Oooo… First Post.

There’s a first for everything.

What a momentous occasion!

So why a blog?  I actually have an ulterior motive that will reveal itself in time.  (insert evil laughter here)

In the meantime, I’m just going to blog.  Because Facebook, while useful, sucks in some ways.  First, they blocked local gun selling groups.  These were awesome, like a constant gun show in your area.  You could buy/sell/trade to your hearts content.  Then they were shut down.  Now they are ‘Gun Discussion’ groups.  As in, “I have a super awesome gun, check it out!  It has a super awesome scope!  It has a super awesome stock!  It also has a super cheap sling.  PM me to discuss!”.  Don’t put up a price, don’t mention buying or selling, walk the dotted line, and you’ll still be shut down.

What a helluva world we live in where you have to do gun transactions in the ‘back alleys of Facebook’ while ISIS can have a Facebook page.  Seriously.  You suck Zuckerberg!

Why do all the liberal nerds come up with the super high tech stuff than restrict conservatives from using it to exercise their fundamental rights?

Oh yeah, second thing is that no one likes to really READ on Facebook.  Anything over a couple lines goes into the dreaded ‘See more’ tag that most people won’t bother clicking.

Besides, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.  The guy posting funny/interesting/provoking stuff all the time.  Most Facebook people just post pictures of food.  I don’t want to reveal to you the dark truth, but most of us don’t really care.  Unless you are a close friend or family.  I may throw a Like your way if it involves red meat.  The rest of you?  You’re clogging up my feed.

I really like to poke at Liberals.  I’ll be the guy walking into the liberal den with a pointy stick to poke that limp wristed, pink haired, gender-confused, micro-aggressed bear right in it’s nose-ringed snout.

Actually Bear is to aggressive of an analogy to use.

How about Teddy Bear.  One that’s been gutted of all it’s stuffing.  It’s empty, soulless, and worthless. Just like a lot of liberals.

I hope you have some good reads in the future.  Feel free to share the blog.  Tell your friends about me.

That’s a wrap.  Exit stage left.

(I’ve got to figure out what all these fancy blog design/customizing buttons and stuff do.)