Happy Birthday to ‘the beast’.

Our English Mastiff is pretty epic.

We rented for 5 years before we bought our house and decided to get the dog we finally wanted. At first we wanted a Dogue De Bordeaux.. or French Mastiff as we unpretentious American’s call them. Like Hooch. (Which took me until last year to realize why he was named Hooch… Sigh.)


But their life spans are around 7 years, and we didn’t want to do that to ourselves or our kiddos. Instead, we went with an English Mastiff that live a few more years.

Even from birth, he was pretty big. When we brought him home, at 12 weeks old, he was 17 pounds already. And obviously, super cute.


Then he grew up. Real fast.


He’s also a giant baby.



He tolerates our rambunctious two year old with gentleness… and she’s pretty much a future UFC fighter already. (Fight Club has nothing on changing her diaper.)


If dog’s could take Selfies – This would be what they look like. With hash tags like #FavoritePet #Tailpuller #Stinkybottom #HumansofInstagram #NeuteredandLovingIt

Happy Fourth Birthday Bear. Thanks for being you.


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