Good, Bad… Trump’s the one with the Presidency.

If you didn’t get that reference, it’s from Army of Darkness. Watch the clip below and enjoy the awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell. It’s corny and hilarious, it was influential in my upbringing. I blame my somewhat idiotic sense of humor on it. Watch the whole movie. It will blow your mind! Good. Bad. I’mContinue reading “Good, Bad… Trump’s the one with the Presidency.”

And the left suddenly morphs into Sun Tzu/General Patton level military geniuses…

Because transgender FEELINGS are at stake! But the left will ignore the threat of Islam and all the hurt feelings generated by them as they rape and pillage across Europe. Because they just KNOW they are the REAL religion of peace. As they subjugating women, assaulting them for wearing mini-dresses, or not covering their faces,Continue reading “And the left suddenly morphs into Sun Tzu/General Patton level military geniuses…”

Went from Dating a Glock 26 to a Glock 19.

I’ve carried a Glock 26 for about 8 years now. For almost that entire time I had been carrying magazines with a  +2 round extension. A couple years ago I started carrying a Glock 19 magazine with a spacer on it. Basically, I was carrying a Glock with a Glock 19 grip but a GlockContinue reading “Went from Dating a Glock 26 to a Glock 19.”

No, Women aren’t equal to Men.

You are actually SUPERIOR! Did you know in ancient Sparta, the only Spartans who were allowed markers on their graves were men who fell in battle or women who died in child birth? They held giving birth on the same level as dying in battle. The equality of the creation of life and the takingContinue reading “No, Women aren’t equal to Men.”