Simple Math 101: Is a woman’s gun likely to be taken away and used against her?

Every once in a while, I go indepth on an online discussion and feel like it’s worth reposting here and expanding on a bit for posterity.

In this case, a man on a four-wheeling forum mentioned concern for his daughters after the Mollie Tibbets case and asked about some local self-defense courses. Which invariably, brought up guns after some stupid talk of tasers and pepper spray.  -eye roll-

Here is the copied post, with a few things edited in for added emphasis.


First off, personal pet peeve, I hate when people lead off with “Guys, I’ve shot guns before, but…” or “I’m a gun owner, but…” That does not give your statement more weight or correctness. And it’s often used as a cheap trick to add gravitas to your incorrect opinion.

Second, what statistics are you using? Because that is the sort of incorrect information that leads to people making wrong decisions about self-protection.

Back in the 1990’s, the CDC did a study and squashed it after the results didn’t fit the narrative of the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban that sent people to jail for years for having one more cosmetic feature than allowed. Like a bayonet lug. Never mind that no one in America has been bayoneted since the Civil War era… Got one AND a detachable magazine AND a collapsible stock? GASP!

Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. See you in 5 to 10 years.

But I digress.

NARRATIVE FAIL: Newly Discovered CDC Surveys Demolish Anti-Gun Talking Points

Let’s do some math. Women make up 50.8% of the population. (I’m guessing because they don’t do stupid stuff when they are young like men do. Like sticking firecrackers in their butts and playing superman off roof tops).

Using the CDC numbers… 2.46 million divided by 50.8% equals 1,249,680 women who have ‘admitted’ to defensively using a firearm per year. (By the way, I suspect this number is low because we gun owners have an inherent distrust of government and answering questions about our guns. ALSO, I suspect women made up a larger percentage of the total, as they are the most likely to carry pistols and most likely to be subjects of violent attacks and creeped out by potential attackers.)

Taking the basic majority of ‘most likely to be used against them’.. so 51% of 1,249,680 women – 637,336.8 women have their gun taken and used against them every year. I reckon that 0.8 lady almost, but not quite, gets to keep the gun from her assailant. Tough luck lady.

Knowing the numbers, do you think over 630,000 women have had their guns taken from them and used against them PER YEAR?

Yeah, I don’t think so buddy…




Edit – Geez, I found this in my ‘Blog Drafts’ bin and realized I never hit the publish button. Oh well. Here you go.

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