Toy Guns Aren’t Toys.

And you shouldn’t let your kids play with them. Growing up, I was never allowed to have a cap gun, nerf gun, water gun, or anything else. That’s a rule I enforce with my kids. Why? Because we’ve got REAL GUNS in our house. The kind that puts leaky holes into people. And people areContinue reading “Toy Guns Aren’t Toys.”

Happy 4th of July! (The holiest of freedom’s holidays)

As a kid, our tradition was to go to the range today. Because what better way to celebrate our independence day than by shooting guns? Just like those upstart colonial farmers did when they picked up their rifles and went to work. And by ‘went to work’ I mean defeated the greatest military force inContinue reading “Happy 4th of July! (The holiest of freedom’s holidays)”

Oh, look. The Venezuelans want their guns back.

We pro-gun, pro-second amendment people are on the right side of history. Always have been, always will be. Our Founding Fathers deserve our eternal thanks for their sacrifices and foresight that lets us have gun safes full of weaponry and the ability and knowledge to use them. And unfortunately, they are proven correct, time andContinue reading “Oh, look. The Venezuelans want their guns back.”

Democrats = American Fascists.

Yesterday was the first day of confirmation hearings. And once again, Democrats are wailing, gnashing teeth, writhing on the floor. It’s pathetic and obnoxious. And those are just the elected Congressmen. The weirdos in the stands are screaming, waving signs, flashing boobies, and crying about how they want to murder unborn babies. What a bunchContinue reading “Democrats = American Fascists.”

Ocasio-Cortez is the Spirit Animal of Millennial Socialists.

This lady is the gift of imbecility that keeps giving. I don’t think she can walk and chew gum at the same time. Every time I look online I see another trinket of genius falling out from her rectum. Lady… you’re parties colors are BLUE. Awesome.. just awesome. Palestine has never existed. Ever. But IContinue reading “Ocasio-Cortez is the Spirit Animal of Millennial Socialists.”