As close as we can get to Jurassic Park…

This is just wicked. I freaking love it. True story – When I first started messing around with writing years ago, I had a character (a famed hunter) kill a komodo dragon on horseback with a spear. I may still have it somewhere, but it involved a guy traveling to distant, exotic planets, and killingContinue reading “As close as we can get to Jurassic Park…”

1885, an excellent year.

Why did I choose 1885 for my Epic Story Of Lost World Adventure Awesomeness? Well, there was a lot of cool stuff going on. Such as, the roller coaster was patented. The Irish tried to blow up the Tower of London with dynamite. John Babbacombe Lee was hung three times and didn’t die. (The EnglishContinue reading “1885, an excellent year.”

Deep breath… and…. -submit for publishing-

I think I’ve gotten enough feedback to take the leap for rejection or publication. There are still a lot of copies floating around out there, and I just sent another one out this morning. I’ll keep updating my manuscript as I get feedback, but at some point you’ve got to poop or get off theContinue reading “Deep breath… and…. -submit for publishing-“

Jesus is the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Pacifism.

There is nothing morally wrong with defending yourself. In America, it’s not so bad. We have a strong gun culture that runs hand in hand with Christianity. But these third world countries… where persecution, mutilation, rape, murder and barbarism by Muslims is a way of life – we need to start a GunFundMe to shipContinue reading “Jesus is the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Pacifism.”