Let’s burn these child-molesting priests at the stake.

Let them die screaming. Preferably on the top of the Vatican City wall. Let’s prepare them for an eternity of separation from God that they’ll spend in the lake of fire.

That won’t happen though, because the Pope is against the Death Penalty. And now we know why he broke with over 2,000 years of biblically sound Catholic teaching… because it would cost him too many of his coworkers.

But in case you missed it – For SEVEN DECADES, over 300 priests groomed and sexually assaulted over a thousand children. (Click to see the Grand Jury Report. I don’t recommend it unless you have a strong stomach.)

This conspiracy of abuse and systematic concealment occurred in every single Catholic dioceses(district) in the entire state of Pennsylvania, except for the two districts who had already been part of a grand jury investigation for this already!

Granted, most of these creeps are dead now. That’s a true shame. But we should dig their graves up and dump their corpses in the ocean, where they can be closer to the depths of hell and depravity that they sunk to in life.

The Pope needs to be publicly leading a purging of the church with righteous violence. Because it can’t possible be restricted to just PA. The entire church needs to be scourged. Anyone who participated in such profanely foul evil should be burned at the stake. Anyone who knew about it and looked the other way or helped to cover it up, should be dragged from the church and hanged. That includes the hundreds of high-ranking clergy members who ‘reassigned’ the Clergy Predators to new areas when they were exposed.

I know, it’s a bit much… right? Well, the justification ‘back in the day’ for burning folks alive was to give viewers a physical and visual representation of the eternal hellfire they were going to. The screaming and agony, and eternal suffering…

This works for me. Let future would-be child rapists and molesters view their future if they cross the line.

And the Death Penalty is not only biblically supported, it is commanded by God repeatedly. This is a great read on the explanation of justification for the Death Penalty on rapists/child-molesters:

God wrote His Moral Law, which includes the Sixth Commandment (You shall not murder!) and the Seventh Commandment (You shall not commit adultery!) into the unfallen Adam’s heart. As such, it binds him and all of his descendants of all races and religions – for all time. (Hosea 6:7-10 & Romans 2:12-16.)

Rape, as distinct from adultery and fornication, is the wrongful sexual violation of an unwilling person (despite age or gender). Rape is to sexual intercourse, what kidnapping and robbery are to theft. All three of these transgressions are crimes of violence rather than of sex of property. For rape, robbery, kidnapping and child-molestation all represent violent aggression against those who are weaker. (First Peter 3:7 & Ephesians 5:25 to 6:4.)

Child-molesting, whether homo-sexually or heterosexually, is the rape and enslavement of those who are even more defenceless than women as the weaker sex. Pedo-philia (Which actually means ‘love for a child’) should much more appropriately rather be called ‘per-er-asty (Which means ‘er-otic desire for a child’). Unchecked pederasty leads to statutory child-rape (whether heterosexually or homo-sexually). That is the most vicious form of all rapes. For the poor child is here much more helpless than is a full-grown woman who gets raped.

Pornography often leads to rape; child-porno often leads to child-rape; and the rape of the younger sometimes leads to the rape of the older, and vice-cersa.

Yet rape, child-molestaion, robber and kidnapping are transgressions of the Sixth Commandment (You shall not murder!) even more than they are of the Seventh or Eigth Commandments (You shall not wrongfully copulate! and You shall not steal!) Accordingly, being crimes of violence – rape, child-molestation and robbery all deserve the death penalty.

What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape? By Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee.


Sounds good to me. Kill them all. But that has become unpopular, because most Christians have become timid in their beliefs and ‘tolerant’ of sinful nature.  And there is NOTHING in the bible that states we should be TOLERANT of sin. You love the person, you help the person, but you should hate the sin. And you certainly aren’t supposed to SUPPORT IT or excuse them from the punishment God has commanded.

As the fantastic Matt Walsh so eloquently states in his article – We Need Hatred in the Church:

Tolerance is never commanded or even mentioned in the Bible because it is a false virtue. A Christian should be too busy loving and hating to worry about tolerating anything. He should love God and his fellow man and all that is good and holy. He should hate sin, the Devil, and all that is disordered and unholy. He should only “tolerate” that which has no moral substance whatsoever. He should tolerate the color of his neighbor’s car and the shape of his neighbor’s head. But he should hate his neighbor’s wickedness just as he should hate his own wickedness. And the more he loves God, the greater this hatred will be. If he cannot hate wickedness — if he cannot even conceive of hating it — then he is nowhere in the vicinity of loving God.

If you read that headline and disagreed, you need to click the link. It’s a fantastic article.

But the church should have KNOWN that they would be infiltrated by evil. It’s in the freaking bible! They should be on guard! SEEKING out the corrupt and evil, rooting them out, and throwing them to the authorities for justice to be served.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Ephesians 6:12

In the thousands of years of the Catholic church, evil has festered and spread underneath the golden crosses and steeples roofs. Where else would it hide but in plain site? Evil has no fear but the light. And when a church becomes covered in the blindness of pride, arrogance, and pageantry, they don’t shine the light upon themselves in examination of failure or sin.

If you doubt that, then you haven’t been paying attention to the constant pattern of COVER-UPs that are exposed over and over within the church regarding child abuse. These cover-ups have two possible purposes. The first is to protect the accused. The second is to protect the church. Both purposes do nothing but promote and allow the festering of child-abusing evil to manifest and grow.

In the infamous words of the Mad King from Game of Thrones.

Burn them! Burn them all!

(followed by maniacal laughter)

Personally, I’d settle for the Boondock Saints cleaning house.

“Kind of like reading Louis L’Amour, but with dinosaurs.”

That’s from one of my books Beta (Rough Draft) Readers. As someone who grew up reading pretty much all of Louis L’Amour’s books – that’s as high of praise as I could ever hope for.

Mathematically speaking, I’m 36% through the final draft. Which doesn’t mean much since the story length grows and shortens as I edit. After this draft, it will be the ‘return to the beginning and nit pick every single freaking sentence for errors’. Writing a book is kind of a PITA.

I’ll hit walls sometimes, a scene usually that takes a few days to work my way through. It’s draining, but bursting through that sucker and rampaging through the next few thousand words of good stuff makes it all worthwhile.

There should be a general rule for a writer, if you realize the opportunity to do something awesome in your work, freaking do it. The reader will thank you for it. No one will ever thank you for making something mediocre.


Except Stephen King’s readers. They keep rewarding him with monies for his mediocre crap.

(Side note, he wrote Dream Catcher while tripping on Oxycontin. Another one of his, AHH! THE SPECIAL KID WAS AN ALIEN THE WHOLE TIME! SURPRISEEE!)


I’m anxious to start the next series.

Because while the outline on the sequel is mostly finished, I really have another story I want to tell about Marines on an island during WWII.

Because the ocean covers 70% of the planet, and 95% of it is unexplored.

That leaves 95% of crazy shit I can make up and stuff into a book full of BARs, Thompsons, M1 Garands, Japanese suicide charges, Mitsubichi Zeros, P51 Mustangs, and…

Did I mention Flame Throwers? Oh heck yeah.


Forget this book – I want to write THAT ONE.

(Excuse me while I go type faster.)

Death of a Nation

Stoked, absolutely stoked to see this.

I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America many years ago (it came out in 2012 before his foolish re-election) and it was fantastic. It wasn’t boring at all. Really well done. (And it led to his targeting by Obama’s IRS.)

But this.. Ooooohhh… This really puts the screws to the Democratic Party of ‘progressives’.

Here’s an interview with Rush Limbaugh.

Dinesh D’Souza on his provocative new film, Death of a Nation

And the following excerpts show why it is so critical to not only see this movie, but to understand the logic and rational behind the Democrat party – and the similarities since their days of Slavery. (It even shows how the Nazi’s took the Democrats Jim Crow Laws, marked out Black, wrote Jew, and turned it into the infamous Nuremberg Laws)


RUSH: Even today, one of the greatest tricks in modern day America has been the Democrat Party shifting away the blame from themselves as the true segregationists and racists to the Republican Party.

When in fact, as you just mentioned, every Democrat in the South — everybody who shut a university door, turned a firehose and set the dogs on African-Americans — was a Democrat. They were the segregationists, and they’ve been able to erase that. Now we live in an era where the left and much of the media tries to draw a connection between Donald Trump and Hitler or George W. Bush and Hitler. Now, here you come. Are you…? In using this historical fact and the way you present it in your movie, are you trying to persuade? Are you trying to get people’s attention? What are you hoping people’s reaction, not just to the whole film, but to that specific scenario you just described, is?

D’SOUZA: Rush, what I’m trying to do is to educate. And I’m actually trying to challenge the left and draw them into a debate, which they are scared to do. But I do it not really just by arguments. I also do it in a sense through investigative journalism, and I’ll tell you what I mean. The left has been saying ever since the Charlottesville rally — the infamous white supremacist rally in Charlottesville — that these white supremacists, the white nationalists are right-wingers.

And this is a very valuable, important argument for the left because, think about it: The Democrat Party has been the party of slavery, of segregation, of Jim Crow, of racial terrorism, of the Ku Klux Klan, of opposing the Civil Rights movement. So what the left gets is a get-out-of-jail-free card because they’re able to say, “Yeah, but look at the white nationalists here right now! They’re wearing Trump hats. They’re right-wingers,” and it’s this elephant in the living room that I actually crush in the movie.


D’Souza: What we’re really showing — is the deep vein of racism and fascism on the Democratic left today. Today! Because look. Here’s Antifa wearing these black costumes and acting in a fascist way. Mussolini would recognize them right away. In fact, he couldn’t tell the difference between them and his own Blackshirts.

Look at the way the left uses the weapons of the state — the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ — against political opponents. That’s what the fascists did! They merged the party and the state. So for Hitler, the Nazi Party was the government, and that’s the way Democrats see it today. And then finally, of course, fascist economics. It’s kind of funny, Donald Trump Jr. came to our red carpet premiere. He co-hosted it with me here in D.C., and he was reading through — we put up on the screen — the 25-point Nazi platform. The Nazis, of course, were elected.

They were the largest political party in Germany in 1933 when Hitler became chancellor, and as you read through the platform, this is what they campaigned on: State control of banks; state control of insurance; state control of education; state control of energy; state control of religious liberty. Basically Donald Trump (JR) blurted out, he goes, “Well, that sounds like the platform of the Democrat Party!”

RUSH: It’s the platform of tyrants!

D’SOUZA: Because the Nazis were socialists, you can see there actually is going to be, in fact, a resemblance.


Go watch it.

Let me know what you think.


Pew Pew Pew. Nom Nom Nom!


This fall, I’m going to drive 26 hours to Wyoming, to hunt the second fastest land animal on the planet. Then I’m going to eat it, mount its head on my wall, and make my wife a cave-woman bikini out of the hide.

Like this:


By the way, Non-Resident Tag prices suck out west. But not in NC. Here it’s like, “Oh, you are from Planet Mars, sure, here’s some extra deer tags to go with your fishing license. That’ll be $15 please. Oh, you want a Bear Stamp too? That’ll be a nickel.” (Kidding, slightly)

Lots of planning involved in this trip.

But the hardest part of planning this hunt… is what gun to use.

Ruger Gunsite Scout, which has quickly become one of my favorite guns. Or a DS Arms FAL.. both in .308.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Since I’m going for a buck and a doe, I guess I should just take both…

I’m stoked to go back to Wyoming. It’s been 11 years since I was there last. I spent a week with my old man touring the state and thinking about moving there to be a Peace Officer.

It’s like the promised land. Full of conservatives, freedom, more guns than gas stations, and more antelope and mule deer than people. Plus lots of buffalo and elk and bighorn sheep and grizzlies and oh my!

And the liberals are contained in Jackson Hole for the most part. (Although I hear they are spreading into surrounding areas as they flee the ‘liberal utopias’ of California…)

The only downside? Harsh winters and no sweet tea.

This was from my last trip. I don’t know recall where, but there was this awesome moose just hanging out in a field. Almost like it was a statue or something…


Edit – It’s fitting that the day I post this, this study is in the news.

Women Prefer Men Who Eat Meat

“Women — even vegetarian women — rated meat-loving men much higher.”


Once again, this just proves that women prefer real men over soy-boy’s, in their momma’s basement, wearing flannel pajamas, and talking about FEELINGS and feminism.

I once planned my entire life out.

Facebook reminded me of that today with this picture that I posted four years ago, when I picked up Sergeant.

I even had a pair of LT chevrons inside my cover. I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity for an officer to get waxed.  Then I could slap those bad boys on and scream for everyone to FIX BAYONETS, CHARGE!


Oh Marine Corps, how I sort of, kind of, sometimes, miss you and all the dreams of violent glory that never came to fruition.