaking of both of those rules apply to Dick’s decision to restrict all gun sales to 21 and up, as well as no longer carrying the most popular firearm in the United States, AND no longer carrying it’s accessories…

This is an outrage to all those gun owners that make up Dicks Sporting Goods/Field & Stream base. To make matters worse, the CEO had all those wretched assault rifles destroyed. That’s just twisting the knife in the backs of all those people who bought guns from you.

But here is the third rule of business. “Don’t Destroy Your Wealth.”

As in, you probably shouldn’t take hundreds of thousands of dollars of your inventory and destroying it. Inventory is wealth. It’s the same as cash. And instead of returning it to your dealers for a refund, you destroyed it. Good job, bozo.


This is a fitting image to insert here.

So now, I reckon Dick’s can’t sell enough over-priced clothing and tennis balls to make up for the loss of revenue from the outdoorsy crowd.

The outdoorsy crowd typically consisting of well armed folks who enjoy shooting and freedom, while hating people like CEO Ed Stack who vilify them for the acts of a few individual mad men.

Well, we appreciate you making your stance so obvious.

Sometimes, we have a hard time avoiding cruddy corporations that take our money and give it to Democrat’s to use against us.

But you made it simple for us.

You no longer provide a service we desire. Thus, we have no reason to go into your store anymore.

You have driven us to better retailers, back to local gun shops, and you’ve shown us which gun manufacturers have cojones, as they now refuse to do business with you after your stupid posturing. Mossberg, Springfield, MKS (Hi Point). It peeves me off the rest of them didn’t follow suit.

And that brings up rule number four. “Don’t Anger Your Vendors.”

Supply and demand can be a real business killer. (Oh, by the way, nice empty shelves and racks ya got there.)

Dicks has trouble filling shelf space as business sags.

Pictures courtesy of the link above. (Truth About Guns)

Way to fill them empty spaces with stuff people rarely buy. (Most of us have more AR’s than can’s of spray cleaner!)

Oh geez, that sounds like another obvious rule of business.

Rule number five. “Sell What People Want.”

We don’t want twenty cans of spray cleaner. We don’t want gym bags. We don’t want pink 5lb dumbbells. We want full capacity magazines. We want Springfield Saints. We want Arsenal Ak’s. We want PTR 91’s. We want M14’s…

If you won’t provide it. You won’t get monies for it.

I called this when it happened. Because it was so freaking obvious.

For all of your pathetic posturing, you drove buyers away by the hundreds of thousands. The majority of them, never to return. And you pushed away many more potential buyers. Because your name is mud. The hatred for you is great.

How many new buyers do you think you gained? How many of the anti-gun crowd decided to stop spending money at Starbucks and start spending it at Dicks or Field & Stream? Pretty much none. Those who already shopped there, will keep shopping there. Those who don’t shop there, certainly ain’t gonna sprint over and start making up for your lost business.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And you did this in the largest boom economy in our lifetime.

Consumer Confidence is at an all time high. Stock Market, longest bull run ever. What was the economic growth for the second quarter? 4.1% originally, then they revised it to 4.2%? I guess Trump’s ‘magic wand’ is working pretty well. HAHA! I just remembered the Corporate Tax cut you got. Dropped from 35% to 21%… That would have been a big boon for you!


That’ll teach ya to hate guns and freedom.

CEO Ed Stark, your stores will shutter and your wealth will burn around you.

You did this to yourself.

Edit – 9/1/18 – It turns out Dicks will be clearing hunting equipment out of some stores due to low sales. They’ve also bought lobbyists to help push for gun control.

Go figure. Way to triple down on stupidity.

Author: Erik 'Tracer' Testerman

Erik Testerman is a Marine Corps grunt, a competitive shooter, and an admirer of fine arms and armaments. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his lovely wife, two rambunctious children, and a slobbery English Mastiff. To learn more about Erik Testerman and read samples of his work, visit

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