Shaun King’s a tool, Candace Owens Rocks.

I’m trying to spend less time on Facebook these days. Because it’s a colossal time suck of stupidity. I can’t count how many times I’ve posted something political in nature, and minutes later thought, “Naw, screw it.” Then deleted the post because I don’t feel like arguing about it. As the saying goes, you can […]

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The NFL – Is nothing sacred from the tired tirade of racism, cop hating, and unpatriotic protest?

Jesse Owens won 4 Gold Medals at the Olympics in Germany in 1936. He stood before REAL Nazis and Hitler himself when the National Anthem was played. Notice in the picture he’s not KNEELING after crushing the Aryan Superiority MYTH. Supposedly Hitler shook his hand, than said black Americans are so genetically bad-ass they shouldn’t […]

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