Did some shooting yesterday.

It was stupid hot outside so we didn’t spend a LOT of time at the range, but it was fun. I didn’t get many pictures, but this one of my lovely wife shooting a Glock 44 is my favorite. (We adjusted her grip later on.) Next time I’ll get more pictures.

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2019 – That’s a wrap!

I don’t know what to say about 2019… I suppose it’s a mixed bag. One hand, we bought a new house and are currently finishing moving into it. On the other hand, I spent the majority of the year dealing with Post Concussive Syndrome – which was a royal bitch to get over. (Long story, […]

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Mandalorian is superb.

So far, this is the most I’ve enjoyed Star Wars since the original trilogy. I highly recommend it. It makes Disney Plus worth having. It’s also spawned one of the best pro-gun line’s ever which was quickly turned into a gazillion meme’s about being an American. Such as: Did I mention there’s a baby Yoda […]

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