Taming Prehistoric – Book Three – OUT NOW!

Kindle is out today.

Paperback will be out in a couple of days.

Audio will be out in a couple of months.

I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I owe everything to my readers.


Axemen. Norsemen. Vikings.

Whoever they are, Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith doesn’t care.

But with the possibility of a pardon on the table, he knows that he’d better do everything he can to prove his worth. Which means leading a civilian expedition, this time along the coast of Prehistoria, towards a mysterious warrior tribe whom the apes fear.

He ain’t going alone though.

Along for the ride are some friends… and former enemies.

But first, they are going to make a little visit to the site of their greatest defeat for some payback.

Because Prehistoria will be tamed, one way or another.

Taming Prehistoric Artwork

Kind of a frivolous expense, but I’m continuing the tradition of putting cowboy and dinosaur art inside the book.

This is from the magnificently talented Lorin Michki of Drawn Fire Art.



Check out his site, he has some awesome artwork. I’ve a copy of his Four Horsemen on my wall in my writing area in the basement.

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