Signed Book Giveaway!

In my quest to surpass 50 Amazon reviews, I’m offering 10 print copies, signed by me, through Goodreads.

I’m currently at 47, with an awesome average of 4.8. For some reason, I’m fairing less on Goodreads, with 25 reviews and a 4.60 rating.

But I digress.


And since I’m still a newbie author without a following, the chances of you snatching one up is pretty good.

But I’d still prefer if you entered the giveaway, then spread the word to your friends, family, optometrist, or fellow devoted shooter. Tell them the book doesn’t suck and that they’ll enjoy it. So far, except for those two people who gave me 3 stars, everyone has.

See below for more information!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

West Of Prehistoric by Erik Testerman

West Of Prehistoric

by Erik Testerman

Giveaway ends May 03, 2021.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

March 2021 Update Post

Other than the contract being signed on my sequel to the ‘Internationally Reviewed and Loved’ West of Prehistoric, it’s been a fairly uneventful month so far in personal terms.

The only notable exception is that we decided to add another dog to our family. This one is a brindle Bull Mastiff as a surprise gift for my Daughter’s birthday. (Every Princess needs a ferocious slobbery guard dog.)

We pick her up Easter weekend, so expect more pictures to follow next month.

But these are the latest pictures of her, sent from the breeders.

She’s adorable, and the runt of the litter so we are hoping she’ll stay around 100 pounds when fully grown. I know that sounds like a big dog, but our Bear, a English Mastiff, is 180 pounds. So to us, it SEEMS like we are getting a moderate sized dog.

The Wife and I have settled on the name ‘Honey’, because it goes with ‘Bear’ and if we leave it up to our soon to be five year old daughter, it’d be either Glitter Heart or Flower Petal. And I’m not even joking, those are the two names she has picked out when she told us she wanted a pug.

Yes, our daughter wanted a Pug… but we are getting her a Bull Mastiff instead… (Which was her third choice, I think Poodle was her second choice…)

I stole the below picture from Pinterest, but it shows how Pugs and Bull Mastiffs are -kind- of the same… Got the same mushed face at least.

I looked for a pug, honest. The closest puppies I found were outside of Pittsburg, which is over a 7 hour drive for us and that ain’t happening. I told the breeders they needed to jack up their prices since they had the only pug puppies on the entire East Coast.

And it’s kind of fascinating how breeds ebb and flow in popularity. I found a ton of English Mastiff puppies, about an equal number of Labradoodles, and a bunch of pit bull puppies. Scattered in that were other breeds, but I saw only one ad for Labradors. Which is odd, given how popular of a breed they are. And only one ad for Bull Mastiffs, of which only one puppy remained when I contacted them.

So, kind of weird.

In other news, my lovely Wife is about to turn 40. And she still looks super amazing and hot. And I’m so incredibly lucky to have her. She’s gonna be a really hot grandma one day.

This is my phones wallpaper of her, a picture I snuck while she was getting ready for us to go out to eat at the beach.

The whole COVID thing makes enjoying her 40th kind of a pain. Instead of doing a YUGE party like she deserves, we’re gonna be low key instead… by taking her out to eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant. (Who doesn’t even do the embarrassing birthday singing and sombrero anymore!)

And I got her a bunch of ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ plates, cups, tiara, sash, etc so she doesn’t feel so bad about hitting the big Four Oh.

Hope everyone had a fantastic March. Spring is here, let’s ride into it with loving arms, open hearts, and smoking gun barrels.

Well, ain’t that just beautiful!

The interior art for the sequel is completed. A major thank you to Adam Mathison-Sward who can be found at: usually doing Dresdan Files fan art and taking commissions to do totally awesome stuff like the picture below. I highly recommend checking him out.

February Update Post.

This month has flown by.

Writing/Future Books: I got a good bit of writing on the third book done as well as a lot of research/design/thought into a new civilization that is going to make an appearance. Everything is going well though, and it looks like I’m still on target for this to be a four book series. I also elevated a secondary character from the first and second book to main character status in the third, so that’s been an interesting challenge. Luckily, they basically don’t get along with anyone, so it’s been fun to write about ’em.

Current Books: Racked up some more great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for West of Prehistoric, still rocking a nice 4.7/5 with 37 reviews. I also personally sold about a dozen more signed copies on the forums that I mailed out last week. I’m going to admit it, it you ask me to write something in the cover without clarifying, you’re probably going to get a cheesy 80/90’s movie quote from Starship Troopers, Tremors, or Big Trouble in Little China. That’s just the way I roll and besides, who needs a knife in a nuke fight?

I also got a nice shout out on the Books of Gab group on GAB, where I recently made an account:

That’s pretty cool, and I’m excited for the book to get passed on to his kid. When I wrote the book, I wanted to make sure it was something that my kids could read, so I specifically kept the swearing to a minimum with no F-Bombs and no sex or anything. And so far, I seem to have done a good job. My nephew and son were both 14 when they first read it, and I got their stamp of approvals.

Current Reading: I’m currently reading What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO by Mike Lindell…. the MyPillow guy. It’s pretty good so far. My reading this month has dropped off pretty significantly, even though I got a signed hard copy of Gun Runner by Larry Correia and John Brown that is begging me to pick it up. I’m hearing it’s fantastic, so I need to hunker down and get some reading out of the way.

Gun Stuff: I mentioned on the blog I was given a Ruger Bisley Blackhawk in .44 Special by my parents for my birthday back in November. Well, at the time I figured it’d be hard to find ammunition for. Boy, was I was right. Four months later and I still haven’t come across any. But luckily for me, my dad has an awesome dentist who traded him a couple boxes of Blazer JHP for some pistol primers. With any luck, I’ll get out to the range soon and give it a try. I’m pretty excited.

Personal Stuff: Well, I’m about to be 28 days older by the time this month ends. That’s okay. I’ve done a fairly good job of putting those days to work. I wish I had gotten about twice as much writing done though, I feel like the third book is dragging along at a lot slower pace then I originally envisioned. I think I have this whole writing thing backwards… I should get more done during the fall/winter and less done during spring/summer, but it appears to be backwards to how I do it.

Current Political/Social Culture: A few random thoughts…

-There’s gonna be a lot of, “I told you so” to the left for the next four years.

-Also, the left will persecuted you no matter what you say, so you may as well speak the truth.

-‘No – Go Fuck Yourself‘ is not used nearly enough against the left when they demand you conform to their lunacy and immorality.

-My ancestors being compared to current migrants is apples to oranges. My ancestors hacked a life out of the wilderness, building a civilization, while migrants simply crossed a border then demanded the free fruits of my ancestors labor and sacrifice generations later.

-I don’t know how to be ‘less white’ for Coca-Cola, but I do know how to buy more Pepsi. (This is in response to the ‘training’ Coca-Cola did for employees, requiring them to act ‘less white’.)

-If you’re a man who doesn’t own a gun, are you even a man?

The end.

Back Book Cover Text for the Sequel.

In order to get all my ducks in a row for the publisher to pick up my sequel, I wrote the Back Book Cover Text.

This is always hard for me to do, because you essentially need to boil down a 100,000+ word novel into a sub-250 word narrative that will intrigue a potential buyer without revealing too much information. It’s a delicate balance. If the front cover gets you to pick up the book, the back cover seals the deal.

But, I think this one turned out better than the first.


After retiring from outlawing, Jedidiah Huckleberry Smith just wanted to be left alone in Wyoming with his guns and regrets.

But then he discovered an entrance to a lost world, a place full of grand adventure, as well as spectacular dangers from both prehistoric dinosaurs and a race of savage apes intent on conquest.

Now, a new fort has been established on the other side, and a strange civilization of humans and dinosaurs have been located. The people are descendants from another time, long trapped in prehistory, and with them a fragile alliance is created.

But will it be enough as Jed faces vengeance from enemies both new and old?

Will his savagery and cunning keep him and his love alive?

Or will they die, on a mountain of fired brass, amidst the guttural bellows of barbaric apes and roars of monstrous dinosaurs?

Jed doesn’t know, but he’s always willing to shoot first and figure out the rest afterwards.


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