Pew Pew Pew. Nom Nom Nom!

This fall, I’m going to drive 26 hours to Wyoming, to hunt the second fastest land animal on the planet. Then I’m going to eat it, mount its head on my wall, and make my wife a cave-woman bikini out of the hide. Like this: By the way, Non-Resident Tag prices suck out west. ButContinue reading “Pew Pew Pew. Nom Nom Nom!”

I once planned my entire life out.

Facebook reminded me of that today with this picture that I posted four years ago, when I picked up Sergeant. I even had a pair of LT chevrons inside my cover. I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity for an officer to get waxed.  Then I could slap those bad boys on and screamContinue reading “I once planned my entire life out.”

On Abortion – No. Never, ever, ever.

I’m 100% against it. Yep, 100%. “Well, what about in the event of rape or incest?” NEVER. Here’s my reasoning. God creates all life and God doesn’t make mistakes. Even in the most horrific of circumstances, their is always hope, life, love, forgiveness and blessings if you pay attention. Jesus was perfect and innocent ofContinue reading “On Abortion – No. Never, ever, ever.”

Trump Presidency = Nazi Germany?

Here, enjoy my Facebook argument. Here is the video that started it. It’s Rachel Maddow boohooing. (She’s done that a lot since Trump was elected…) Poster 1: We really are helpless to this monster.   Me: This has been going on for over a decade. But yeah, I’m sure he sits on his golden throneContinue reading “Trump Presidency = Nazi Germany?”

My Father’s Day gift is better than yours…

Check this out! My lovely wife was worried that I’d get cold in Wyoming this fall and gave me buffalo jammies for Father’s Day! Woop-woop! Sadly, I will be staying 25 miles from the nearest civilization… If you can call a single pump gas station ‘civilization’…. Which means, I probably won’t be able to wearContinue reading “My Father’s Day gift is better than yours…”