Conceal Carry Gun Belts

For over nine years, I used only one belt.

The Wilderness ‘Original Instructor Belt’.


$50 then and $50 now. I wore it everywhere, even when I wasn’t carrying. Superb belt, nice and solid, didn’t twist drawing a gun or pushing an inside-the-waistband holster into your drawers… I beat the snot out of it. Three gun matches, IDPA, I even slipped it on during Infantry training more than a few times because I hated my MILSPEC one.

Terrific for conceal carry.

And even after all that abuse, I was still able to wear it with a tucked in shirt and dress clothes.

Then I saw the Magpul’s Tejas ‘El Burro’ belt.  I figured I needed something a little classier, something new, mix it up a little, and this looked pretty slick. And it’s Magpul, one of my favorite brands of gunnin’ accessories.


What a piece of garbage.

The burnished aluminum tongue snapped off after three months. After two weeks of painful back and forth’ing with MagPul(including getting the wrong replacement buckle) I got the correct replacement. That one lasted another two and a half months before the burnished aluminum tongue bent south terribly this time. I don’t even know how that happened.

Apparently working an office desk, going to Walmart, and driving to and from home was too much for it to handle. Because that’s as strenuous as it gets for me in belted britches these days.

Luckily, I still have my old Wilderness belt. I kept it for special occasions, like wearing my beat up ripped pants for weed-eating.

Well guess what Magpul?

You’re belt is going in the trash and my old Wilderness Belt is going back around my waist until I order another one. Heck, I bet I got another ten years out of this old one before it’s to beat up to wear in dress clothes.

Folks – Use the Wilderness Belt.

Sure, it sounds a little weird when you’re using the bathroom and you pop the VELCRO loose that holds the belt tongue to the side of the belt… But at least you don’t have to worry about it dropping your britches around your ankles, or snapping when you’re trying to push your holster into place.

And you could probably pass it on to your kids. Even though a belt would make a weird family heirloom.


Trump Presidency = Nazi Germany?

Here, enjoy my Facebook argument.

Here is the video that started it. It’s Rachel Maddow boohooing. (She’s done that a lot since Trump was elected…)

Poster 1:

We really are helpless to this monster.



This has been going on for over a decade. But yeah, I’m sure he sits on his golden throne and cackles gleefully at the children being ripped from their law breaking parents arms.

Hey. Fun fact. For every 1 child separated at the border, there are over 1,300 American children separated from their parents and in foster care.

But sure, let’s get upset now, about this, because the TV tells us too.


Poster 2:

Anyone who sees his and does not want to cry has a serious problem with empathy. Per the comment above: the Nazis claimed that their plan was logical also…. nothing should be more important than empathy for your fellow humans. Ever.



I think tying Nazi Germany, with it’s mass murdering of millions, to Trump enforcing our immigration laws.. where no one dies, but is temporarily detained, is a weeeeeee bit of a stretch.


Poster 2:

it didn’t just start out one day with mass murder. Read about how it begins…just like this. One little step at a time.



And you think that our vastly differing system of government, with it’s checks and balances between three different branches will what… suddenly disappear? All the power will suddenly be transferred to the Executive branch?

Do you know who our current Sec Def is? Do you honestly think, for a second, that General Mattis would allow this country to become anything remotely like Nazi Germany?

Do you think our military would? Do you think all of us gun owners out there, all 30 million plus, armed with 400 million guns, would allow that to happen? Do you think -I- would?

This is the sort of comparison that is so far beyond imagination, it’s ridiculous. If you understood anything about how the government operates, you would be recognizing all the issues we are having with how the Obama Administration weaponized the IRS and DOJ to target conservatives.

Forget that, let’s go simple.

The DNC rigged the system in Hillary’s favor to beat Bernie Sanders. They literally, usurped their parties power(the people) of voting in primaries to pick who would represent them.

Surprisingly, there is little concern about that whole.. Democrat Party rigging an election thing.

But your terrified of Trump becoming a bloodthirsty, monstrous dictator before he leaves office?

That’s just silly. You’re looking in the wrong direction.

And if you have some irrational fear that the GOP will eventually turn this country into a Fascist, Tyrannical Dictatorship with all the power consolidated under them, and then – with their immense disregard for human suffering, would begin to… what? Execute liberals, gays, Hispanics, transgenders, atheists, whatever?

Need I remind you that the GOP doesn’t like allowing unborn children to be killed in the womb.

But we are so monstrous you would make the comparison eluding to the Republicans sending millions of people to gas chambers.

To quote Trump. “Wrong.”

Side bar – Do you know which American President actually created Concentration Camps and rounded people up to put in them? That would be Internment of Japanese Americans… under Democrat President, FDR during WWII.

These are the sorts of comparisons from the left that make you guys look ridiculous.

You would do such a great disservice to the mass suffering, deaths, and misery caused by the Nazis, as well as the millions of men and women who sacrificed to defeat them – and compare THAT to a President you don’t like…

That is ignorant and contemptible.



We will see what their response is. But I don’t expect much, some sort of irrational and uneducated blathering..

Arguing on Facebook is really lame and kind of uncouth, I generally avoid arguing on other peoples posts. Because I don’t want to be a butt.

And I typically end up feeling like I am trying to educate the uneducatable. But somehow I get sucked into it from time to time… sigh…

I can’t make people open a book…





Speaking of books. Oh man…. OOOOHHHHHH man. This one is going great, the editing/beta reading is going very well.

Feedback is fantastic.

I’m debating with myself on how much to post on here… Most likely I will put the first 1/3rd up.

Which is a shame, because the ending is superb.