Terminator: Dark Fate is the suck.

Saw it, bleh… James Cameron has failed us greatly. Personally, I enjoyed Terminator: Genesys when it came out. That’s the only one I thought worth watching since the nearly perfect T2: Judgement Day. I thought it was fantastic and that Emilia Clarke made a terrific Sarah Connor. But it did poorly at the box office, […]

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The Brave Ones

Disney princess movies are cool I guess… but abused women regaining confidence and strength through saving Rhinos and Elephants by shooting poachers is way cooler. ‘The Brave Ones’ – Meet Zimbabwe’s All-Female Sharpshooting Anti-Poacher Squad (C’mon Disney, make a movie about real black female ‘feminist’ heroes! You could even add the ‘inspired by true event’s […]

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