January Update Post.

This month I received my first royalties check from the publisher.

I think that makes me an official author now. Woop!

Unfortunately, the e-book released on Sept 18th, and I waited until Oct 2nd for the Paperback to be released before I told anyone or announced that it’d been published. Which means I got royalties for only about 10 days in the 3rd quarter of 2020. (We get royalties quarterly.) So the sales were pretty slim since only people who follow Severed Press’s social media knew anything about it.

Now the 4th quarter of 2020 will be defining as that’s when I announced it on the forums and social media. I’m pretty excited for that check, which should arrive in April. I’m going to buy a helicopter.

As for writing, it continues of course.

I’m pretty excited about the third book, even though I’ve a lot more left to write, research, and figure out. But what I’m doing and introducing into the series is going to be awesome. I really can’t wait to finish it and get it in the hands of beta readers. I REALLY want to tell people about it, but unless they’ve read the sequel, it won’t make any sense.

Originally, as mentioned on the blog, I’d hoped to finish the third book in 6 months…

Glad I didn’t have an official deadline on that since we are finishing month 7!

In my defense, during that time, I spent a lot of time going over the sequel again in depth. (Even though I’d declared it finished.) I added another character and a subplot to ‘thicken’ the book some because it ended up shorter than the first. I made sure to do this in a way that matters so that it’s not something stupid, pointless, or overly verbose. It’s substance, not just superfluous length.

Then over the holidays I greatly slowed down my writing, as appears to be my usual custom for the last couple of years.

But now we’re back in full swing and making progress.

One little thing to add to this post- If you’ve been reading/watching the news, you may have seen this latest bit of intolerant garbage:


Basically, a literary agency, fired an employee for STATING that they use Parler.

Not for what they said on Parler, but for simply -using- Parler.

This is crap.

I’m thankful I have a publisher who only cares that I write good books and make them money. Which is how it should be.

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