So long, 2020. Hello, 2021.

2020 was kind of a strange year… (Is that an understatement?)

Overall, I consider myself and my family rather blessed. Our jobs were affected very little by the Chinese Plague and we stayed fed, warm, clothed, healthy, and happy.

I’m certainly not digging all the societal ‘norms’ that we’ve come to with COVID, but they’ll end at some point I’m sure, like previous pandemics, we’ll move forward still. (At least this wasn’t the zombie apocalypse.) I look forward to never wearing a mask again, but I’m glad everyone is learning to wash their hands diligently after they go potty.

I’m anxiously awaiting longer days, warmer weather, knowing the actual numbers of my book sales, going back to church, and socializing again.

Lows of the year – Too many big picture ones, but the Presidential Election and Covid certainly top the list.

Highs of the year – Getting my first book published. That was awesome. We also sold our old house and paid off the majority of any debts we had. (So long student loans!) Now all we owe on is our minivan and house. I highly recommend becoming debt free, it’s the only way to live.

Going into 2021, what do I expect?

In America – Chaos. Lots and lots of Chaos.

In Writing – I’ve slowed some as I wait to see if sales were high enough for the publisher to accept the sequel. I’m pretty confident they’ll take it, but it’s hard to be working on a third book in the series while the second languishes on a thumb drive. I do need to write a ‘teaser’ for the back of the book still, so that may get posted here once it’s finished.

I’ve got a map for the series to be four books right now. Which works well, since I’m considering using West of Prehistoric/East of Prehistoric/South/North etc as titles. Then yesterday, after some delicious BBQ and a trip to the local gun store to see the barren ammunition shelves and thinning gun racks, my dad gave me a brilliant idea for a 5th ‘offshoot’ book for the series. So that’s a good possibility as well.

And I’d love to do another series on the same world, based about 20-25 years later. The early 1900’s was pretty cool when it came to weapons. 🙂

At some point I need to get cracking on my WWII Monster Book, the outline is finished on that. Then there’s the Space Marine Book I want to write, nothing is done on that. And I’ve a word file full of possibilities for other books that I’ve written down and forgotten about. At any rate, I need to finish the third book and hopefully get most of a fourth book written as well before 2022.

In Blogging – Probably gonna post less. Politics is to chaotic to comment on right now and societal upheaval seems around the corner. So I’ll mainly be sticking to writing updates, some book reviews, and such that tickles my fancy.

So… 2021.

Bring it on, cause it ain’t stopping for us.

Let’s hope for the best, know that Gods Will shall be done, pray hard for the guidance of our leaders, and keep your powder dry.

And I’m gonna start writing my little fingers off.

Writing, writing, writing… A Random Update.

Work on Book Three continues. It shows great promise.

Book Two awaits the publisher, and Book One is racking up great reviews on Amazon and Goodread. (Currently 4.7/5 on Amazon and 5/5 on Goodreads!)

But I’m really tempted to begin work on another project.

The concept of ‘Dropship Troopers’, ‘Starship Troopers’, ‘Space Marines’ etc has always been a personal favorite. Of course, this interest probably all started reading the famous Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein when I was like 14 or so. Then the superb pseudo-sequel ‘Armor’ by John Steakley soon after. (He wrote it because there was too much politics and too little fighting in Starship Troopers.)

And can I just take a moment to say that the cover of Armor is my favorite book cover ever? Check it out:

There’s something just undeniably bad-ass about a man in an armored suit beating an alien to death with his plasma rifle.

And then we had the most amazing movie of all, Starship Troopers. Which had almost nothing to do with the original book and everything to do with awesomeness.

So awesome in fact, that it’s the movie I watched the night before I shipped out to USMC Boot Camp AND used it to announce my book release, C’mon you apes! Do you wanna READ forever? (Book PUBLISHED!).


I think I want to write a book in that sort of ‘realm’ of military science fiction. Because I always think of that cover of Armor and how awesome it is. And it really inspires me to want to write in that genre along those lines of Arachnid type aliens versus men and women in armored suits slugging it out intergalactically for the survival of the species.

As for other projects – I’ve also still got a plot outline finished for a story in regards to a Japanese Island being held by Marines in WWII and ya’know, sea monsters, and things show up. I’ve had that for some time, and the biggest hold up has been the design of the sea monsters. But that’s something else that has been fascinating me… the fact that over 70% of the planet is water, and only FIVE PERCENT of the oceans have been explored. That’s just incredibly cool to think of what I could come up with knowing that. Such great possibilities are out there. It’s a big wet sandbox to ‘write’ in. And adding in flame throwers, Thompson sub machine guns, M1 Garands, and such is just gonna be fun. The ending I’ve got set up is pretty great as well.

So, I dunno. I’ve got thoughts and ideas and such, but thinking is easy. Writing is hard.

No pressure.

Luckily I just got a new laptop, because I was about to smash my old one to pieces trying to write on it. This new one is a really sweet gaming laptop and the keyboard actually lights up! I went with a gaming version because I’ve come to realize that if you’re going to get something, get something good enough that you can kill things on/with.

So let’s get a writing.