Goodreads giveaway is over.

I think it went really well, over 1,200 people put in for a signed copy and 1,100 of them ‘shelved’ it as ‘Want to Read’. Hopefully all of this will translate into some sales/reads/word of mouth.

As soon as my copies arrive, I’ll send them out to the winners. Which means I should have them in the mail by Sat.

I’ve been warned by my Publisher that these things usually have a low ROI (Return on Investment), and I suppose the only way to see how I truly did is to watch my royalties statement and see if the 2nd quarter of 2021 had a nice bump or not. Either way, it was a learning experience and certainly can’t hurt a fledgling author.

In other news – I’m starting a new job tomorrow morning.

Same kind of job really, just for a different company. It’s rough leaving a place I’ve worked at for almost a decade and going somewhere new, but as I so immodestly tell my former coworkers, my bitter tears of goodbyes are also filled with dollar signs.

And the amount of good wishes and good lucks I received from my old co-workers ought to cover me for a few weeks before I’m on my own.

So, no stress. Yet…. that starts tomorrow.

Well, she’s adorable.

New dog, who dis?

Yep, that’s our daughter’s very dark brindle Bullmastiff puppy. We’ve had her a week and a half now, and we’ve been reminded of all the puppy things we’d forgotten from our English Mastiff… like the crazy sharp chompers they use on you when you least expect it, and they way they pee on everything and poop in places that you’ll step in. And how much work they are, taking outside, feeding, watering, playing, avoiding stepping on, etc.

It’s like having a hairy, rabid human baby in the house.

But man, she’s cute ain’t she?

And so far, she is holding her own with our other giant baby. (I keep trying to get a better picture of them tug of warring, but they move so much!)

Don’t you just want to pet her and smell her puppy breath? (Wife says it smells like chicken salad…)


Anyways. On to some Book Info/Author Things.

West of Prehistoric, well, I just got my royalty statement from Oct-Dec 2020 a few days ago. I sold 409 copies, between electronic and print, in three months. That’s amazing. I am utterly blown away by it. I was -hoping- to have moved 300 copies by now, I had no idea that we’d smoked that number back in December. For a brand new rookie author, that is a fantastic start to a new career. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy or read it on kindle unlimited or who supported me by not telling me to get lost when I posted about the book somewhere. I owe you all. And the only way I can repay that debt is to keep writing and try really hard to not write poorly.

The Goodreads Giveaway seems to be going well, over 500+ people are interested in getting a free copy. Hopefully that will translate into some sales.

I started a BookBub Ad which will begin to run tomorrow. That’s a new thing for me, so I’m curious to see how that works out.

I’m also planning on a BookBub Deal, which is a bigger deal than an ad… and a good bit more expensive. But I’m going to hold off on that until the sequel is out.

East of Prehistoric is getting edited and such now. I’m ready to get that sucker back, polished up, and off to print.

North of Prehistoric… the writing continues. I’m excited with where the 3rd book will lead the story and characters.

South of Prehistoric… the notes and general plot continue to grow.

Be a man.

Hunt something. Kill it, cook its flesh, and eat it with your bare hands. Your ancestors would be proud.

Go to a hardware store and pick up an axe or a hammer, you feel that? It’s your inner man calling for you to create something out of nothing.

Be firm and confident in your masculinity, it ain’t toxic. It’s natural. It is who you are. Your chromosomal makeup dictates it.

Work hard. Provide for your family. Take pride in that. Your sweat, your energy, your time, your patience, your struggle – don’t do it for nothing. Know your worth.

In a world of fatherless households, be a father. Teach your kids right and wrong, and how to be better than you.

Own and carry a gun. And never relinquish it to anyone who holds power over you. With it, you are a free man, without it, you are a subject and at the mercy of others.

Stand up for what is right. Even when it’s unpopular and you stand alone. Even when it comes with great cost and consequence. Stand firm on your convictions.

Treat your woman with respect. They are your equal and at times, your better. Neither of you are anything without the other. And you get out of a relationship what you put into it.

Never be silenced. You have a voice. You have power. Use it.

Have honor. It defines you. Let your word be your bond, and never break it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for or give help. We are not alone in this fallen world.

Praise God in everything you do, and trust God in everything that seemingly stands in your way. Nothing in this life matters as much as your Salvation and relationship with the true King of kings.

Embrace who you are. Be a man amongst men.

Signed Book Giveaway!

In my quest to surpass 50 Amazon reviews, I’m offering 10 print copies, signed by me, through Goodreads.

I’m currently at 47, with an awesome average of 4.8. For some reason, I’m fairing less on Goodreads, with 25 reviews and a 4.60 rating.

But I digress.


And since I’m still a newbie author without a following, the chances of you snatching one up is pretty good.

But I’d still prefer if you entered the giveaway, then spread the word to your friends, family, optometrist, or fellow devoted shooter. Tell them the book doesn’t suck and that they’ll enjoy it. So far, except for those two people who gave me 3 stars, everyone has.

See below for more information!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

West Of Prehistoric by Erik Testerman

West Of Prehistoric

by Erik Testerman

Giveaway ends May 03, 2021.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway