After weeks of build up to an Antifa-Apocalypse, with the threat of millions of communists, fascists, and anarchists expected to turn out to overthrow our elected President, we were so stoked. Hundreds of thousands of Americans spent the 4th of November hoping to go out and do some patriot stuff.

Across the nation they loving selected their favorite rifles and pistols, loaded magazines to full capacity, made sure their American flag was unfurled and flying in the breeze, strapped on holsters and magazine carriers, fueled up their vehicles, and prepared for the righteous slaughter that was to come…

But sadly, all the ANTIFA fascists stayed at home.

Probably because their mom wanted them to clean up their room in the basement.  Or they were grounded. Or they had a test on Monday at Liberal Loser University in ‘Communist Theory’ and ‘Underwater Sign Waving’.

The “Revolution” turned out to be a fizzle and some poor guys made a lot of wasted signs and wooden bats then looked rather stupid standing among piles of unused makeshift weapons.

For us it was like hunters spending weeks in anticipation, only to find out the season has been canceled because there wasn’t any game to hunt.

Thanks guys – there is nothing as miserable as unloading magazines when we should have been sweeping up fired casings and planting American flags in mounds of your unwashed and uneducated corpses.

Anyways, go wash your face masks, put another coating of lacquer on your shield, and spray paint another cardboard sign. I’m sure you cowards aren’t finished being obnoxious yet.

I hear you guys have another planned protest tomorrow on the anniversary of Trumps election. You plan on collectively screaming at the sky in an attempt to ‘rouse a sleeping giant’.


Good luck with that.

We will be waiting on your violent revolution, and this poster below from Hellhound Apparel shows what our response will be.


And final word of this post goes to legendary Lt. Col Jeff Cooper:

“Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.”


(For the record – I was out of town running a Spartan Beast race, and I never figured it would amount to anything anyways. But I did have my Glock and a few extra magazines, and a couple thousand pounds of motor vehicle to keep me safe during the ‘mass protests’. I’m told that getting a ‘pretty dunk wall’ picture is a big deal, well this is as pretty as it gets with me…)



EDIT – A fellow Marine just had his first article posted at Appalachian Tactical Academy, on Hardening Your Castle. It’s a great article and from everything I hear, ATA is a fine place to get tactical training for the Citizen-Warrior. Read the article, do some upgrades, then go get training.

A traitor goes unpunished and walks free.

Because the judge said he had a sucky time with the Taliban… Big comfort to the families of the honorable men who died or were crippled for life searching for that little traitorous bastard Bergdahl who plead GUILTY.

Patton shows how cowards in uniforms should be handled.

His eternal shaming at the hands of veterans has just begun.  Gruntstyle put this shirt up within a couple hours of the news. T.A.P.S. is a good program, buy the shirt, spread the discontent, support a good cause.


Aww… you guys.

Today this site broke 1,000 visitors and over 1,600 views in about 5 months.


The majority were American, which makes sense as it’s my target audience, while the rest were scattered all over the world.

And strangely China is a distant second. Maybe it’s because the word ‘Communist’ is repeated with such disdain and contempt on here.

However, North Korea is noticeably absent… Challenge accepted!


But this is crazy.

Thank you for reading!

Where are our John Waynes of Hollywood?

Where are the REAL men?

What happened to the classy Hollywood leading men? Where men like John Wayne, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, and Ronald Reagan hailed from?

Men, who put their careers on hold to enlist during wartime.

Men, who acted like men.

Men, who stood for what was right and just and honorable. Men, who owned guns and understood the necessity of righteous violence.

Men, who treated women like the lovely and interesting creatures they are.

(This doesn’t apply to the ‘mad cow disease’ feminists, you are neither lovely nor interesting.)

Men who were willing to punch other men in the face and take a punch themselves.

The sort who upheld Christian morals and traditions and didn’t make a bunch of crummy remakes and sequels, then charge us $15 a ticket and another $15 for popcorn and soda only to use our money against us by playing politics and telling us we suck.

Was Hollywood perfect back then? Of course not. I’m sure it had some sleaze balls and morally bankrupt losers.

And they hold some responsibility, for not stomping out the evil as it popped up like a dark arcade room game of Whack-A-Mole.

Some did try harder and failed grander than others.

McCarthy tried to show the infiltration of Communist ideals and beliefs into Hollywood and failed. That collapsed. But we all see just how correct he was now.

After all, it had Jane Fonda and her ‘Small-c Communism” and that wicked witch is STILL cherished in Hollywood.

Cherished for hating America with every bit of undignified behavior she showed before the enemy when she posed with that Viet Cong Anti-aircraft gun that most likely had KILLED Americans.

Where is karma when you need it? Where is the giant anvil falling from the sky and squashing her like the Loony-Tune she is?

But the era of MEN who act like MEN in Hollywood is gone.

Now we live in a day and age, where the leading man of Hollywood, with his sixth wife, twentieth tabloid cover, socialistic ideals, sneer at us commoners.

So obviously, we can’t expect any of those sorry excuses of men to actually step up and point out a well known sex predator who operated with almost zero repercussions for DECADES.


His driver came out and said that for years he dropped off women knowing what would happen to them, then picked them up crying and dumped them off somewhere else. He said he ‘felt bad’ about it.

Oh YOU felt bad about it – Then why didn’t you DO SOMETHING you enabling and accessory to crime, cowardly excuse of a man?


So many big actors and actresses are flocking to the media so fast you can’t keep track of them. Talking about how horrific Weinstien was and how it was ‘the worst kept secret in Hollywood’ – What’s all your excuses for not coming forward?

His victims have a good reason.

But what about you leading ‘men’?  The Brad Pitts, George Clooneys, Matt ‘Matt Damon’ Damons, and Ben Afflecks?

Was it fear for your career?

Is it? Is it FEAR?  Or is it that your desire for Fame, Wealth, Influence, and Power is stronger than speaking out?

You chose to be successful over doing the right thing.

Oh sure, I see lots of excuses. How people tried to bring it up and were told to ‘let it go’, ‘that’s just Harvey’, ‘don’t pursue this if you want to be successful’.

I guess doing the right thing means you stop as soon as it gets DIFFICULT.

I guess that’s why Weinstien was the second most thanked person in the last 1,400 Oscar acceptance speeches, right after Speilberg and four places ahead of GOD.

As usual, that shines the light on the problem. When God isn’t first, immorality reigns.

And without courage and faith, of course you lack the blueberries to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

And in Hollywood, where the godless immoral liberal elite – those who cry over the eating of animals, lecture us on burning fossil fuels, sneer at us for worshipping God, proudly support the killing of the unborn, and deride us for voting against their selected Candidate… How could they do anything but capitulate to evil?

Because in THEIR eyes, THEY are the greater good while WE are the vile unenlightened evil that exists to be overcome.

We unwashed masses, in our archaic religion, with our backward morals… we just aren’t smaRt like they is.

(I guess because we don’t eat Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP!)

And you.

You Pink Hat Wearing, Obscene Sign Waving, Foul Mouthed Feminist’s of ‘Women’s March 2017!’

You who were so quick to march by the tens of thousands against the Raping/Assaulting/Tyrant Trump while ignoring Hillary’s enabling of her husband’s assaults and transgressions by DESTROYING his victims.

But let’s not forget, CONSERVATIVE women weren’t allowed to be part of your march for “Transformative Social Change”. Because they aren’t Baby Killin’ enough for you and because the march wasn’t about Social Change, it was about your false hopes that you could create a #RESIST movement that would replace Trump with your pick.

And if it truly was, about ‘Transformative Social Change’ – Where is your march on Hollywood? Where is your movement to tear down the HOLLYWOOD sign as a representation of abuse and subjugation of women by a sexist, male dominated, chauvinistic, predatory industry for decades?  I thought liberals were all about tearing down any representation of ‘Injustice’?

Ah yes, Liberalism is Hypocrisy.

Speaking of which:

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their voice.”

-Michelle Obama

So I guess those women who voted for your husband over her during the Primaries of 2008…. voted against their ‘voice’?

What a hypocritical witch. Go fade into obscurity, please.

You want women to be empowered, but only if they do what you say, and vote how you want, and anyone who does the opposite is a GENDER TRATIOR.

That’s not empowerment, that’s enslavement.

But let’s talk about Harvey and Hollywood… Your husband as well as the Clinton’s took maxed out personal donations from Harvey Weinstein, and he raised MILLIONS for you with his uppity fundraisers in New York and Hollywood.  You called him ‘A wonderful human being, a good friend’… Awwww.

Wait a minute.

Did you not know ‘The Worst Kept Secret in Hollywood’? -fake gasp-

You say you were shocked and appalled… But the four of you, Michelle/Barrack Obama and Hillary/Bill Clinton, you were all so IN with the Hollywood crowd and so close to him? Did you not know?

Because SURELY with all your political and judicial power with the FBI/CIA/Dept of Justice/etc at your fingertips – YOU could have done something or subtly investigated if such a heinous human being was trying to schlub up with you?

Oh who am I even kidding?

I remember Obama’s excuse every single time some dark aspect of Democrats had a light shown upon it. “I found out about it on the news this morning.” Hillary’s Email Server, Fast and Furious, NSA spying on Foreign Leaders, Gen Petraeus Scandal, IRS targeting Conservatives, Justice Dept wiretapping Fox and AP reporters, or the VA ‘Waiting List’ scandal.

Convenient for you to be so stupid and ignorant when something controversial comes up. Either you were profoundly inept as a leader, or you were a rotten politician trying to get away with everything you could. Answer: Both.

So, of course YOU (Clinton/Obama/Feminists) aren’t really doing anything.

Because you won’t do squat against a bunch of rich, powerful, influential LIBERALS.

Because to you, pushing your agenda is more important than right or wrong.

Gee, it sure would suck if your party didn’t have the hundreds of millions from Hollywood flooding into the DNC’s warchests to help beat Conservatives. Or all these leftist Celebrities using their influence and power to back some lame socialist program or trying to convince people to vote your way.

The same Politicians who invite people like Jay Z/Ludacris/etc to the White House that supposedly care so much about women’s issues like birth control/abortion/assault/glass ceiling hoodoo-voodoo. (Guess you Feminist’s have never listened to any of their lyrics huh? FALSE. Of course you have. You’re just justifying it because, again, Agenda > Morals).

And to show you once again, to put it plain and clearly, Liberalism is Hypocrisy because:

The same politicians who say that Conservatives are Waging a War on Women, are in fact FUNDED by an actual Industry that actually Abuses Women.

So the John Waynes, the moral beacons, the TRUE masculine figures who think, act, and speak like men, that we look up to, adore, and dream of being like when we grow up – they aren’t welcome in Hollywood because… you guess it.


Anyone who speaks out is destroyed. Tim Allen got sucker punched for speaking out in defense of Trump, and telling everyone that Hollywood is like 1930’s Germany for a conservative.

And I’m guessing the only reason Chris Pratt is still around is because he shocked you with his back to back to back hits of Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic World.  He’s to big to push into the gutter right now.

I doubt with his pro-gun, pro-hunting, unpolitically-correct views, and pro-Christian stance he will be there for the long haul.

That’s okay – he’s too good for Hollywood.

But we need more of men like him.

And ultimately, our SOCIETY needs more men like him.

So do your part, RESIST the progressive emasculating agenda, read the below link, then raise yourself or your sons to be MEN.

No, Women aren’t Equal to Men.

Because as the saying goes, You can be a man or a liberal – but you can’t be both.





In other news, Trump has curb stomped ISIS into submission within 10 months. Showing what Testicular Fortitude, a ‘bomb the hell out of ISIS’ campaign promise, and a ‘Mad Dog’ off his leash can accomplish once you remove spineless politicians and politics from leading the military.

I posted this picture from 5.56 Productions on Facebook the day after Trump was elected.


I repeat it now for TRUTH.

On Friday, I killed a coworker.

Edit – Geez. Like shooting, writing gets better with practice. And after 10 months and over a 100,000 words later, I see all sorts of stuff I’d improve on a re-write. But it’s worth keeping AS IS, for a basis to compare my new stuff against.


It was 100% intentional.

The day prior, he managed to throw me under the proverbial bus in front of the majority of our management crew. I expected better from a teammate, and someone I considered a friend. And a reader of this site…

So I killed him, and what better way to do that, than by immortalizing his death in a short story based off my novel?

Besides, no one will really miss him.


I fired the Winchester over the water trough, as the arrows rained down around me.  The large .45-70 cartridge did its work, sending the 500 grain lead bullet through an inch thick oak board that made up the siding of the General Store.

The guttural scream was satisfying as the bullet and wood splintered shrapnel found its mark. Never one to leave an ape alive, I fired again, this time at the bottom of the wall above where the boardwalk met the store. Another hit and the screaming stopped.

An arrow flew by and I felt the wind part my hair as it thudded into the porch rail behind me. Ducking down lower, I took stock of our increasingly hopeless looking situation.

Our defenses were being overwhelmed, and several wooden buildings and tents had caught fire. The smoke added chaos to the confusion of gun shots, screams, and roars of rage. The sights and sounds was overwhelming to the senses.

Perhaps it was battle rage, or pure foolhardiness, but the blacksmith’s courage was unequaled.

The big man charged out into the middle of Main Street. Clothed in denim overalls with a sweat stained red bandana tied around his neck, wild black hair plastered across his brow, he clenched his large forging hammer in one massive fist and an old Colt Dragoon revolver in the other. Stopping in the center, arms spread wide, he screamed in challenge. His face turned red, veins throbbed, and the scar that stretched from his right eye to temple showed white.

At the end of the street a rider turned his triceratops to face him. It stomped around, bellowing in protest at the tugging of the reins.

The ape raised his stone club and roared.

The trike reared on its hind legs, three horns shaking back and forth menacingly before dropping and sprinting forward. Each heavy stomp  sending small showers of mud spraying as it picked up speed. Behind the sloped bone shield, the ape stood tall and brave, screaming a battle cry.

Even then, the blacksmith didn’t move. He stood his ground, not giving an inch in fear, and raised the heavy four pound revolver, carefully aligning the sights.

The hand cannon fired, throwing out a massive blast of white gun smoke as flame belched from the barrel.

It was a magnificent shot at an impressive distance.

The .44 caliber ball hit the ape with devastating effect. Splitting its head open like a watermelon, bits of blood, brain, and bone spraying. Its limp body left a bloody smear along the trikes flank as it tumbled like a rag doll off the side and into the blood soaked mud of the street.

I cheered, then stopped.

Because it wasn’t over.

The Triceratops kept running.

It didn’t waver, it didn’t turn, it simply charged onward towards the blacksmith.

He fired again, and again, and again. The heavy lead balls pounding the trike about its face, bone shield, and shattering its center horn.

The beast shook its head, bellowing, and charged on. Pure animalistic rage radiated from the beast. Twice the size of a wagon, it ran towards the blacksmith like an unstoppable freight train.

It was a frightening sight to behold.

The blacksmith, dropped his empty revolver and raised his hammer.

As the beast bore down on him, the blacksmith stepped to the side and swung his hammer.

The trike shifted its horns and ran him through.

He screamed in mortal agony as the horn penetrated his belly and jutted out his back. The trike slowed and turned, prancing while shaking its horns back and forth to dislodge the man. Even under what must have been immense pain, the blacksmith still held onto his hammer. He swung it, screaming obscenities, over and over against the face of the trike. The solid forged hammer breaking the hide and bone between the top two horns. In desperation the trike dug its horns into the ground, but the blacksmith grabbed a horn and held tight.

Screaming in pain and agony, as blueish white loops of his intestines began to fall and drape over the trikes head, he swung frantically as his own death drew near. The thick bone skull gave way, shattering and exposing the pulpy gray brain matter beneath. The trike took a step and staggered. He swung again, and the trike dropped to a knee.

Rearing back to swing again, the trike stopped then toppled over onto its side. Pinning him with the horn into the ground.

The blacksmith dropped his hammer, grasping at his intestines and the horn that filled him, and screamed wretchedly.

I turned away and closed my eyes as his screams turned into a gurgle than silence.

There was a battle to be won, and I wasn’t about to let some fragile pansy blacksmith ruin my mood.

Breathing deep, I gripped the heavy rifle tightly.

A hero’s work is never done.




Red Shirts are from Star Trek. While all the main characters wear blue/green/yellow, the ‘crew’ wears red shirts are always expendable and always die. So when you intentionally add a character in who will die… They are a Red Shirt.

I hammered this out in about 20 minutes, emailed it to him, then cleaned it up a little after I tickled him to death with it.

He demanded one of the first copies when it goes to print, and I agreed.

I’ll even draw a stick figure of him dying like in the story, right above my ‘You Suck, Josh!’ message and autograph.

Since I had been meaning to start putting up some excerpts of what I’m working on, what better way than getting sweet fictional revenge.

So yes.

My novel includes, Winchester rifles, Confederates, Colt Peacemakers, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs, Injuns, Railroad Tycoons, and blood thirsty Apes.

Because if it’s not entertaining, then who cares.


EDIT – So, apparently a coworker of mine actually had a heart attack this weekend. My bad, I didn’t find out til after I posted this.  :/ But he’s alive, and should recover quickly.  My prayers are with you!

(Geez – what horrible timing)


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