Deep breath… and…. -submit for publishing-

I think I’ve gotten enough feedback to take the leap for rejection or publication.

There are still a lot of copies floating around out there, and I just sent another one out this morning. I’ll keep updating my manuscript as I get feedback, but at some point you’ve got to poop or get off the pot.

I finished the novel almost six weeks ago, and the feedback I’ve gotten since has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m confident enough that I’ve created something great and entertaining, and now I want to get it into print. Besides, I’m currently deep into writing the sequel, and I’ve at least three more books planned for the series. (Including a couple spin-off characters/series.)

But this is going to be a long wait.

Submitting an unrequested/unagented manuscript means I go into the publishers Slush Pile. Which means they will give it a glance when they get a chance. (Expect 9-12 months!)

THEN, if it passes their muster, it goes into editing/rewriting. After that, it goes into rotation for printing. Which could be another year before seeing the light of a bookstore/amazon shelf.

So all that kind of stinks. But it is what it is. I’ve a lot of writing planned in the meantime. Including a story about Marines in WWII stranded on a pacific island with some hostile Japanese POW’s and Sea Monsters. (I just want to write about using a flame thrower on a sea monster… and since 95% of the ocean is unexplored, I can make a LOT of stuff up!)

For those of you who’ve read this book, you’re more than welcome to read the sequel once it’s completed. 🙂

Honestly, I’m extremely confident this book will see print. It’s good. Real good. I’ve enough strangers telling me that now to not have any doubts. And seriously, who doesn’t love cowboys, apes, and dinosaurs?

But I’m also a bit egotistical. So we’ll see how it all pans out.

As for my first choice to submit to?


They’ve a great reputation for helping new authors build a reader base. And they don’t particularly care what your personal religious/political opinions are. And since I’m the sort who won’t stop saying what I believe, I think I’d do well with them.

Besides, they’re located in Wake Forest, NC. Just a few hours down the road. 🙂



Here we go….


Jesus is the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Pacifism.

There is nothing morally wrong with defending yourself.

In America, it’s not so bad. We have a strong gun culture that runs hand in hand with Christianity. But these third world countries… where persecution, mutilation, rape, murder and barbarism by Muslims is a way of life – we need to start a GunFundMe to ship them crates of AK’s with a bunch of unemployed Veterans looking to get back into combat.

Because headlines like this are an almost daily occurrence:

Twenty Nigerian Christians Slaughtered

And speaking of Muslims massacring Christians…

That’s nothing new. That’s why we had Crusades back when Pope’s had some actual cojones to defend Christians. (Now they sit behind the giant walls of the Vatican and lecture Americans on how we shouldn’t build our own. Oh how the mighty have fallen…)

But as Christians, it’s important to speak truth.

Biblical truth.

We need to admit who our enemies are, be they another religion, a political affiliation, or our President. If you ignore the enemy, you can’t resist the enemy. And if you don’t actively resist the enemy don’t be surprised when you lose.

In my book I created a minor character who goes by Reverend. He’s probably my favorite character and I had a lot of fun writing his dialogue.

Here’s a Reverend excerpt that ties into this post:

“I’m not surprised to see you here, but I wish you’d left when you had the chance. It’s going to get mighty ugly come tomorrow,” I told him.

“My place is here, watching over the flock that has been entrusted to me” he knocked dust off his worn book with a thump of his hand then looked at the ridges surrounding our little town. “In the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me. Our Winchesters and Colts, they comfort me,” he grinned mischievously.

I laughed at the changing of the scripture. It was fitting. “What about turning the other cheek?”

He grimaced, “If you’d come to Sunday School you’d know that’s only in regard to small slights, like someone stealing a chicken. It’s not about allowing others to murder your loved ones and then offering yourself to be slaughtered as well. When you take the literal interpretation of the Bible, you cheapen God’s Word,” he took a breath. “Besides, Jesus was the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Pacifism. Ecclesiastes three, one to eight. There is a time to kill, a time to speak, and a time for war. And not once in the Bible is a soldier, or anyone else who carries weapons told to lay them down and repent,” he caught himself and stopped preaching. “Sorry. This is one of my more popular sermons, as you can probably imagine.”

I certainly could.

He patted me on the shoulder, in an almost sympathetic manner. “I’ve spent many decades worshiping our good Lord. If he calls me home tomorrow, I can’t wait to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and do it in person,” he gave me a sideways glance. “But you… I think he still has plans for you,” whistling Amazing Grace, he walked back towards the church.


Speaking of my book.

It’s finished.

I’m already working on the sequel. Which is super cool, I’m really excited to be working on something new instead of rewriting over and over and over and over.

As soon as my wife finishes reading the final draft and I make some adjustments/fix errors that she finds, I’m going to start asking for anyone interested to read it and give me honest and preferably brutal feedback.

I don’t care about my feelings, I just want to create a good product.



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