It only counts if you are entertained.

My goal was 20,000 words written over a 4 day weekend.  I got 15,500.  Not bad I reckon since I’ve never done this before. I’m also using what I wrote from 4:30-7:05am this morning as part of my 4 day holiday word count, since I hadn’t gone to work yet. Those 15.5k words ended upContinue reading “It only counts if you are entertained.”

Trump IS Rocky Balboa.

Trump may not act Presidential, but with the exclusion of actually being assassinated he has taken a Presidential beat down from every direction.  Even his own corner is sucker punching him in the kidneys. But the man is unstoppable. Any other person would have withered and died under the continuous barrage of lies, misconceptions, characterContinue reading “Trump IS Rocky Balboa.”